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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

Are You Blogger Then You Don’t Want To Miss Out These Things

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Blogging is a great way to become your boss.

BUT it is not just publishing posts every day. There is so much to learn about blogging.

As a  blogger, you might be missing out so many things. I want to fill out that gap that you’re missing.

In this post, you’re going to know things that you never want to miss out.

You Don’t Want To Miss Out These Things

  1. Niche
  2. Planning
  3. Build a community
  4. Know your audience
  5. Visual content
  6. SEO
  7. Content promotion
  8. Build a relationship
  9. Investing
  10. Learning
  11. Executing
  12. Competitor’s business analysis

Let’s get started …


The first thing you don’t want to skip is ‘niche’. What is the meaning of niche in blogging?

A ‘niche’ is a category or topic that you select for your blog to target a specific audience. And of course, my blog is not a niche blog.

For example, if your blog talks about only mobile devices, it means you are targeting the audience that loves smartphones.

Have you ever think of how powerful ‘niche blogging’ is. If you don’t, then you must check out below…

Whenever you search for a specific problem, it’s a clear indication that you’re looking for the absolute solution of a problem.

For example, if you search for ‘how to stop hair fall immediately’.

It’s a strong signal that you would be undoubtedly suffering from hair fall problem.

These kinds of queries encourage Google to serve those blogs that belong to health or treatment.

Niche blogging becomes the part your income only if you pick your interest and become an expert in your field.

In fact, niche blogging is a suitable choice to start earning from affiliate marketing. John Chow, one of the most popular affiliate marketers who earn over 40,000$ every month from affiliate marketing.

So, you know how powerful niche blogging is. Now the question comes to your mind, “How do you choose a profitable niche?”

A few tips that can help you to give the right direction:

  1. Avoid selecting a niche in which you have zero knowledge. Instead, choose a niche that belongs to your interest area. [It means your niche should match your interest.]
  2. Try to find the substantial problems that most of the people are facing, and you’re better enough to solve people’s problems.
  3. Don’t choose a niche by measuring the size of the audience.
  4. Another way to select a profitable blog niche is to learn new trendy topics that could be a gold mine in future.
  5. The day you start admitting your blog as a business, you can make a living out of it and can do whatever you want.

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It’s the most prominent element of any process. You can’t even start a process before plan.

Every time you start a process [like SEO process, keyword research or even promoting your blog post], you need to be pre-planned.

It doesn’t matter what process you follow. It could be anything from marketing to promotion. You need to plan everything.

For instance, here you plan to manage your blog or website. As I said, blogging is not just publishing a blog. There are so many things that you need to take care off like the writing style, content promotion, blog article layout, SEO and design and so on.

So it’s better you plan everything and publish your blog strategically.


The community is a must!

Think for a second… suppose 10,000 people have already joined your blog community. Now what, every time you publish an article on your blog is available for your community.

If 10% of people actively read your article, it means you’ve achieved 1000 initial visitors on the newly published article.

Let’s discuss how crucial it is to build a community….

These are the reason why businesses create a big community. See below…

  1. Each newly published post brings you a fixed amount of traffic
  2. Google index your content fast
  3. The first traffic on your new post helps you rank your article higher than another blog that has no community.
  4. Brand exposure
  5. Bigger the community, higher the trust.
  6. It helps you increase lead and conversions.
  7. Community helps you to generate reports that further help you analyse your business strategies.

What are the best strategies to build a blog community?

  1. Social media is a dominant source to build communities. So, go and join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and more. Don’t sit back, instead work hard and engage with people so that they recognise you and your brand.
  2. Never despair your audience. Always give them something additional that can add value to their
  3. Embed newsletters and social follow buttons on your site to encourage people to join your blog community.
  4. You can’t expect people to join your community until you develop some trust and credibility.
  5. Offer something useful that encourage new users to join your newsletters. [Free E-Books, Money reward etc…]
  6. Advertise your business on social media and Google AdWords to grow your business fast.
  7. Engage with other reputable bloggers in your industry.
  8. Do guest blogging to expand your reach and audience.


If you’re running an online business, then you must know what your real audience is.

It’s no secret. But you can’t sell to the audience unless you don’t know about your audience’s geolocations, purchasing power and their behaviour.

As a content marketer, you’ve to know your audience taste. Give them what they like and what they want.

Remember, if you sell Ferrari to rag-pickers then there is no chance you make any deal.

So, better you sell your product to the right audience.


No doubt, the text is silent. People are less likely to read the text. Instead, they want visual content.

In fact, studies show that by 2021, 80% of Internet traffic will be video. It means your content to be visually appealing.

There are many ways to make your content visually appealing…

  1. The best way to make visual content is to release all versions of your article. I mean create infographics, video and images version of your post. It does not only help make your article visually appealing but also increase traffic to your website.
  2. Use different- 2 colour combinations to catch user’s attention.
  3. Include animations and Gifs in all your blog posts.
  4. Be a great storyteller. However, it doesn’t make you content visual instead brings real excitement to the user’s mind while reading your piece.

Now, let’s move on to the next thing…

#6. SEO

It’s obvious; you never want to miss out SEO. In fact, SEO is the life-blood of your blog.

Remember, SEO is a long road you can’t expect good results from the first day of your blogging.

You need to consistently work on each element of SEO and try to figure out what better impact your blog appearance on search engines.

There are tons of guides available on the web. But some of the best SEO strategies I’m going to list out here.

  1. The very first thing that you must know that SEO has two significant The first one is ON-PAGE and the second one is OFF – PAGE. Before you start doing anything, you must have the necessary knowledge of it. So, first, learn more.
  2. Create high-quality backlinks from authority but it’s tough to get high authority initially. All you can do is create high-quality content and share it on social media. Additionally, you can do guest posting to improve your appearance. Once you get enough credibility and trust, you are ready to approach authority bloggers to write for them.
  3. Focus on Content. Good content can ignite your blog trust and can bring tons of backlinks.
  4. Paid traffic: You can run an ad campaign to get initial traffic.
  5. Keep your link profile clean.
  6. User experience is one of those marketing pillars that you need to sketch before you ask them something to buy.
  7. Mobile SEO is also essential.
  8. Keep looking at new SEO trends and change your SEO strategies accordingly.

#7. Keyword analysis

It’s always been told that keyword research is one of the essential parts because it increases your blog traffic.

But you only research keyword and forget to analyse that keyword. And it could be the thing that you may be ignoring.

So, before you roll your sleeves up and start writing your article, you need to analyse your keyword.

Now, you may ask how to analyse keywords.

Once you select a focus keyword, let’s say ‘SEO strategies’. The next step is to do these things given below…

  1. The first step is to check the keyword type and its intent. [Your keyword may either have a commercial purpose or information intent].
  2. Secondly, Go ahead and check for keyword hardness. ‘SEO strategies’ is, of course, a most competitive keyword. So you won’t want to try it. But what you could do is use a long tail keyword instead.
  3. Long keywords (Best SEO strategies in 2018) are the most specific one that allows you to rank for both long-tail keyword and your focus keyword; here it is for instance ‘SEO strategies’.
  4. Last but not least, analyse Google’s top page for that keyword and measure how hard it is to achieve the first place on Google. If you see top gigantic blogs and brand on the first page, then better you pick another keyword.



The relationship is a part of the emotion. An actual relationship can bridge you to success.

Blogging is not that you do for yourself. Instead, it’s something that you do for both yourself and others, to make yourself & people knowledgeable.

In blogging, building a relationship is the must because relationship brings you recognition and that lead to success.

To build a relationship in blogging, you should adopt the following tips…

  1. Find influencer (or popular bloggers) in your niche and follow them on social media platforms.
  2. Admire popular bloggers and mention them on your
  3. Join their conversation on Twitter or Facebook and try to engage with them.
  4. Share their content.
  5. Do guest blogging on their blogs.
  6. Ask questions to the influencer to know how fast they respond.
  7. Identify influencer’s internet and create content that matches their interest. Finally, ask them to share your content.
  8. Don’t forget your users. You also need to build a relationship with your users. It could be done by replying to their comments, sending them the email of thanks and tell them how valuable they are and how they help you grow your business/brand.



The day you start valuing your work, it means you've become powerful enough to be responsible.

As I said, consider your blog as your business. And you know `investment is the part of the business.

In business, it doesn’t matter how much money you make. Instead, it matters how much profit [or loss] you earn by investing money.

People don’t want to invest the money because they are not sure about what they are doing.  

But, I recommend you to start investing money right now, if you do, I guarantee you that it would make you more responsible and makes you feel like a business investor.

A little investment power you up and inspire you to do more in life.

I’m saying it on my experience. Believe it or not…

When I started, I ALWAYS look for free stuff, and because of that I never give any value to my blog. BUT after a while, I start investing. I bought a domain name, hosting server, CDN, Grammarly and much more and it inspired me to keep blogging…

So, go ahead and start investing in your business wisely. I’m not saying you spend money instead of investing the money.

“The day you start valuing your work, it means you’ve become powerful enough to pursue your dream.”



Everything you learn is waste if you are not executing fast.

Learning is important. So, don’t waste your time to see the effect naturally, instead make yourself powerful enough and SEE the impact immediately.

Learning is not just reading books or blogs instead it’s a good habit that makes you curious to learn more

However, as a blogger, you need to spend time reading other’s blogs to gain their experience.

“Everything you learn is waste if you are not executing fast.”


Execution is a process of trial, where you practically perform what you’ve learned so far. And this is a stage where you get to know what works better for you.

After executing, you learn new things and become the better version of you.


If you want to become successful in the online world, it’s important to learn from other’s experience. And competitor’s analysis is one of the best ways to determine what you’re missing.

It is necessary to keep on tracking your competitors in your niche because it helps you unleash new strategies that you might have never tried.

Thankfully, there are so many tools that can help you find your competitors.

You need to analyse backlink strategy, content marketing strategy, advertising strategy and much more.

Once you’ve understood their strategies, it’s time to execute.


Blogging is a great way to talk to the world. It gives you the flexibility to live a boss free life.

But unfortunately, 90% of the blogger failed, and only 10% live their dot-com life.

You can’t achieve this milestone over-night. To be successful, you need to have patience and consistency in work.

I hope it would help you…

If you love this post, then do share on social media platforms to let other people know the things that they would be missing.

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