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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

Basic eligibility to participate in adsense

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Google Adsense is a very reputed Ad network. You want to start with Adsense to earn some money. But sometime you might not get qualification or approval. Because there are many reasons behind that. Adsense does not allow you to get approval unless and until you will not be able to meet the Basic Eligibility to Participate in AdSense.

Let me first discuss the basic eligibility to participate in Adsense

  • You should have a website or a Youtube channel
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your website should follow the rules and regulations of Adsense.
  • Your website should be at least 6 months old.

The Very first requirement of the Adsense is that you should have your own website or youtube Channel. I don’t think that this is new Information for you. However, everyone has their own website but besides of it why Google Adsense does not accept requests. Please read below to understand the reasons behind the Adsense rejection.

Adsense eligibility that you must know before applying to Adsense

1.Duplicate Content

If someone copies other’s blog content and pastes it on their own blog.Then this type of content is called as duplicate content. This content is never be Accepted by  Adsense. Most of the beginners tried to get e smarter than search engines & Adsense technology.They Copy their Own blog pages and Paste them into their own new blog Pages. Or they copy the content from other’s blog and paste that on their blog. Either the case AdSense never approve your request.

Google official Guides about Duplicate Content

  • You Can use 301 Permanent Redirection. Read Official About 301 redirection
  • If you have  Found Duplicate Content inYour blog then you need to fix it. you can tell the google that how do you like to Index your website. Read official Guide About Preferred Domain
  • If you want to take off your stolen content from web search then you can file out the DMCA with Google.

2.Insufficient Content

 If you have written only 10 to 20 posts on your blog then it does not work efficiently. You will not be able to participate in Adsense. But sometimes it may possible that you have gotten Adsense approval without writing enough articles. Only If Adsense finds unique & quality content on your blog.

But it does not really matter that for Adsense approval, you need to write more than 20 to 30 posts.

If you write 10-20 “Killer posts” then you are ready to take part in AdSense program. But if you have written more than 30 “normal” posts then you need to add some other extra valuable posts to become a part of google ads.

3.Keyword Stuffing & Cloaking

Most of you are thinking that keyword stuffing & cloaking are not considered by Google Adsense. But the reality is that if you are applying these Black Hat SEO techniques. Then there are 100% chances that Google Adsense does not accept your application. Because we know that Google Adsense is the product of google so the techniques behind the Adsense is Google techniques. Google is smarter than you, so don’t try to generate these fake content.

 At a glance:                              

Keyword Stuffing- this Is something related to the density of keywords in your Web Page. Most of the people use Some deceptive software to generate a fake Content. In this content, the quantity of keyword is much higher than Usual. Because they think that more the keyword the higher the Page rank. But this is not true. IfGooglee finds such type of content then Google may be penalized you.This detrimental technique also makes your page level more down which may result in no AdSense approval.

Cloaking- It is another black hat SEO technique to make both Search Engines & Users fool. for example, if you are searching for How to make money with Adsense. In usual case what happens google crawl & index your page in a very exact way which is similar to the post published by Admin. But if The admin uses cloaking then the content Provided to the google is different. Due to this reason, Google does not index the exact page published by the admin. so always you get different search results from Google. This activity makes user disappointed. 

4.Structure Of your Blog or Website

Before applying for Google Adsense it is more important to customize or structurize your website. Otherwise, you may not be able to get any Adsense participation.

Things that you should worth to be remember 

  • The theme of Your blog.
  • Navigation bar
  • Web Page Loading Time
  • No broken Links.

5.Adult Content

Do not write adult content. Because Adsense ad network is family Safe Ad Network where the publisher has no permission to create any adult content. So here it is very clear that if you write Such Content then you would totally be lost your Adsense account.

6.Language & Country

As We all know that Google Adsense does not support all the countries & languages. So make sure that before taking participation in Adsense you have checked your country & language.

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7.Leck of Contact Us, and terms and Privacy & About me Pages

If you Want to take participation in Adsense then it is very important to make some mandatory Pages like contact Us, terms and privacy & about me. Because these pages allow the AdSense team to understand your website more intuitively. 

Most of you are thinking that my website only has about me page.Then why my website gets Adsense approval. So here one thing I Want to clear that there are plenty of reasons for Adsense to Select a particular request. so on my website, they must have found another quality. On the behalf of that, my site was able to qualify the Adsense approval.

8.Placement of other third Party ad network like Infolinks, Bid advertised, Zhakkas etc. in Advance.(I mean before Applying for Google Ads)

If you have already placed some third-party ad network on your website then it may possible that you have lost your Adsense Participation.


Your age should be more than 18 years old otherwise, you would not be able to apply for Google Adsense.


Some other Stuff that you should:-

  • Customize Your Domain (Top Level Domain).
  • Make your own Unique Content. Don’t Try to make fake Content.
  • Create your Privacy and policies page.
  • where do you getting your website traffic? If you are getting fake traffic then this will not help you. So to get AdSense participation you need to get organic traffic.

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Basic eligibility to become premium AdSense partner

Today’s Advance Questions:-

How many posts are required to get Adsense approval?. or does the number of posts affect Adsense qualification?.

  • I believe there are 20 to 30 Posts required to get Adsense Participation. The answer to the second question is that I don’t think that the number of posts really matters. Some people write only 5 to 10 good posts and get Adsense.

How Should I write a post to get Adsense qualification?.

Ok, this is one of the most important question crawling into the beginner’s mind. So here I just want to give them a way to make a good and unique content.

  • Do some research on your topic that you are going to publish on your blog. If you have no way to find it then go to Quora, Alltop, Buzzsumo, Google Trend or Some other popular blogs.
  • Find the Similarity of your Article and then try to add Some value to your Article. So that people can easily find your article different from others. This content has more potential to get ranked on google.
  • Invest your time to find the best title for your post. Choose something different but  don’t copy other’s title 
  • Use bullets to define the process. Because people mostly like to read in the stepped Way.
  • Check the Competition of your blog post by simply putting your post title in The google search bar within the quotes. For example, you are Searching for “how to get Adsense approval in 10 days”. Here you find More than 6 Lakhs Results. It means it has more Competition. But if you searching for  “how do I get instant Adsense approval” Then you find there are only 2 lakh people. So which one you want to Choose I think you should choose less competition so that you can easily get ranked. (* Please choose those titles which always show No results found for “your post”)

how can i write a unique blog post for adsense eligibility

how can i write a unique blog post for adsense eligibility 1


Is site structure matters?.

  • Yes, if you make very ugly and unusual website structure then I don’t think that Google Adsense would give you any chance to get approval. So make sure you use very simple and attractive web structure to get participation.

If you find this post interesting then please do share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin etc. If you have any query regarding this topic then let it drop into the comment box.


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