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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Are you looking for Adsense alternatives to double, triple, or even 10X your earnings?

Don’t worry…

Here I have compiled a list of the best Google AdSense alternatives that can earn you good money even when you are getting low traffic.

Although, AdSense is a lucrative way to monetize your website & YouTube channel.

But you can’t earn a living out of it until you drive millions of traffic.

And it’s not easy to get even 100k traffic. That’s why you need a few more alternatives to monetize your blog.

Before joining any of these alternatives you must know the following things

  • Basic requirements to join: – Chances are your website gets rejected if it is not eligible for Ad networks. So before applying any network make sure you check for basic requirements.
  • Min Payout
  • Publisher revenue share
  • Payment method
  • Ad type
  • Minimum earnings
  • Does it affect your site speed and user experience?
  • Is it Google certified? (it’s not mandatory; don’t take it seriously)

Now, Let’s get started…

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Best Adsense Alternatives To Earn Thousands of dollars


MediaVine - Best AdSense Alternative

I would say MEDIAVINE is one of the highest paying AdSense alternatives.

The MEDIAVINE publishers earn thousands of dollars even when driving low traffic.

In addition to that, it pays 2x to 8x more money than AdSense.

And RPM (Revenue per mile; How much you will earn every 1000 page views ) is around $5-$20; which means every 1000 page views add $5 -$20 to your MEDIAVINE account.

If I compare MEDIAVINE with AdSense then I would say If you were using Adsense then you earned only $1 to $5, which is too low.

But the only downside of MEDIAVINE is ‘monthly sessions’.


Your site should be driving a minimum of 50,000 sessions every month to become the MEDIAVINE publisher.

A quick look over MEDIAVINE 

1. MEDIAVINE Requirement

  • Blog Niche – You can apply with any niche excepting porn.
  • Your Site design should be responsive and accommodates MEDIAVINE ad placements.
  • 50,000 monthly sessions (As per Google Analytics report)

2. Ad Type: Display ads, video ads, and sponsored influencer marketing. (Similar to Google AdSense)

3. Payment method & Minimum Payout

  • ACH – international (Minimum payout $200)
  • ACH – U.S. (Minimum payout $25)
  • PayPal (Minimum payout $25)
  • Wire Transfer U.S. (Minimum payout $25)
  • Wire Transfer Non-U.S. USD (Minimum payout $25)
Payment Method Minimum Payout Additional charges
ACH – international



ACH – U.S.






Wire Transfer U.S.


$15 per transaction

Wire Transfer Non-U.S. USD


$20 per transaction

4. Minimum earnings: As I said, you need to have 25,000 sessions each month to join MEDIAVINE, which will earn you $300 to $900 PER MONTH.

5. Publisher revenue share: 70% goes to publishers and 30% to the MEDIAVINE network

6. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?

No! MEDIAVINE is a light weighted well-optimized ad network that serves user-friendly ads. 

7. Google certified: Yes



AdThrive - AdSense Alternatives

Another most powerful AdSense alternative is AD THRIVE.

YES! you’ve heard it right…

They claim to be the number one AD network in the world.  And obviously, they are correct.

Almost 50% of AdThrive publishers earn 3x more per pageview. A blog with 100,000 monthly visitors can $3000 (Approx.) with AdThrive.

And If I talk about RPM, then it moves around $10 to $20. It may be more or less depending on the blog niche and Ads quality showing on your blog.

Unfortunately, AdThrive is not for small bloggers. I mean you’re not eligible until you generate a minimum of 100k page views every month.

 A quick look over AdThrive 

1. AdThrive requirement

  • High-quality content
  • No adult content
  • No previous advertising infringement, and no blacklist history from Google.
  • A blog should be generating at least 100,000 pageviews every month. (70,000 to 80,000 sessions per month)
  • Your blog should drive the Majority of traffic from the U.S.

2. Publisher revenue share: 75%

3. Ad Type

  • Auto sponsored post ad
  • Expandable Sticky Footer Ad
  • Intelligent Ingredient Ad
  • Interscroller Ad
  • Native Ad

4. AdThrive Payment Method & Minimum payment threshold

The minimum payment threshold for all payment methods is $25 excepting wire transfer which has a threshold of $100.

  • Direct Deposit (Domestic ACH) – US
  • eCheck/Local Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Paper Check
  • Wire Transfer – US
  • Wire Transfer, Non-US, paid in USD
  • Wire Transfer, Non-US, paid in Non-USD

5. Minimum earnings: $1500 – $4500 per 100,000 monthly pageviews. Many bloggers say that AdThrive publishers earn 1.2 times more than MEDIAVINE publishers.

6. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?: No, ads don’t affect your site loading speed.

7. Google Certified: YES

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds - Best Adsense Alternative

PropellerAds network is the best blog monetization platform. It works with advertisers and publishers to grow their revenue.

Unlike the above ad networks, PropellerAds works differently because of its unique advertising strategy.

However, it also comes with native & displays ads which make it similar to other AdSense alternatives.

Additionally, I like the concept of push notification advertising, where the PropellerAds network sends brand ads to users who allow push notification while browsing your blog.

The interesting thing is that the user gets notifications of ads on his/her smartphone even when he/she is offline.

And this is what makes it unique that disrupts the AdBlocker industry. (It means even if people use Adblockers, PropellerAds still serves web push notification ads )

A quick look over PropellerAds

1. PropellerAds Requirements:

  • It accepts all websites even having low traffic. So you are good to go. Entertainment, news, and viral content sites work great with this network.
  • The Content of your site shouldn’t be including any kind of infringing material. (software piracy, profanity Hacking, or Phreaking)
  • No adult content

2. Ad Types

  • OnClick Popunder ads
  • Mobile interstitial
  • Mobile banners
  • Direct links
  • Classic banners
  • Sliders ads
  • Web push notification ads
  • Dialogue ads

3. Payment methods and Minimum payment threshold 

The minimum payment threshold for all payment methods is $5 excepting wire transfer & Payoneer.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer (Min payout $550)
  • Payoneer(Min payout $20)
  • Webmoney
  • Skrill
  • ePayments

4. Publisher revenue share: 80% (please do not compare it with other AdSense alternatives because it depends on ad inventory)

5. Minimum earnings: $1 to $5 per 1000 Pageviews (Earning depends on where your traffic come from )

6. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?

To be honest, sometimes full-screen ads may irritate your readers which means bad user-experience. But if you use web push notification then you can even improve user-experience too.

It doesn’t affect your loading speed much.

7. Google certified: NO


VIGLINK AdSense alternative

VIGLINK is the fewer Adsense alternatives known because of its unique content monetization concept. 

It uses cutting-edge technology that works in the background to link product mentions to the best-paying merchant with the highest conversion rate.

It is mostly used in commercial product review blogs. It helps you transform your valuable content into revenue gives you insights to grow your profits.

VigLink automatically converts the ordinary product links into monetized links. And you will earn every time a user clicks or buy from any of these links. 

It adds value to your content that brings good revenue in return. 

I encourage you to become the publisher of VIGLINK to take top-notch profits.

VIGLINK enables you to track your performance right from its dashboard, where you can measure what content is doing great.

A quick look over VIGLINK 

1. Basic requirements to join VIGLINK

  • No adult content
  • High-quality content
  • There is no traffic threshold. (You can join even if you are driving very low traffic. )

2. Min Payout: $10 for PayPal and $50 for ACH, check, and wire.

3. Payment method

  • PayPal
  • ACH (USA-based accounts)
  • Check (USA-based accounts)
  • Wire (non-USA-based accounts)

4. Publisher revenue share: 75%

5. Ad Type: Outbound affiliate link insertion (convert normal links into monetized links)

6. Minimum earnings: VIGLINK enables you to earn from affiliate networks without even joining the networks. It means you can good commission if you get sales.

7. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?: NO

8. Is it Google certified?: NO

5. MEDIA.NET ad network to monetize your content is one of the largest advertising pools that brings advertisers from Bing & Yahoo and web publishers together.

Whenever you think about top Adsense alternatives, always holds its position.

Similar to AdSense, is also a contextual advertising program that helps bloggers/publishers to monetize their content.

The reason why I love it, because of its high-paying advertising policy. Many say that pays 2X to 5X more money what AdSense pays.

However, earnings depend on GEO and Ad quality.  A website with 100k traffic from Asia earns only $400 to $500 dollars, will earn over $2000 from the US or UK.

A quick look over

1. Basic requirements

  • The majority of traffic should be coming from the US, UK, and Canada
  • Use the English language as a primary source
  • There is no official recommendation for the number of visitors visiting your site. But all they say that traffic should be reasonable. (Traffic should be at least 300-500 per day)
  • No adult content

2. Ad Type

  • Contextual Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Display Ad units
  • Mobile Docked Ads

2. Payment method

  • PayPal
  • WIRE transfer

3. Min Payout: $100

4. Publisher revenue share: Unknown

5. Minimum earnings: Your will earn massively if you drive traffic from the US and UK. With this condition, if you generate 1000 visitors a day, you will earn $3-$4 from Adsense whereas will bring you $4-$7 (approx.)

Does it affect your site speed and user experience?: NO

Is it Google certified?: NO



skimlinks Adsense alternative to supercharge earnings

Start supercharging your earnings with Skimlink. Very similar to VIGLINK, It also monetizes your content with the same concept as VIGLINK does. 

It automatically transforms the user product references into affiliate links.

If you don’t want to apply for multiple affiliate networks, then let Skimlink done all it for you.

For example, if you publish content about product reviews but haven’t joined any affiliate network then leave it to the SkimLink network.

As you become a SkimLink member, It will start converting all product-based ordinary links into affiliate links to monetizes your content.

I love it because it brings the best affiliate deals to you and enables you to earn money as an affiliate even when you haven’t joined any monetization network.

The great thing is that sometimes it offers even more commission than Commission Junction & ShareASale.

A quick look over SkimLinks

1. SkimLinks basic requirements

  • No adult content
  • A large portion of your website audience should reside in North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, or Australia.
  • A website with high traffic volume is great but Low traffic with an engaging audience also works well.  (Try to reach at least 500 visitors a day)
  • High-quality unique content
  • Skimlink can do wonders with a website having commercial products ordinary links and mentions.

2. Ad Type: Outbound affiliate link insertion (Similar to an affiliate network)

3. Publisher revenue share: 75%

4. Payment method

  • Publishers with US or UK bank accounts can be paid by direct deposit or PayPal.
  • Publishers outside of the UK and US can only receive payment via PayPal.

5. Minimum Payment threshold: $65 / €55 / £50 (based on country or region)

6. Minimum earnings: It depends on how much traffic you get, % commission, and also the number of the ordinary links of the products within your content.

7. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?: NO

8. Is it Google certified?: NO


Amazon Affiliate marketing adsense alternatives

You can earn tons of money with Affiliate marketing if you know its secrets.

It’s not that easy to master affiliate marketing. The only secret that I want to reveal is ‘learn & execute fast’. 

In this way, you get to know what works and what doesn’t.

And of course, you can consider it as one of the most popular AdSense alternatives among bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is not just knowing its definition. It’s all about learning, practicing, and executing fast.

The best thing about Amazon affiliate marketing is that it has a variety of products and you can start promoting any product of your choice.

Once you’ve become an affiliate, you need to select products of your choice.

Next, go ahead and add that product to your website using its unique affiliate link. Finally, you need to promote the product.

And as someone makes a successful conversion via this link, the commission will be added to your account.

A quick look over Amazon affiliate 

1. Basic requirements to join: Everyone can join it, even having extremely low traffic. But make sure your site complies with Amazon Affiliate participation Requirements

2. Min Payout: $10 for Amazon Gift cards, $100 via check, and direct deposit.

3. Publisher revenue share: Depends on affiliate commission

4. Payment method: Direct deposit, check, and Gift cards.

5. Ad type: Banner ads and affiliate links 

6. Minimum earnings: It depends on traffic, conversion, and commission rate. 

7. Does it affect your site speed and user experience?: NO

8. InfoLinks 

Infolinks- best AdSnese alternative

Another best AdSense alternative enabling over 100,000 websites worldwide to monetize their content.

Infolinks serves ads in a very different manner where its AI inserts InFold, InTag, InText, InFrame, and InArticle Ads within your article.

I recommend you to use in-text Ads because of their “unused space” quality. 

What does this mean?

In-text Ads do not require additional space. Infolinks ad technology automatically adds the in-text ads into the publisher’s content.

And If someone hovers over the text ad, an advertisement is popped up. Now, he/she clicks the ad, he/she redirected to the other page and In this process, you as a publisher get paid out.

1. Basic requirements to join

  • You can apply for InfoLinks even if you’re driving 10 – 20 visitors daily.
  • No adult content.
  • High-quality unique content

2. Ad Type

  • InFold Ads
  • InTag Ads
  • InText Ads
  • InFrame Ads
  • InArticle Ads

3. Payment method & Min Payout

  • PayPal (Min payout $50)
  • eCheck (Min payout $50)
  • ACH (Min payout $50)
  • Payoneer (Min payout $50)
  • WIRE transfer (Min payout $100 and $1000 for some countries)

4. Publisher revenue share: 65%

5. Minimum earnings: $0.20 – $3 every 1000 page views (sometimes it pays less than AdSense)

6. Does it affect your site speed and user experience: Yes! Too many InfoLinks ads can make your site load slow and irritates your readers. So be sure you insert very few ad units to keep the balance. 

7. Is it Google certified? NO


Best AdSense alternative BuySellAds

How do you earn 10X times more than AdSense?

The simple answer is ‘Direct advertisement

Yes! if you get the opportunity of direct advertising then you can even earn 50x times more than any other CPM or contextual advertising network.

In fact, I got direct advertising and earned $70 by just adding a few lines to my blog. It’s the kind of sponsorship that advertisers pay you if they want you to promote their products and services.

And BuySellads does the same. It brings you direct advertising opportunities and enables you to earn up to $300 per ad placement.

Actually, they have a network of publishers that enables advertisers to launch their powerful ad campaigns.

It’s a monetization solution for publishers and Advertisers as well.

As a blogger, you’re the publisher and you don’t need to pay anything. Just apply for the Buysellads network as a publisher and let BuySellads handle everything for you. 

If you’re eligible, you’ll become the publisher. Next, Buysellads puts your website in front of the advertisers.

Basically, BuySellAds sell your website’s blank spots.

If any of the advertisers find your site in the marketplace and make a deal with you, then you get paid a decent amount of money. 

A quick look over BuySellAds 

1. BuySellAds basic requirements 

  • Your website should be driving 50,000 minimum page views per month.
  • Site structure and quality should be top-notch.
  • Your blog/site should be niche-oriented.
  • Make sure you minimize the abundance of ads from your site before applying for BuySellAds.

Ad Type: Direct Ads (BuySellAds works as a broker which enables both publishers & Advertisers to take advantage)

Payment method & Min Payout

  • PayPal (Min payout $20)
  • WIRE transfer (Min payout $500; with $35 additional charge per transaction)
  • Check (Min payout $50)

Publisher revenue share: 60%

Minimum earnings: It depends on your site structure, geo-targeting, Number of advertisers who bring the deal for you. (Approximately, you can earn somewhere from $60 – $300 per ad spot you sell). It means if you get 10 advertisers with the same demand, you can earn $600 – $3000 easily.

Does it affect your site speed and user experience?. NO

Is it Google certified?: NO


No doubt AdSense is the leading advertising network. But you need to have millions of traffic to earn a living out of it.

And here ARE these best AdSense alternatives to earn double, triple, or even 10 times your earnings with the same traffic stats.

In my opinion, if the majority of traffic is coming from the USA, then you must join Mediavine as it enables you to earn more than 3 times what you earn from AdSense.

Not just Mediavine, if you’re eligible for any of these AdSense alternatives excepting InfoLinks then go and join it.

And I guarantee that you’ll see the difference right from next month.

Although it’s not easy for all bloggers to become the publishers of these ad networks. But you can increase the chances by having these qualities: –

  • A website with high-quality content is always rewardable. ( No adult, pornography, software piracy, counterfeit products, or anything that infringe network’s TOS )
  • Your blog/website should be generating high-quality traffic. (buying traffic or using any traffic automated software will be prohibited)
  • Your site design and structure should be user-friendly.
  • Your website should comply with the ad network’s policies.

There are also some Adsense alternatives like Adversal, Adsoptimal, Bidvertiser, popups ads which you can also use to monetize your website. (Don’t worry I will add these to my list sooner than later).

If you love this guide? then help others by sharing it on social media to know more about what you’ve learned today.

Which one of these AdSense alternatives you’re using currently?  And what would be your next choice? (Share your thoughts in the comment section)

Lastly, I would love to ask you to pin it on Pinterest 

10 best adsense alternatives to double, triple or 10 times your earnings


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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed your post!

    I would also suggest a few more AdSense alternatives:

    – Monumetric (not very famous yet but is the one I use in a couple of websites, perhaps my favourite)
    – Medianet
    – Padsquad (only for phone and tablets traffic)

    I hope it helps!

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    Also i want to ask which of the above program you use to monetize your blog?

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