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Increase youtube views free

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If you have just started a YouTube channel, it can be challenging to get YouTube views. But it is not as hard as it seems. 

By knowing YouTube hack, you can quickly skyrocket your YouTube views. 

People usually create YouTube channels and start uploading videos without knowing how to get views. And they quit too quickly. 

However, many YouTube PAID services can help you increase YouTube views. But buying YouTube views will not help in the long run. 

With that said, I will share some tips that can help you get YouTube views without investing money. It contains all tips and tricks you incorporate into your YouTube growth strategy to get more traffic to your YouTub videos. 

Before going further, first, let’s look at YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO is a process to optimize YouTube videos to rank them higher on YouTube.

So, is it similar to Google SEO?

Let’s take a simple example.

Suppose I search “how to create” in YouTube and Google search bar. I found similar suggestions that made me more eager to know the difference between Google and YouTube suggestions. (An auto-suggestion is a suggestion tool that tells the user’s search intent.)

suggestions while searhing for How to make in youtube


suggestions while searching for How to make on google

Similarly, if I type what is; both search tools showed very similar results. This small study shows that people search for similar things on both platforms. 

Google search results for “how to create

google search results while searching for how to make

YouTube Results for the same query ‘how to make’

Youtube results for query how to make

I noticed that both YouTube and Google have similar approaches from the above results. But this does not mean that both YouTube and Google have similar concepts.

And whenever it comes to searching for questions like “actionable” or “how-to” tutorials, people are more likely to watch video tutorials than to read articles.

Google has the answers to all the questions. But YouTube delivers actionable content.

Google considers over 200 SEO factors for ranking, but YouTube has a slightly different analogy. However, no one knows the exact ranking signals. But some standard practices are…

  • SEO Optimized Description
  • Video Quality
  • YouTube Video Tags
  • User traction
  • Title
  • Thumbnails
  • Watch time
  • Video Length

These are standard practices that every YouTuber should implement. 

But this is not enough. For rapid results, you cannot ignore “user behavior.”

User behavior is similar to backlinks considered in Google. It includes actions, reactions, likes, dislikes, shares, and comments on a particular video. 

As of 2012, it was very easy to rank your videos on YouTube because, at that time, YouTube only considered video views as a ranking factor. People used to buy views to get immediate exposure. But now, YouTube has changed its algorithm, which has changed the ranking rules.

Accordingly, “A YouTube video that includes positive user-behavior, as well as SEO, will rank higher than a video that has more views. So if you want to increase YouTube views, you must have all these qualities and good user behavior.

Okay, now I’m ready to share the 14 simple tips to help you skyrocket your YouTube views. 


Helpful Resouces:

14 simple tips to increase YouTube views without spending money


1. Know your audience 

You cannot pump your traffic funnel without knowing your audience. 

You need to send your video to the right audience; otherwise, you can’t grow your channel. Follow other YouTubers and their followers within your niche to build your audience.

Connect your social media account to your YouTube account. Get to know the interested audience. 

Best Practices

  1. Subscribe to the channel within your niche.
  2. Leave a thoughtful comment on their videos [Don’t spam]
  3. Analyze top-performing videos to get the best video ideas. 

Once you have the best YouTube video ideas, start producing content on those topics. 


2. Organize your YouTube channel 

A well-packed product attracts potential consumers to your store the same way you can organize your YouTube channel to get 

tremendous conversions. 

A streamlined channel can help you pay more attention and encourage users to spend more time on your channel, resulting in more views.

There are a few things that you need to organize. Read this guide to manage your YouTube channel. (How do you organize your YouTube channel?)


3. Write a super attractive video title 

Writing a compelling video title is very important, and it tells you the inside story of a video.

Including video keywords (Video keywords are the keywords that show up on google as well.) in your title can encourage users to watch your video. You can add “Video keywords” to rank your videos on Google as well. Doing so helps you get traffic from YouTube and drive additional traffic from Google. 

If a user searches “SEO” and gets your video on Google search, you can drive more traffic to your videos. 

For example, if I make a video on “Cake,” First, I go to YouTube and search for “cake.”

You can use YouTube suggestions and Select any keyword that matches your video title. For example, I select “Cake Decoration.”

Results for cake in youtube

Now copy this keyword and enter it into the Google search bar. If Google shows you YouTube video results in your search list, it’s the video keyword you should love to add to your video title, description, and tags. 

You can go to Google Keyword Planner to know keyword matrices like CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, and more.  It can help you measure the keyword difficulty and competition.

How to do youtube keyword research

Once you confirm the keyword, you can include it in the title.

Now it’s time to organize the title.

How to organize the YouTube video title?

After keyword research, organize your title to make it click-worthy. 

  • Specify the time in the title. For example – make a delicious cake within 10 minutes.
  • Use captivating words like easy, smart, excellent, etc. For example – 5 easy steps to create a beautiful and delicious cake
  • Include at least 5-6 words within the title.
  • Include words like Delicious. For example – how to make a delicious chocolate cake
  • Compare your title with other top YouTube results and include some additional context.
  • Don’t forget to mention COST. For example – make a hot chocolate cake worth $10.

Now, what will your title look like?

Here are a few examples…

  • 10 easy ways to decorate a cake without spending money. 
  • Best/10 ways to decorate cake professionally.
  • 10 professional ideas to decorate a cake.

Thus, you can construct an excellent YouTube video title to get more YouTube views on your videos.


4. Use outstanding thumbnails

According to a case study conducted by Quicksprout, using attractive and appropriate thumbnails increased traffic by 154%.

Thumbnails are another critical element to consider. Read this guide to learn about thumbnails.

A few tips

  • Eye-catching thumbnail
  • If you make a video about surprising facts or news gossip, you can include a suspicious scene to increase CTR in a thumbnail. 
  • Emotional faces
  • Funny faces
  • Add Video Insight [You can add the results of a video or the result of a case study]


5. Description 

Most of you think nobody reads the description, but I suppose you might be wrong. YouTube reads the description to rank your videos. So it is crucial to include at least 250 to 300 lessons in the description section and sprinkle some keywords to optimize your video for SEO. It is not just for your visitors but also for search engines.

The description should contain the following content

  • Include keywords 1-3 time
  • Optimize your description by including LSI or semantic words. [You can find these words by scrolling on both YouTube and Google]


6. Include Similar Tags 

Including tags in your videos can help YouTube categorize your video content, increase your search rankings, and boost your traffic by suggesting your video to a relevant audience. 

Therefore, I always recommend you include some tags. Read more about YouTube tags.


7. Share your videos as fast as possible 

Your video is trending! Sounds crazy?  To get thousands or even millions of YouTube views, you wish to get your video to appear on the trending list. 

For beginners, it can be challenging. But sharing videos instantly on all social media networks can benefit you.

Share your videos for instant results: –

  • Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, Medium, and more.

It helps you gain the initial engagement to help YouTube decide whether your video is worth listing on the trending list.


8. Engage with your audience 

When visitors watch your videos and exit without subscribing to your channel, it means you are missing something. 

Q&A and giveaways are the best ways to attract more viewers and convert them into customers. Once you achieve a subscriber milestone like 100 subs or 10k subs, you can make a video to thank your audience. 


9. Ask for like, share, subscribe and comment 

Don’t forget to ask visitors to subscribe to your channel and comment below.  It’s a CALL-TO-ACTION that encourage viewers to take action. Additionally, it helps you get more likes, comments, and boost your rankings. As a result, more YouTube views.


10. Take advantage of trending topics 

People love to watch trends, and it’s pretty easy to drive traffic with a trendy topic.  You can find trending topics from the YouTube Trends page or other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Google Trends. 


11. Compare Search Terms 

Use Google trends to decide the correct search phrase to use in your video title. 

For example, SEO and search engine optimization are the two search phrases with the same meaning.  Now, if you compare these two terms in Google trends, you’ll find ‘SEO’ more popular than SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

google trend results for SEO and search engine optimization in web search

Search trend for YouTube – 

search trend for youtube


12. Use the annotations to increase the number of subscribers

Annotations are links and a ‘subscribe button’ you can include on your video to encourage visitors to watch more videos of your channel. As a result, increase in YouTube views, subscribers, and watch time.

Helpful Resource – How to annotate YouTube videos


13. Analyze the User behaviour 

As I mentioned above, user behaviour helps you rank videos on the top. Therefore, it is your responsibility to track user behaviour after uploading the video.

What does it need to examine?

  • Analyze watch time: indicates how effective your video is if the average watch time is below 30%, which means that your video is not very interesting.
  • See the number of likes, comment, shares your video get. If the dislike ratio is high, the video is not promising.
  • Read the comments and suggestions and try to improve your content.


14. Set up an optimal time duration  

Video length affects rankings. A longer video tend to rank higher than a short video. [see the case study]

It means the time duration for the video depends on the video type. 

Although it’s not always true, but if your video is a tutorial, make it more informative and lengthy. Keep it below 10 minutes; if it’s a “Quick Tip”, keep it between 5 -10 minutes.



It can be easy to get more views on YouTube if you know the proper rules and strategies.  Everything takes time, so always keep visitors in mind while making your videos.

Which one is your favourite YouTube SEO tip? Or do you have more suggestions? Let me know in the comment section. 

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  1. Brilliant tips and thanks for all the details. I agree that knowing the audience and keeping true to a niche is helpful in building viewership, but I liked how you paid importance to the title of the video and that it can really make it a hit. Keeping up with trending tags helps and so does
    sharing it across social media. I also do hope that content takes precedence over everything as
    that is what should drive the channel.

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