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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

How Can I Create Google Adsense Account For My New Blog

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Hello, Are you Serious bloggers and want to Connect your google Adsense account with your own blog or website. If yes then hang on with this article. I will tell you everything that you need to Consider during Adsense login. 

I Know a number of  Adsense Alternatives. But I found that Google Adsense is best among them. However, It is not very Easy to earn from Adsense but it is not very hard to achieve. Many people making 5 figure Adsense earnings. If they Can do then why don’t you?.


How Can I Create Google Adsense Account For My New Blog 

First of all, I want to tell you a little bit about google Adsense

#1. What is Google Adsense 

This is a Contextual ad program Conducted by Google. This Program allows the Publishers to Insert an Ad Code provided by google Adsense to their own web page. It contains a publisher’s ID and a typical Html/JavaScript. Adsense Login is totally free. you do not need to pay. Only you need either a website or a Youtube channel. There are many types of Adsense ads but this guide is not about AdSense ad types.

What is google adsense

#2. How Does AdSense Works 

Once you have Participated in Adsense. you need to Open your AdSense account and Create an ad Unit. after Creating ad unit you have to copy the ad code and paste it on your webpage. Now if Someone come to your web page and see the ad on your blog. If he finds the ad Useful for him then he will click on that ad and During This procedure, you will get paid by google Adsense.

The Adsense earnings depend upon Several Factors like CPC, PageRPM, CTR, Targeting Country, Keyword, Content Originality etc.

Note: If you do not follow the AdSense Guidelines then you can not make google Adsense account.


The Solution of Google Adsense Policies FAQs

Basic Adsense Eligibility That I have To Know Before Applying To Adsense

Google Adsense Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

Create  Google Adsense Account With A New Website 

Would you like to earn a decent amount of money with your new website?. then you need to Monetize your website with Adsense.For this to happening you Should have an Adsense account. Creating a new Account of Adsense is not a rocket Science but it may be a little bit Confusing for Beginners. But for those who don’t know how to Start with google Adsense, please hang on with it. I will elaborate everything In front of you.


Please read my earlier guide so that you become a little bit familiar with the Adsense Participation Policies.

So Let’s Get Started

#Step 1. Go To Google Adsense Official  Website 

How to start with google adsense

#Step 2. Switch to Google Adsense Welcome Page

  • After Clicking on Sign Up Now Button you will see a Welcome Page of AdSense. Here you need to qualify Three Tasks. first is Your Account, the Second one is Your website & the Last is Your Information.

process of creating google adsnese account

  • You can either make your Adsense account under the existing google account or Create New one. I am Considering that you are Sign in With your existing google account. As you click on Sign in button you will notice that Adsense gives you a notification Underneath the “Your account”

First step to making adsense account

#Step 3. Fill your Website Information

  • Now go ahead and click on Log in With Current Account. Below you will see My Website. here you need to put your own website. Because I have already been submitted to AdSense due to this, you will find this notice (See Below). Now Select your blog Language and Click on Save and Continue.

here you can put your website name


#Step 4. Fill Your Information 

  • This is the final Step, here you need to fill your personal Information Carefully. Do not make any mistake here. fill all the Mandatory Areas Wisely. 
  • Check the Individual type of Adsense account if you are only the owner of your website. but if you are running a business through your website then check on Business.
  • Here very Important thing that you need to Care about is Payee Name. If you write wrong payee name then it may happen that you may not be able to Connect your Bank account to your google Adsense account. There are Some Countries Where Adsense does not give Us the provision to Change Our Payee Name. (Also Checkout: How many Steps I Should Follow To Get Paid By Google Adsense )Here you can Fill Up the contact information of google adsense account


Adsense Program Policies

After Qualifying all the three Tasks you have to Click on Submit Button and then review your all Information. At the end of this process, you will receive a notification. After 2 or 3 days you will be noticed by Gmail to ensure your Confirmation.

Notice that you would receive after submitting your website to google adsense

Harsh Agrawal (Founder & CEO of has mentioned in his blog that if you Sign up to google Adsense Account with ZohoMail then you will get Instant Adsense Approval.

Once you have Approved by Adsense then you need to Looking for further Configurations like Adsense Ad Code Addition, PIN Verification, & Tax Information etc.

Adsense Ad Code Addition

To Put Adsense ads on your website Open your google Adsense Account. then Create an Ad Unit to Get Adsense ad code. Just Copy ad code and paste it on your website. there are many Techniques to add Code.

Read These Guide to

Learn How to put Adsense Ad Code to WordPress blog?

How you can put ad code to your blogspot blog?

PIN Verification

When your Adsense Earnings become more than 10$ then you need to verify your PIN (Personal Identification Number). It is required to Verify Google Adsense Address.To Verify your Address you have to fill your original Address So that you can easily receive your PIN.

This PIN  is sent to you by mail. It Contains your PIN Code or Personal Identification Number.

When I dealt with PIN verification I also could not receive my PIN two-time. This is because I did not fill my Original Pinpoint Location. So please make sure that you should Provide your Original Pinpoint Location so that you can easily receive your PIN.


How to Verify Google adsense Address?

Tax Information 

Once your Adsense Earnings Cross Payment Threshold (100$). You need to Provide Tax Information to the google Adsense to let them Consider the exact Income tax which is levied by Government to the Workers or Self-employers. These Tax Information are Different for Different Countries. If you will not provide tax Information then you can not Collect your Adsense Earnings.


How to calculate tax on Google AdSense Income in India (by Amit Agrawal)


It is very Simple to Create Google Adsense account Because you do not need to Buy Adsense Account. I like Google Adsense Program because It has very Content relevant Ads, Higher CPC, Very Much reliable.

There is also an another question rises inside the Beginner’s mind is that “Can I  Create an Adsense account Without having Website?” The answer to this question is Yes. You Can make an Adsense account Without Website only if you have a Gmail account and youtube Channel.

I hope you have learned that how you can Create a Google Adsense Account. But in case, if you find any difficulty then please let me know through Comment Section.


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