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KeySearch - Affordable YouTube Keyword Research Tool To Rank You Higher On Both YouTube & Google

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

If you want to get more views on YouTube then, it’s better to follow the YouTube SEO practices. ‘YouTube keyword research’ is one of the best SEO practices to get a significant amount of traffic. It is also known as ‘video keyword research.’

As you know, SEO starts with Keyword researching. So to continue the process, you need a tool to get some new and fantastic keyword ideas for the YouTube channel.

And Keysearch is the best YouTube keyword research tool.

Almost every place you find only this solution “how to research a keyword to rank a web page in Google”. But have you ever seen the title like; How to do YouTube keyword research”, “How to find keywords for YouTube,” or The best tool for YouTube keyword researching?

You probably see these queries. But don’t worry, in today’s article; I will be reviewing you with the ‘KeySearch tool‘ where you can get KEYWORD ideas for your further coming videos.

The possible things that you can do with this tool: –

  1. YouTube Keyword research
  2. You can check the YouTube Keyword Difficulty
  3. Brainstorm your ideas
  4. General keyword research to rank in Google
  5. One can do backlink analysis, monitor the URL metrics
  6. Track your keyword rankings
  7. SEO audit
  8. It allows the user to select a different- 2 keyword database. For example, if you want to get the bing search ideas then choose the ‘bing suggest’ option.

Let’s get started: –

KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Research Tool To Rank You Higher On Both YouTube & Google

The tool can be used to research the keywords for every scale. But for instant, I’m treating this tool as the best YouTube Keyword tracker tool.

I’m assuming that you know the basics of SEO, backlinks, and keyword research.

Similar to Google, YouTube is also another giant search engine driving over 1.5 billion monthly visitors.

But when it comes to getting easy user engagement and conversions, I always suggest you move to YouTube because videos are more appealing than a silent blog.

When you start looking for resources for YouTube SEO, you always find a significant gap between Google and YouTube. It is due to a lack of SEO research tools.

In fact, there are fewer SEO tools that offer you YouTube Keyword research and its search volume and difficulty data.

Because most of the SEO experts think that Google and YouTube both have similar SEO practices, but this is not the reality. YouTube is a different platform and has its own SERPs rankings algorithms.

This means you can’t use the same SEO practices to rank your videos on YouTube. Instead, you need a different perspective on YouTube SEO.

So to help you find the best longtail keywords, search volume, and keyword difficulty for YouTube, I introduce you to the best affordable keyword research tool ‘KeySearch’.

By using this tool, you can find the best keywords for your youtube videos. When I’ve used this keyword tracker tool, I see fantastic ideas to work upon.

Let’s break down every single element of the tool: –

[Note: – I’m starting from YouTube research]


If you’re a YouTuber, then you can use this tool to optimize your videos best for any keyword.

But most of the YouTubers use Google keyword planner, but I think this not a suitable tool for YouTube research. However, you can get the necessary ideas, but this tool won’t give you specific suggestions.

In fact, GKP has no separate option for YouTube keyword research. The keywords ideas mostly belong to Google search. But if you’re a premium member of Google AdWords, then you can access the Display planner tool that gives you the entire data that belongs to YouTube.

I’ve also used many tools but never found the separate option of keyword research for YouTube. It is the greatness of the ‘KeySearch’ tool.

Ok, let’s forget everything and learn how to use keysearch tool and rank your videos on top of YouTube.

You can find this ‘YouTube research’ option in the middle of the upper header.

KeySearch keyword research tool

Here you see three options: –

  1. YouTube research
  2. YouTube difficulty
  3. YouTube list

Now, let’s break down each of these options broadly.

#1. YouTube research

Enable this feature by click on the YouTube research option. Once you are in, you’ll see a different console containing six elements.

##1. Keyword search bar

Keyword search bar

Start researching your keyword here. Just type in any general keyword or phrase and hit enter. For instance, let’s take the example of the ‘Choco cake recipe’.

It allows you to customize the search database according to your choice. It has six different-2 databases that contain relevant search terms according to your search area (KeySearch database, Keyword Planner, Amazon suggest, Bing suggest, Google suggest, and YouTube suggest)

YouTube suggest options 002

Your Keyword search may belong to any of those search engines. You can customize your Keyword ideas by just selecting your desired search engine.

Here I intend to look for YouTube keyword ideas, so I’ll select the YouTube Suggest option. Lastly, you can filter your search by selecting your targeting country.

Narrow down your keyword idea according to location

Once you’ve set your priorities, just click the ‘Search’ button. Within a few seconds, this tool prepares a report.

Keyword report by KeySearch tool

Here you see a quick review of your keyword which tells you whether or not you should optimize your videos for this keyword. A red sign shows that the keyword is very competitive so you must look for other ideas.

Underneath the red line, you will see the search volume of all terms related to the keywords that you have typed in and also see an orange button to get an in-depth analysis for that keyword.

## Best keywords for YouTube

The keyword idea is the primary data of your research. Here you see some best long-tail keywords that you couldn’t imagine.

It gives you the information of all keyword metrics like; the search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and PPC score.

KeySearch keyword report

It could obtain thousands of YouTube keyword suggestions if you add up all ideas provided by all six databases listed in this tool.

## Deep analysis

An orange button gives you an in-depth keyword analysis report. When you click the button, it opens a popup that contains a thorough review of your keyword.

In the deep analysis, you find the whole history of your keyword and also see some LSI keywords at the bottom. You can place these LSI keywords in the YouTube tag section and sprinkle them in the description to improve your SEO score.

Keyword deep analysis

## Search Trends

Next, you see a report that tells you the search trend of the past 12 months. From here you can predict future trends. If you find an ascending curve, then it’s excellent. But if you see descending or highly fluctuating curve, you couldn’t predict the pattern, so it’s better to look for other keywords.

keyword search trend over the past year

## URL report

The final report shows you the URL data that help you analyze user engagement. You can use this info to understand what kind of video would work better.

URL data extracted from YouTube

## Filter option

On the right-hand side, you see an opportunity for a keyword filter. As you click the filter button, it will open a popup to filter your keyword.

Filter your keyword

Here you find these sub-sections: –

### Keyword & Negative word

You can include a common word or keyword that you don’t want to exclude from your keyword ideas. Apart from that, you can also eliminate the word which you don’t want in your keyword listing. Let’s see how you can use these two features: –

Filter your keyword 1

I’ve successfully included the keyword ‘recipe’ and omit the word ‘lava.’ As you click the filter button, you will see only those results that contain ‘recipe’ and excluded ‘lava.

Filter your keyword 2

Similar to the above, you can also use the filter to set your keyword length, search volume, and CPC.

There are a few options for bulk keyword analysis and compare two or more keywords, save the keyword report and export the keyword data.

#2. YouTube Difficulty

The above story was about the ‘YouTube Research’ section. Now, the next one is ‘YouTube Difficulty.’

Here you can import your Adwords keyword list to check the difficulty of every keyword, or you can even place up to 50 keywords to check the difficulty.

YouTube difficulty section

#3. YouTube List

It is the collection of your YouTube keyword lists that you have selected or created while researching the keywords.

Make sure you see listings, only if you have collected any of the lists or data. If you don’t, you won’t see any detail here.

So far I’ve discussed what elementary reports are available for you to do YouTube keyword research. Now, let’s head to the next feature which is ‘Rank Tracking.’


Similar to every keyword research tool, it also provides you with the Keyword rank tracker option. Here you can submit your URL, and this tool will extract the data from your site and tell you the top keywords ranking in Google.

Let me show you the entire process of how you can do it.

First of all, submit your URL.

How to add URL in KeySearch tool

Add your URL in KeySearch keyword research tool

Once you’ve added the URL, It extracts all keywords from your site. To obtain the keyword out of your site, you need to click the ‘We’ve found the keyword’ notification button.

As you click the notification button, a list will pop up. That would be the list of your site’s keywords.

How to obtain the list of keywords using KeySearch tool

Select all keywords and press the ‘add selected’ button. It will import the entire list into the ‘add the keyword’ section automatically.

Once your keyword data has imported successfully, you need to uncheck and then check the domain name (URL) again. It will take a few seconds to load the entire keyword ranking data.

domain authority info

Keyword position

keyword ranking report in google top 100

It shows you those ranking results that are ranked in the top 100. If any of the listed keywords doesn’t come in the top 100 of Google, then it will show you Zero.

Rank Tracker gives you the following data: –

  1. Domain authority & page authority
  2. Extract the keywords from your site
  3. It shows you the top listed keywords
  4. It indicates the up and down in keyword’s position in SERPs (Change in keyword position)

Let’s move further to discuss the new tab ‘link analysis.’


It has three subsections: –

  1. Backlink Checker
  2. URL metrics
  3. Page analyzer


## 1. Backlink Checker

It provides you with a very intensive report that contains all the information about backlinks. To check your backlink history, just put your domain name. For instance, I’m taking the example of

Backlink analysis

Backlinko has tons of following and no-follow links that’s why it took more than 30 seconds to generate the full report.

For small websites, it generates the report in a few seconds. But for giant blogs like Neil Patel, backlinks, and many others, it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute which is the only drawback of this tool.

The report shows you the strength of your domain. Strength in a sense, the total number of backlinks, IPs and follow/no-follow links. Apart from that, it also shows you the distribution of anchor text.

Backlink report

It gives you the links trend report for the past 12 months.

Links trend

It is the list of all backlinks with their anchor texts, domain strength score, and backlink type.

List of dofollow and nofollow backlinks


## 2. URL metrics

In this section, the tool calculates the URL metrics like domain authority, page authority, domain strength, and much more.

If you want to check your URL metrics, then put your domain name. It will show you all the parameter data in a second.

URL metrics

## 3. Page Analyzer (SEO audit)

You will find this option under the ‘Link analysis’ tab. Once you are in, you can conduct a simple SEO audit of your site.

As you enter your URL and click Analyze, it will generate an audit report that will help you understand the health issues of your website.

The report considers the following data

  • SEO content checks your site’s Title, Meta tag, description, Meta properties, heading, images, text/HTML ratio, etc.
  • SEO links
  • SEO keywords
  • Usability
  • Document: Check for HTML type, encoding, W3C validity, email privacy and other HTML errors.
  • It checks whether your site is optimized for mobile or not.
  • Technical SEO: check the availability of the robots.txt file and XML sitemap.
  • Page speed insight.

So, lastly, let’s discuss the final tab ‘Keyword Research.’


It has four sections: –

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Quick Difficulty
  3. My list
  4. Brainstorm

It is very similar to YouTube keyword research which I’ve already discussed. So I will not go into detail about it.

The new thing here is the ‘brainstorm’ option. It is quite a useful feature. You can start your research here. It will give you some initial ideas, Twitter trends, Amazon movers, and google trends that could help you brainstorm the keyword ideas.

Keyword brainstorming

Apart from it, when you type any word in the search bar, you will see some suggestions from giant search engines that could be your focus keywords.

Keyword suggestion

Till now, I’ve explained to you how you can use this keyword tracker tool and also told you all features. Now I will tell you what the pricing is and how you can purchase this tool.

No doubt, this tool is excellent, but unfortunately, you can’t access this tool for free. If you want full access, then you need to purchase it.

Thankfully, it is very cheap. It offers two plans, the first one is a ‘starter plan’ where You can pay $17 a month or $169/year to get the full benefits and the second one is a ‘PRO plan’ where you have to pay 34$ a month or $279/year.

keySearch pricing

The choices up to you, either you can buy a tool that costs you more than 50$ a month, or you choose KeySearch where you just pay $17 a month to get the same benefits.

Now let me tell you the reason why you should choose the ‘KeySearch’ keyword tracker tool.

Pros: –

  1. It is available at an affordable price.
  2. Results are pretty similar to KWfinder
  3. It provides you with a separate feature to research keywords for YouTube.
  4. It gives you diverse keyword suggestions which will not only help you get the traffic from Google but also YouTube and Bing.

Downside or cons: –

  1. It is a bit slower than other tools while generating the BACKLINK report for large sites.



Most bloggers and especially YouTubers are looking for keyword research tools that can solve their problems. But almost every tool is costly. However, they are great, but a beginner will never buy these tools.

I don’t think that you start your blog/YouTube channel today and buy SEMrush or Ahref the next day. It is impossible. You don’t do it. Instead, you try to find free research tools or affordable keyword research tools to get ideas.

So here is the answer to your problem… ‘KeySearch tool’. The best youtube keyword research tool.

I review only those products and services that I’ve already used.

I love this tool because it is unique and cheap. To be honest, my review score is 4.6 out of 5.

I hope you would love this tool. If you’ve already used this tool then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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