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youtube channel ideas

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Do you know how much you can earn from youtube? People are making a lot of money on the youtube platform. You can also be one of the YouTubers like Pewdiepie, LittleBabyBum.

[Scroll down to see the strategy to choose the appropriate video category]

According to YouTube Press, 1 billion hours are watched daily on YouTube. In 2012 YouTube reached 4 billion views per day. It has more than one billion active users and now reaches 1.5 billion users. 50% of YouTube creators are earning six figures per year.

YouTube stats are steadily increasing over time. Therefore, it can be a great idea to start making money on YouTube.

Monthly active user on top search engines


From the above statistics, you can see how popular YouTube is. It reaches 1.5 billion active users per month. According to the screenshot shown below, each minute, approximately 27,00,000 video views and 1,39,000 hours of video are viewed on YouTube.

Youtube statistics Image source:

Before I dive into it, let me talk a little bit about how you make money on YouTube and the factors that affect your YouTube earnings. As you know, AdSense is the primary source of online earning, and all start from here. Making money on YouTube is not difficult.

Once you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time on your channel, you can fill out the AdSense partnership form. Once approved, you are ready to put AdSense ad code on YouTube videos and make money.

Attention: Google AdSense premium publishers

To win results, you need to follow the creative best practices…

  • Create quality videos
  • Don’t copy others’ content.
  • Your video content should comply with YouTube and AdSense policies.
  • Promote your videos on social media networks.
  • Upload videos regularly.
  • The Video should be ad-friendly.
  • Make virtual communication with your subscribers to get feedback.

After your AdSense ads are live, you will receive ad impressions and clicks. Each click can give you 0.1 $ to 5 $ or more depending on geolocation and ad quality.

To calculate YouTube video revenue, you need to understand AdSense terminology (ex: CPM, CTR, ECPM, CPC, Active ad Visibility)

But if you don’t, I recommend you learn about them because these are the most important factors that affect YouTube’s earnings.

Most common factors that affect YouTube earnings: –

  1. Quality of your videos
  2. Ad friendliness
  3. Targeted traffic
  4. Watch time
  5. CPM
  6. CPC
  7. CTR
  8. Video category
  9. Active subscribers
  10. User behavior
  11. Quality of ads that are showing in your videos
  12. Thumbnail – According to a study, it has been found that the thumbnail of a video could increase 154% of users’ engagement on YouTube.


Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Influencer Marketing Network, and YouTube MCN are alternatives to AdSense. Now, Let’s start looking for ideas to create a profitable YouTube channel.


29 YouTube Channel ideas To Get Started

A few ideas to start a YouTube channel – 

  1. Make a ‘product review‘ channel
  2. Make ‘Funny‘ YouTube channel
  3. Create music cover videos
  4. Unboxing specific product
  5. Lecture series
  6. Tech Videos
  7. Health suggestions
  8. Make a few videos that pace with the current trend
  9. Shoot cute animal movements
  10. Vlogging videos
  11. News Updates
  12. Gameplay videos
  13. Travel vlogging
  14. Amazing facts
  15. Make a reaction video
  16. Review movies
  17. YouTube channel ideas for small businesses
  18. Create a Motivational video channel
  19. Coding & programming
  20. Unleash your business strategies
  21. Top 10‘ or list channel
  22. DIY videos
  23. Cryptocurrencies
  24. Tell success stories
  25. Career option
  26. Magic Tricks
  27. Lifehacks
  28. Ayurveda
  29. Art painting and crafting


Although the video category affects earnings, some factors have a similar effect on YouTube’s earnings.

However, this article is not going to explain these factors. But I will try to explain everything that indirectly affects your YouTube earnings. Before we dive into it, let’s take some time to read it. There are many things you need to know before creating a YouTube channel.

  1. Discover your interest: If you are interested in creating a youtube channel, be sure what you do. It can be anything like singing, cooking, dancing, etc. Only then can you have a list of possible YouTube channel ideas.
  2. After searching for interest, you can root yourself out and start looking for sources.
  3. Don’t ignore the audience: If you choose a video category with high search volume and engagement, it can lead to natural growth for your YouTube channel.
  4. Money, Money, Money: If money is your primary concern, don’t forget to learn the impact of Adsense earnings parameters like CPM, CTR, CPC, ad quality to understand video ideas for YouTube.


Let’s get started…

1. Make a ‘Product Review’ Channel

If you want to earn an affiliate commission, this is the best topic for your youtube channel.

It has two benefits. The first benefit is keeping your channel running until companies stop making products, and the second is the higher CPM rate that brings in more money.

In addition, video content is more relevant to ad units because companies make products and run an advertising campaign on YouTube through Google ads that you will review.

As a result, you have a higher click-through rate which means more ad clicks, and you can earn more money. You can make two-way by creating your website with your YouTube channel.

As I mentioned above, CPM significantly impacts YouTube’s earnings, so you should go for it.

But remember a few things: –

  1. Creating a video review of a product is difficult because it requires product information and a few dollars to purchase it.
  2. People are looking for entertainment on YouTube, so it is hard to get traffic.
  3. It can take a good time to get into the YouTube trending list, which makes you frustrated.
  4. Some heavy products, such as iPhones, tech devices, etc., require a lot of money to buy.

Although it takes time, it is a good idea for a YouTube channel and maybe the best option for tech-lovers or tech bloggers.


2. Make a ‘Funny’ YouTube Channel

If you are a funny creator and want to explore your talent, this is a good idea because people like to watch funny videos. This video idea has funny videos, such as mimicry, comedy clips, etc.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of creating a fun YouTube channel…

Pros: –

  1. Potential to grasp the attention of people.
  2. Watch time is great
  3. Your Video can generate a high volume of traffic
  4. Gain more subscribers
  5. No need to invest money. You could even start with your mobile camera.
  6. Affiliate marketing and sponsorship are great earning alternatives after AdSense.

Cons: –

  1. Ads are not relevant to your video content.
  2. Low CTR (Click through rate).
  3. Less CPM
  4. Low-quality ads


3. Create Music Cover Videos

For music lovers, this is a good YouTube channel idea. People love music covers, and you can create a music cover channel.

But remember that you need to record your voice clearly because if your voice quality is not good, people will not listen to your music. You can get a condenser mic to improve your voice quality.

A little investment can bring you immense love and fame. So go ahead and start. Only cover songs you can sing well.


  1. You would receive high native traffic.
  2. If you can sing well, then you can get tons of subscribers.
  3. Good CPM
  4. High watch time

Cons: –

  1. The initial investment is required (For purchasing mice)
  2. An average ad CTR
  3. Targeted traffic is so isolated because you will receive more traffic from India if you make ‘Hindi’ covers, which means less CPC.


4. Unboxing The Specific Product

Pros: –

  1. Easy to create unboxing videos
  2. Newly launched products can attract a huge crowd. (Only if your product is new)
  3. It does not require any pre-scripting
  4. CPM (Cost Per Mile) is good

Cons: –

  1. You can’t upload videos regularly.
  2. It takes some reasonable time to achieve subscribers.
  3. Less watch time
  4. Less user traction.


5. Lecture Series

If you are a college student or lecturer and want to pursue a career on YouTube, this YouTube video idea is right for you. All you need to do is choose a subject and know it deeply.

Pros: –

  1. It does not require additional time to spend. One can quickly do it along with their college life.
  2. Risk-free
  3. No investment

Cons: –

  1. It takes time to achieve colossal attention (but there is no risk of losing anything)
  2. Less number of views


tubebuddy youtube seo tool

6. Tech Videos

Nowadays, technology has become the most important part of people’s life. Therefore, there is a huge demand for new updates.

And if you can provide daily technology updates, this may be the best video idea for YouTube. More than 250 technology channels are ranked on YouTube.

Here you can find more YouTube video ideas for creating outstanding content. There are thousands of technical sub-categories, and you can select one according to your expertise.

Different types of sub-categories in technology

  1. Food technology
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Nano-technology
  4. Environment technology

You can choose any of the above and start creating videos.


7. Health Suggestions

People are suffering from health-related problems every day. Therefore, it is good to have a ‘health tips’ YouTube channel.

You can also discuss your health problems like hair loss, back pain, or diabetes. For example, suppose you have a hair loss problem, and all you need to do is start your hair treatment and make videos discussing hair loss issues and solutions.

If you choose one of those ideas, people will praise your work, and you can get immediate results. Although it requires a great deal of health knowledge, a medical student, doctor, or patient can do it quickly.

Pros: –

  1. CPM is pretty good.
  2. Actionable video content
  3. Nice CPC

Cons: –

  1. Less search volume
  2. It’s hard to upload videos regularly


8. Make A Few Videos That Pace With The Current Trend

Making videos without any research will not help you. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to always keep up with the current trend.

You have to create some videos that match the current pattern. For example, suppose your video category is ‘funny.’ You can connect your video creativity to the trend so that it looks funny and matches the current trend.

You do not need to make all your videos this way. Make some videos that make sense. This idea can magically ignite your YouTube channel.


9. Shoot Cute Animal Movements

Everybody loves cute animals. And you can consider it one of the best youtube channel ideas, which does not require effort. All you have to do is capture your pet’s awkward moments and then upload them to YouTube.

Pros: –

  1. No investment
  2. Zero efforts
  3. A huge crowd of people
  4. Easy to get subscribers
  5. Regular updating
  6. No risk of failure

Cons: –

  1. Low CPC
  2. Low CPM


If you want to increase YouTube Subscribers and views, you will love VIDIQ; a simple YouTube SEO tool that can help you find the best SEO techniques, including finding keywords, tags, and more.


10. Vlogging Videos

You can start here if you like to shoot your lifestyle or daily routine. However, this is only possible when you are independent. If you work from 9 to 5, it can be difficult. But people who do not have a job can quickly start making money from this YouTube channel idea.


11. News Updates

If you feel like a news reporter, go ahead and start making news updates. You can choose any news category that suits you.

For example, you can choose ‘politics debate,’ Hollywood / Bollywood hot news, scientific discoveries. These are good ideas for a YouTube channel because you can share them and encourage the audience on social media.

Pros: –

  • It’s easy to get tons of views from social media
  • Easy to create videos
  • Good user engagement

Cons: –

  • Low CPM
  • Low ad quality
  • Low CPC


12. Gameplay Videos

I am sure most of you like to play video games, and I recently realized that people make money just by playing games.

All you have to do is play the game and record it. For this, you have to buy a good HD game and start playing it. Once practiced, you are ready to upload your gameplay videos to YouTube. This YouTube video idea is good for those who like to play games.

You need the following things:

  1. Install a favorite game like GTA 5
  2. Join any MCN network to protect your game videos
  3. Start uploading your Video with a funny script

Pros: –

  • Effortless
  • Regular updating
  • Easy to get subscribers

Cons: –

  • Average CPC
  • Good CPM
  • Ad quality is fine


If you want to increase YouTube Subscribers and views, you will love VIDIQ; a simple YouTube SEO tool that can help you find the best SEO techniques, including finding keywords, tags, and more.

13. Travel Vlogging

As you know, videos are the most liked type of content than blogs. And the good thing is that you can shoot your entire travel story so that others know what the experience will be when you visit that place.

You can tell them where to start, what to do, how much money is needed to enjoy the tour. The idea of a travel YouTube channel is great for those who often visit historical places.

Pros: –

  1. Auto scripted
  2. High engagement and user retention
  3. You can review the travel products to earn an additional affiliate commission.
  4. CPC is fine
  5. Avg. CPM (1$)

Cons: –

  1. You need to travel every time you visit a new place
  2. You need to have a DSLR camera.
  3. Every time you shoot a video, you need money to travel.
  4. You can’t upload the videos regularly.


14. Amazing Facts

If you know the real WOW factors, you can share them with others. You can make ’10 Untold Horror Stories’ or something similar and upload a video clip to YouTube.

People want to know about fantastic discoveries and facts. So go to Google and search for amazing happenings and make a fascinating video out of them.

Pros: –

  1. High user engagement
  2. Easy to create clickbait titles to increase CTR and views
  3. No investment
  4. You can create a video quickly

Cons: –

  1. Low CPC & CTR


If you want to increase YouTube Subscribers and views, you will love VIDIQ; a simple YouTube SEO tool that can help with SEO techniques, including finding keywords, tags, and more.

15. Make A Reaction Video

You don’t need to make your videos; you have to react to other videos.

You can receive easy traffic and engage with people. It will be a plus point for you if you are a girl because girls are more appealing than boys.

You can select any of these ideas for YouTube videos, either it may be roasting videos or your favorite YouTube channel’s videos.


  • No action is required.
  • Even if you don’t get any response, you have no regret for your efforts.


Often, the real author can claim your response video and strike copyright against you.


16. Review Movies

Whenever you see a movie or a new movie trailer, it’s time to review and share your thoughts; What do you think. This idea is similar to the Reaction channel videos, but it keeps you away from any copyright sticks and channels lockouts.


17. YouTube Channel Ideas For Small Businesses

If you are running a small business, it is good to have a YouTube channel that can better advertise your business products and services.

Let me share with you some of the best YouTube business ideas that can help you grow your business…

  • Make your product videos so that people know how beneficial your product is.
  • Make a video to explain how your product is working.
  • Share your customer success stories to encourage people to buy your products.
  • Don’t forget to make a video of the new product launch.
  • Always alert your buyers to new deals and coupon codes so that they can avail themselves.


18. Create a Motivational Video Channel

This is one of the most effective YouTube channel ideas that you can start now to inspire others. I always like listening to or watching motivational videos every day, and I am sure millions of people also want inspirational videos. There are a lot of channels on YouTube in this category, and you can get some video ideas from there to power your channel.


tubebuddy youtube seo tool


19. Coding & Programming

Coding is a high-paying and demanding skill in today’s digital world. And if you are an advanced programmer, you can help small code addicts succeed in this field.


20. Unleash Your Business Strategies

You can share your business strategies with others if you are running a small business. You can also make a video on a specific topic. For example, if you are a blogger and blog about SEO, you can create your video channel and help beginners understand SEO.


21. ‘Top 10’ Or List Channel

People like articles and continue to search for catalog articles. There is a huge opportunity to start your channel with this idea. You just need to look at the top listed things that you can explain to people.

Examples – 

  • Top 10 Historical places you won’t want to miss out
  • Top 5 things you must know if you’re a student
  • 10 Best marketplaces to buy a premium WordPress theme


22. DIY Videos

DIY (do-it-yourself) videos are viral everywhere. You can make a fast-forward video to tell people how amazing you are and how you make remarkable things.


23. Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become a hot topic. If you are already involved in crypto trading, this would be a good idea for your YouTube channel.


24. Tell Success Stories

A real story can gather so many people quickly. So if you want engagement and high user retention, I suggest you create a YouTube channel that talks about your real success stories.

However, there are no 2 to 3 success stories of your life. But you can start sharing your friend’s success stories to inspire others.


25. Career Option

Give career suggestions to the students who are preparing for competitive exams. You can gather research and knowledge regarding some of the best career options and inform job seekers about new job opportunities.


tubebuddy youtube seo tool

26. Magic Tricks

You know that a street magician can attract many people. And if you too have this talent, you can show your magic tricks and impress people. This channel idea will help you become a successful YouTuber.


27. Lifehacks

There are many things that not everyone knows. For example, looking stunning every day, and perhaps other hacks that can help people simplify their lifestyles.

So, if you know something that you think others should know, then don’t wait to create your channel with this idea.


28. Ayurveda Channel

Nowadays, there is a demand for Ayurveda. No doubt, Ayurveda is more powerful than allopathy and homeopathy. So if you know about Ayurveda, it would be a good idea to start a channel on YouTube.


29. Art Painting And Crafting

If you feel that you are a great artist or painter, then it is better that you come to YouTube because it helps to explore your creativity and helps you improve your art skills. 


tubebuddy youtube seo tool

YouTube is where you get to know what people think about your creativity and expertise. If you are a real producer, do not miss the chance to start your channel.

Strategy for selecting the appropriate video category for better results. [A better way to find ideas for YouTube channels]

strategy to select a suitable video category infographic

Once you have chosen your video category, the next step is how to get traffic to your YouTube videos. Here are some tips to make your Video viral.

  • Make some of your videos based on the current trend to attract attention.
  • Transcript your Video into the text to make it search-engine friendly.
  • Ask your customers to improve the quality of your Video.
  • Collab with other YouTubers to form a stable bond.
  • Speak clearly, because YouTube can now hear your voice.
  • Do video keyword research to get your videos on YouTube and Google.

Attention: – 25 best SEO practices to rank your video on YouTube



There may be a thousand ideas for a youtube channel, but the way to find the best idea is to follow your passion.

When I researched, I found that “video categories do not affect YouTube earnings.” I know you don’t believe me, but I have technically calculated that YouTube earnings do not directly affect different video categories.

Your income only changes when the following matrices are affected: – (Google AdSense)

  1. CPM
  2. CPC
  3. eCPM
  4. Ad quality
  5. Watch time
  6. User behavior (Like, dislike, subscribers & comments)
  7. Views (affects Indirectly)

These matrices have a different weight in each video category. For example, the CPC (cost per click) of an ad unit appearing on a health video would be higher than the funny video categories. Similarly, the CPC of ad units appearing on technology videos will be higher than in health videos and beyond. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the optimal value of all these terms.

Let’s understand a little mathematics for Funny video categories.

Video category: – FUNNY

Video Views: Easy to get thousands of views

Watch time: – Quite good

User-behavior: – Nice

Ad quality: – Very few advertisers target these video categories resulting in low-quality ads.

CPC: – Low CPC because of less advertising targeting

CPM: – Low

Ad CTR: – Click-through rates will certainly be lower due to irrelevant ad units.

  1. CTR-1 (click-through rate corresponding to video click) would be high.
  2. CTR-2 (click-through rate corresponding to ad clicks) is pretty much low because of low content relevancy.


To calculate your YouTube earnings through AdSense, use this formula: –

[{Total ad’s impression – invalid ad’s impression} * CPM] + {CTR*100} * Avg CPC

Check out this link to understand the working of this formula

And also, check it out:

Approximate ad impression revenue per 1000 page views = CPM (cost per mile)

CTR means of click-through rate = number of valid clicks on ads / 100

Now here you can see that the funny videos have high user engagement but at the same time low CPC, CPM, and ctr. Therefore, the catch is that you select any video category, but earning does not make a significant difference.

The only difference is that the fun video channel gets easy engagement and responses while other categories can take a reasonable amount of time. So, from here, you can see the impact of these parameters on YouTube’s earnings.

You can calculate the effectiveness of views of your YouTube channel with the help of the above formula. I’ve given you a secret tool that can help you figure out which YouTube channel ideas are better for you.

If you liked this article, then share it on social media sites. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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        1. Vlog channels are usually great for affiliate marketing but if you want to earn money through display ads then the earning will depend on matrices like geographical location, the quality of content and the type of vlog content you are producing. If your vlog content is kind of travel then you are good to go. In this case, affiliate marketing would the great choice.

          And earning depends on several factors so it’s difficult to tell you the exact number.

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      And you should go with fashion category, if you know hair styles

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  3. Thankyou so much for such great help.If I want to start my own vlogging channel then what would be the earning matrice.Does speaking in the vlog affects earning matrice.

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