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How much money you can make with AdSense

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In this post, I’ll give you an idea about your AdSense earnings and how much traffic you need to make $1000 from AdSense. 

By the end of this post, you’ll get to know…

  1. What are the parameters that affect your AdSense earnings?
  2. How much traffic do you need to generate to earn $1000/ month?
  3. A few Tips To Increase Your AdSense earnings

So without further due let’s get started…


What Are The Parameters That Affect Your Adsense Earnings?

No matter how much traffic you drive each month, your earnings always fluctuate.

It could be $100, $150, or maybe $300 with the same traffic (With 30,000 Page Views).

Here is why:

Because of the following parameters: –

  1. Geographical regions
  2. Ad Placement
  3. Ad Viewability & Size
  4. CPC & RPM

As long as these parameters change, your earnings will fluctuate.

Let’s discuss each one of these one by one…


Geographical regions

Let me ask you first: where is your most traffic come from?

Is it the USA? Or is it India?

Whatever it is… you’ll always earn good money if your traffic comes from the US.

Don’t believe me? Let’s compare…

AdSense high paying countries

The above screenshot is one of my AdSense monthly earning reports.

Now, let’s have a look at this.

I received 22,320 pageviews from the US. This made me $242 estimated.

Now for example, if I compare it with India. Then this is what I get.

I drove 8,351 page views from India and it made me $9.18 only.

Let’s do some math…

US traffic is 2.67x times from India.

So US/India traffic ratio is: 2.67

And if I consider ad clicks…

I got 601 ad clicks from the US and 366 ad clicks from India.

US/India click ratio is: 1.64

Now let’s take a look at earnings: –

US/India earnings ratio is: 26.36


If I were to receive 22,320 page views and 601 ad clicks from India, my earnings will not be more than $25.

Still US/India earnings ratio is: 242/25 = 9.68

It means that even if I received the same traffic and ad clicks for both countries, my earnings from the US will be 9.68 times higher than in India. (This is not the fixed value. It may be more or less but always bigger than one)

You can compare any country with your geographical region to know the highest-paying country.

A few high-paying AdSense countries: –

  • US
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Spain


Ad Placement

However, it is a bit tricky but it can increase your AdSense earnings for sure.

The best way to optimize for ad placement is “Ezoic”, which uses artificial intelligence to find the best places on your web page.

This is how your ad units get more impressions and clicks. Resulting in, an increase in earnings.

Note: You need 20,000 monthly page views to apply for EZOIC.

If you are not eligible for EZOIC, then here are a few best Ad Placements that can help you increase your earnings…

  • Above the post or header ad placement
  • Sidebar
  • Within the content

Bonus- Do you use AdSense or other Display advertising networks to monetize your blog? if so, I recommend you use advanced Ads to optimize your ads and boost your ad income. 

I Have been using Advanced Ads for 30 months now and all I can say is that it’s incredible. Go check it out!

Advanced Ads


Ad Viewability & SIZE

It’s another major factor that affects AdSense’s earnings.

Unfortunately, most of you don’t know about it.

Let me define it first…

Ad viewability means availability of ads within a visible area of a device.

It is the measure of a valid ad impression.

I’m not going into details as I have already published an article on ad viewability.

You can check it out there: Best Ad viewability practices



CPC means “cost per click” and RPM means “Revenue per thousand impressions”

The higher the CPC & RPM, the more you earn.

These two terms are the main factors that affect your earnings the most.

You can calculate RPM with this formula: 

(Estimated earnings / Number of page views)*1000


(Estimated earnings / impressions)*1000

For example, if you make $1 from 100 page views, then your RPM would be equal to $10.

Another example is if you make $60 with 20,000 impressions, then your RPM would be earning $3.

However, CPC and RPM both depend on geographical location and Ad quality.

From the same above screenshot, you can check the Page RPM of the first three countries (US, UK, and Canada) which is $10, and if you compare then it is 9-10 times India’s page RPM.


How Much Traffic Do You Need To Earn $1000/Month?

Being a blogger, you might have searched for this query many times. But unfortunately, you couldn’t find the exact answer to this question.

Don’t worry! I will try my best to give a possible solution to this question.

Let’s get into detail…

AdSense is a contextual ad network program introduced by Google. It enables bloggers or web publishers to monetize any form of web content to earn passive income.

Now let’s come to the main topic…

Earnings depend on several parameters that I’ve discussed above.

As long as these parameters change, your earnings will fluctuate.

The only way you can get the idea is to fix these parameters and then calculate the traffic.

Let’s assume some values…

Country: US

Traffic: This is what we have to calculate = X

RPM: $5

Estimated earnings: $1000

As you know the RPM & estimated earnings, you can use this formula…

RPM = (estimated earnings/number of page views)*1000

Let’s put values: –

5 = (1000/X)*1000

X = 1000000/5

X= Traffic = 200K

So, Here you need to drive 200K traffic to make $1000

But wait…

As you get traffic from the US, your RPM may go up to $15 but let’s keep it to $10

Now RPM is: $10

So if you replace the old RPM value with the new RPM value then this is what you get.

X = 1000*1000/10

X = Traffic = 100K

So, in this case, you need to drive at least 100K monthly traffic to make $1000.

This is only for those who get over 90% of their traffic from the US.

But what if you get 90% of your traffic from India?

As you know, the Page RPM of India is $1 – $3

If you put these values and calculate the traffic then it comes out that you need to drive at least 333K to 1M traffic to make $1000 monthly.

So this is the possible solution to your question.


A Few Tips To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

There is no magic trick that can increase your AdSense earnings.

As I’ve told you that earnings depend on several factors. However, you don’t have full control over these parameters but some of these can be improved.

  • Use well-sized ad units to get good viewability
  • Run A/B testing or experiments on AdSense to find the best Ad Placements or Use third-party services like EZOIC to get optimized placements.
  • Don’t use too many ads. The more ads you place on a page, the low-quality ads you’ll get.
  • Use AdSense auto ads. (Check it out to learn more about Auto Ads)
  • Your site has a Good user experience
  • Try to write something that has a good market value.



AdSense is a great way to monetize your content but it won’t make you rich. Because it requires a lot more traffic to make only $1000.

I hope you’ve got the solution to your questions.

Have another question? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

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