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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

How Can I Get Instant AdSense Approval

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Do you want Instant Adsense Approval? Or How can I get Instant AdSense approval?  These are the few questions I have found on Quora. 

It’s a painful process to get AdSense approval; that’s why I’ve decided to cover these questions here. 

Before moving, let m`e clarify that you will never get Adsense approval if you are not following Google Adsense Policies.

I also had this problem when I started because I didn’t know about Adsense Policies. 

So, I studied AdSense terms & policies to understand what should I do to get Adsense approval.

So let’s get into it…

Steps you Need to follow to qualify Adsense

First thing first, follow Google Adsense guidelines if you want to get instant approval. And for that, you need to remember the following things.

  • Content
  • Type of Content
  • Language
  • Domain Age
  • Blog Traffic
  • (Google indexing)

Let me Discuss each of them to let you know more about google ads qualification rules…


What Type of Content Should You Write to get instant Adsense approval or google ads.? 

Content plays an important role when it comes to AdSense approval. If you write duplicate content, AdSense will never approval you as a publisher.

So always try to make fresh and unique content. However, writing good quality content is challenging, but if you learn a few things very well, you can write a detailed blog post EFFORTLESSLY. 

Let’s suppose you decide to write about “Google Adsense policies“. So this is what you can choose to do…

  1. You can either choose to copy other’s blog content”. (It’s the worst choice you can ever make).
  2. The second choice is “Go to google and search for your topic and choose some popular blogs to write content on behalf of these blogs “. (This is something called common content. It okay to choose this but NOT recommended)
  3. The Third choice is “Go to popular Blogs and read what they write and then try to write on behalf, i mean add your opinion to make existing content distinct and helpful”. (This is good Content but lack Uniqueness ).
  4. The final choice is “Research about your topic as a whole and try to add value to them. OR try to take them to the next level”. (This is something that I called good, unique, and fresh content.)

Refer to this guide to writing killer content that ranks well on search results.


Types of Content

What Type of Content do you have to write on your blog? If your blog content does not comply with AdSense Guidelines, say goodbye to AdSense.

  1. Porn content content
  2. Beer or alcohol content
  3. Malware adware or hacking content


You know Google AdSense does not support all languages. So, If you want instant qualification or Instant Adsense Approval, you first need to check whether or not your content language falls under Google’s AdSense support language list. 

The following Languages that google Adsense supports…

Arabic, German, Polish, Bulgarian

Greek, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Hebrew

Romanian, Chinese (traditional)

Hindi, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian

Serbian, Czech, Indonesian, Slovak

Danish, Italian, Slovenian, * Dutch

Japanese, Spanish, English, Korean

Swedish, Estonian,*Latvian, Thai

Filipino, Lithuanian, Turkish, Finnish

Malay, Ukrainian, French, Norwegian, Vietnamese



Does the Domain Age affect AdSense ads approval?.

I think domain age does not make much impact on ad qualification. Whether you use a self-hosted blog or a BlogSpot blog, you need to create valuable content to impress AdSense’s advertisers. 

PS: ) I suggest you wait for 3 -6 months before applying for AdSense. 


Blog Traffic

Does Blog traffic play any role to get instant Adsense approval?

No, there is no minimum traffic threshold to get AdSense approval. 

Whether you receive 20, 50 visitors or hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog, it’s does not make any difference. 

However, it is notable when it comes to AdSense earnings. The higher the quality traffic, the higher the potential earning.



Bonus- Do you use AdSense or other Display advertising networks to monetize your blog? if so, I recommend you use advanced Ads to optimize your ads and boost your ad income. 

I Have been using Advanced Ads for 30 months now and all I can say is that it’s incredible. Go check it out!

Advanced Ads



Check Your Domain name Indexing

Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure that you have checked your domain name indexing. it is to ensure that Google has indexed your blog. 

To check for domain indexing, you can put “” in google search. 



I suggest a few things to remember at the end of this lesson. 

  • The First is “Content. Because content is the King.”
  • The second is “Language.”
  • The third is “Types of Content.”

However, there are many other factors like site structure, content quality, Images(Do not use Google image directly on your blog because most of the pictures are copyrights), etc.

If you want Instant Adsense approval, then work honestly. Don’t be fake. Make your style and Brand so that people easily differentiate you from others. If you follow the guides, then definitely you will get success.

If you find this post interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin, etc. If you have any queries regarding this topic, let me know in the comment section. 


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Shailesh Shakya
Shailesh Shakya

I'm a Professional blogger, Pinterest Influencer, and Affiliate Marketer. I've been blogging since 2017 and helping over 20,000 Readers with blogging, make money online and other similar kinds of stuff. Find me on Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter!

17 thoughts on “How Can I Get Instant AdSense Approval”

  1. Hey Shailesh

    I would like to add just one point. recently I send request adsense to Google for one of my client site. its reject by Google. the cause is when Review the blog its go slow down. so this also main factor. then thanks to sharing great post bro..

  2. Hey Shailesh

    I would like to add just one point. recently I send request adsense to Google for one of my client site. its reject by Google. the cause is when Review the blog its go slow down. so this also main factor. then thanks to sharing great post.

    1. This is not a rocket need to keep on focusing on SEO and Content Management. if you publish very informative and unique content then I am damn sure you can easily get Adsense approval within 1 month.
      if you get approval and there is no traffic then you are not earning anything so there is no question of early approval.
      publish at least 10 -15 fully optimized posts which can pull the visitors onto your web page.
      Keep on updating your blog with unique content.
      Thanks for Asking question

  3. Hi my name is Jiboy from india. I have developed a website and I supposed to apply for AdSense.
    From my research, I made sure that my website has the following:

    English contents
    3 years Old
    About Us page
    Contact Us page
    disclaimer page
    privacy policy page
    terms of use page
    Original images
    No hacking, gambling, adult, illegal contents
    100+ pages and 50+ user
    Top domain (i.e .com)
    Included Analytics, XML sitemap, robots.txt

    Check my website and let me know if I am eligible for adsense approval.

    1. thanks for asking question.I have seen your blog, this is pretty nice. but something that I realize that your blog has different content. I am not 100% sure that how it is going. but you may apply for Adsense. and wait at leat 7 to 10 days for approval. please let me know me know whether it is approved or not.
      I want to suggest you add a category of a blog and write some posts related your blog niche. then only I can say that you may get Adsense approval surely.but still, you can apply for adsense…

  4. Hi
    I have started blogging in 1 and half month back in Bloggeer with custom domain. I am new to this filed, i have posted 5 articles as of now, visitors are also very less hardly 10 – I have applied Adsense 25 days back. About 10 days back On checking on Dash board ‘Earnings’ tab i notice :
    Account ID: pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx (numbers hiden)
    Client ID: ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx (numbers hiden)
    I hope my AdSense application approved? i may be correct or not ?
    By login to adsense account I can able to generate ‘My ads,’ i can view my earnings etc.
    Now coming to placement of Ads to blogger:
    I can able to create new adunit in ‘my ads,’ i can able to copying the code and pasting it into blogger widget sucessfully.
    Problem is : no ads are seen in blog even after 24 / 48 hours of placing / pasting code to blog.
    Whare i am doing wrong ?
    Is my adsense a/c approved or not.
    my blog address is:
    Kindly check and advise me properly to proceed further

    1. Yes you are right. But the main reason behind this problem is that your account is not fully approved. That’s why you are not able to see your blog . There may be some other reasons that you need to know

      You need to wait for a while to let adsense teams to confirms your approval .

      You might have seen that your ad unit is always showing you “new” not “active”. Once you find your ads active they will start showing on your blog.

      1. The best way to get accepted is to write quality content.
        A few tips that you can help you…

          Add more content
          Wait for 2-3 months before you apply to Adsense
          Use a clean theme: lightweight, easy to navigate and quick loading speed.
          No plagiarism or copied content
          Add About me and privacy policy pages

        These are some basic things that you need to keep in your mind before you apply.
        Good luck!

  5. hey, thank you for the post its really helpful!
    i am a blogger started blogging few days back (half month back). any tips for me so that i can attract crowd and make my blog popular.

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