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How Can I Put Adsense Ads on Wordpress Blog or Website

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I am 100% sure that if you are doing blogging, then you may have heard about Google AdSense. It is an excellent place for beginners to convert their traffic into money.

Today’s topic is very much important for the beginners. Most of you want to put ads on your WordPress website or blog. Placing AdSense ads on WordPress blog is effortless. I have already discussed how to configure AdSense ads on BlogSpot blog, but if you want to set AdSense ads on WordPress blog, then you can quickly do it by reading this guide.

How can I put AdSense ads on WordPress Blog?

To put ads on WordPress first, you need to sign up for Google AdSense. Before applying for AdSense, you have to fulfil the Google AdSense basic eligibility.

 AdSense basic eligibility:

  • You should have a website or YouTube channel.
  • Your min age should be 18 years.
  • Your website should comply AdSense program policies.
  • Your website should be old at least six months.

Attention: Basic eligibility to know before applying AdSense 

Once you meet all the requirements, you will be able to sign up for AdSense. After signing up, you have to follow same steps that I have already discussed in my earlier post. If you have missed this post, then please check out it here: how to configure AdSense ads on BlogSpot blog. After reading this guide, you are in the position to follow the entire process.

Now your AdSense application process is almost completed. After 7 to 10 hours you will receive an email from AdSense team. In this email, you will get to know whether your AdSense application is accepted or not.

If you have received an AdSense approval, then you are ready to put google ads on WordPress blog.

Now let get started:-

There are two possible ways to put ads on WordPress

  • Paste ad code manually
  • Use some smart WordPress plugins to put ads.

It is an alternative way for all the ad networks. However, this is easy but a little bit boring because you have to follow a couple of steps to do that.

  • Switch to your Google AdSense account.
  • Go to my ads > new ad unit.


Paste your google ads on wordpress blog manually

  • After clicking on the new ad unit, you will see the following page. Here you have to put your ad unit name that you want. For example sidebar display & text. I suggest that you choose a responsive size of the ad.

How Can I Create New Ad Unit

Next option you will see ad type.There are three types of ads. Choose one that you want. First is text & display ads, second is display ad type & the third one is text ads only. Let me explain these ads one by one.

  • Text & display ads: AdSense mostly recommends these types of you can always use these ads. These ads are the combination of graphics image and text link.
  • Display ads: These ads are the graphical ads.
  • Text links ads: These are something look like a hyperlink.

For more information about ads types, please read the official Google AdSense guide: customise your ads

  • Another option is about text ad style. Here AdSense let you allow to personalise your ad style. So it’s your choice to customise your ads.
  • After that, there are two other options first is custom ads and the second one is backups don’t need to do anything here. for more information (related guides: custom ads & backups ads)
  • Now click on save & get code button. As you click on this button, you will find this AdSense ad code pop up. This ad popup let you allow you to copy your ad code.


Adsense Ad Code Copy And Put On WordPress Blog or Website

  • Once you copy your ad code, you need to switch to your WordPress dashboard>then click on appearance>widgets.
  • Inside widgets option, you have to select a text widget. Now paste your AdSense ad code.

Adsense Ad code Put On wordpress blog or website

  • Now the last step, you need to click on save button and wait for a few moments your google ads will start visibly on your WordPress blog or website.
  • If you want to put your AdSense ads inside the post, then you can go WordPress > edit the post >click on text button at the right above the corner of the post edit. Now paste your code anywhere you want. But remember one thing that you do not put your ad code inside the tag. Only put your code after closing the tags. Tags maybe span, script, image etc.

Paste Your Adsnese Code After cLOSING the Span Tag

Use some smart WordPress plugins to put ads

WordPress plugins allow you to set AdSense ad code on your blog. Here I will give a list of favourite AdSense ad plugins so that you can quickly place your AdSense ad code on your website.

  • Google AdSense WordPress plugin
  • Ad injection
  • Advanced ads
  • Easy Plugin for AdSense

Google AdSense WordPress plugin

It is most popular AdSense ad plugin. It is official plugin introduced by Google AdSense. It does not require any manual ad code insertion. You have just to install this plugin and connect your actual AdSense account with it.

Once you have connected your AdSense account, all the information related to your account will be imported into your AdSense plugin. Now you can efficiently use this plugin. Go ahead and choose the desirable place where you want to place your AdSense ad code and click ok.

Download google AdSense WordPress plugin

Ad injection WordPress plugin

This AdSense plugin is also very popular. It can be for all advert insertion like AdSense ads, amazon affiliate link insertion, TradeDoubler, click bank etc.

This plugin comes with several features

  • Automatic ad insertion within the post or paragraph.
  • You can set some ads according to post length.
  • Place google ads only on your old posts.
  • You can also set your ads according to your category, post id, tags etc.
  • Block your ads from some IP addresses.

Learn more about ad injection plugin

Advance ads WordPress plugin

This AdSense plugin also has tons of features. It is also support for AdSense, ad injection, and ad rotation & ad widgets.

learn more about advance WordPress plugin

Easy Plugin for AdSense

This plugin is mostly used for Google AdSense. With the help of this plugin, you can put your ads in the post, sidebar.

Learn more about the easy plugin for AdSense

Smart method for adding ads

There is another quick way to put your google ads on WordPress blog. You need to add a tiny bit of code inside your function.php file. Make sure before editing the function .php file backup your existing file so that you can reasonably access it.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on appearance > editor. Choose function.php file and create following function.

function myadsensecode(){

return ‘Put your AdSense code here’


add_shortcode(‘adsToAppearHere ‘ , ‘ myadsensecode ‘);

Add this code at the end of your function.php file. Then click on Update.Now you have almost done you only need to go to your post edit and click on Text put the following short script.

Now please note that in your AdSense code if you find new format of your ad code something like in double quotes <ins class=“adsbygoogle” then use the code that I have given above.but if you find the single quote (<ins class=’adsbygoogle’) then use the following code:-

function myadsensecode(){

return “Put your AdSense code here”


add_shortcode(‘adsToAppearHere ‘ , ‘ myadsensecode ‘);

You can also replace the adsToAppearHere with anything that you want.

After updating your function.php file, you need only to copy the adsToAppearHere and put it into the [] that it will look like [adsToAppearHere].Now here this is your code that you need to put in your post


You can also watch this video to do the same. It is a great video made by Rank Ya.


The last conclusion of this lesson is that if you have a massive number of blog posts, then WordPress plugin is a great way to manage your ads. All the plugins that I have discussed here are useful. At this time I am using Google AdSense plugin to put ads on WordPress blog.

If you find this post helpful then, please do share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

If you have any query regarding this topic, then let it drop into the comment box. I will answer it within 24 hours.

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