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15 Excellent Ways to Generate High quality Backlinks For Free

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Earlier, I have published an article on the topic ‘basics of backlinks‘. In this post, I conducted a case study to learn the effect of backlinks on Google ranking and also notice some excellent results. For more in-depth research, please check out my earlier guide.

In today’s post, I will be showing you some excellent ways to get high-quality backlinks for free.

There are two types of high-quality backlinks that you can get

  • Dofollow high-quality backlinks
  • Nofollow high-quality backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are permanent backlinks which increase website trustworthiness and traffic. But Nofollow backlinks are the temporary backlinks which are only responsible for the traffic.

But how do you generate these backlinks for your web page? Don’t know, no worry I have many solutions for your problem.

15 excellent ways to create high-quality backlinks for free

#1. Ask other publishers to mention your link in their article

The idea of getting backlinks from this method is quite weird. But believe me, if your article deserves you can quickly generate quality backlinks.

Now, Let me explain the idea behind this method. To get backlinks from this method, you need to follow some steps given below

1st step

Find blogs having high domain authority & page rank. But remember that always find blogs topics that are related to your blog.

For example, if your blog niche is SEO then find those blogs which are similar to this blog niche.

2nd step

After doing this, you need to write some excellent articles on this topic.


3rd step

Now it’s time to check out the broken links on all those blogs by using chrome extension ‘check my links‘.

Check broken links with the help of this tool

4th step

Here, search for the broken links which are similar to your published article or that you have written earlier.

5th Step

Finally, send a compelling email to those publishers and ask them for mentioning your corresponding link within their articles.

If any of them reply back and agree with your suggestion, that means you get a quality backlink. Now, let me tell you how you can write an impressive email to your all targeted webmasters/publishers

Hello, ____

                        My name is ___. I am the owner of ____. I have sent This email to inform you that the article ” put The title of the post” that I have read earlier, was awesome. But accidentally I have found a broken link on this web page. I have also written a post “put your post link” on the same topic. I would be thankful if you mention my link by replacing the earlier link. 

Thank you!

This email decides confirmation of the task. You can also make this email more potent by substituting some other benefits of putting your link.

#2. Use infographics 

Including infographics in the post make it more readable and attractive. Infographics grasp the attention and visually appealing.

Although, it takes time but easy to apply. You have to create an informative infographic and put it in your post. After doing so, share it on all popular social media platform. Do not forget to share on Pinterest. Once it goes viral, you don’t need to do anything; everything will be ready for you.

They can help to generate high- quality backlinks for free.

To get high PR backlinks, you need to create a beautiful infographic. You can try these free infographic creator tools to create infographics.

Read more about these charts

#3. Guest posting 

Guest posting is very common among bloggers. It helps to generate a relationship with other bloggers. But most of the bloggers start misusing it. They write guest posts over and over again to earn quality backlinks. But they do not know about Google’s penalties.

Google always keep an eye on the site’s statistics. If Google finds any unnatural changes in the site’s statistics, then Google may penalise your site. So, I suggest you do guest posting but make sure you limit it.

Things that you need to remember before publishing a guest posting

  • Write quality content.
  • Write for visitors not for getting backlinks.
  • Do not infringe the rules of guest posting.
  • Always give credit to the owner.
  • Write professionally. Your write-up should be quite influencing.
  • Do not make grammar mistakes.
  • Read some other posts to get an idea of the owner’s write-up.
  • Don’t repeat it more than twice a month.
  • Choose similar topics for guest posting.
  • Remember content relevancy.

If you follow these rules, then guest posting is incredible. But if you don’t, it is just a waste of time.

#4. Write in real fact 

It is always a good practice to write on actual events because theoretical write-up is not always worked effectively. You need to include some real case studies and practical results to grasp attention because it encourages other blog owners to mention your article in their post.

But here the question may arise that ‘How do I write posts based on real facts?’

If you are serious about blogging, you can create real content against your competitors. But if you are blogging for the passing time, then you never create that kind of material.

To create content based on real facts, you need to do the following things.

  • Digg deep down: – learn all the available content from the top 10 results. (say SEO)
  • Check your ability: – After digging, check your potential to know how much you can provide to the audience.
  • Once you complete both the operations, start adding value to your post.
  • Finally, you will able to write articles on real facts which are not exactly available on the internet. 

#5. Social media engagement

If you want to get free backlinks indirectly, then start using this method. Share your content on social media sites and let your followers know about the content that it has updated.

It is an efficient way to get both Dofollow as well as Nofollow backlinks.

#6. Submit your content to high page rank directories

There are a ton of lists available on the internet. You can submit your content to those directories to earn quality backlinks.

Keep the following things in your mind before submitting your article.

  • Your content should be pure and unique.
  • Copyright content is not allowed.
  • Fill out whole directory form carefully.
  • Before submitting your content, make a short inquiry to know trustworthiness of directory.
  • Never submit your content to unknown directories.
  • Don’t participate in a paid mode of directories to get instant backlinks.


#7. Generate an email list

An email list is one of the best ways to create quality links for businesses. Because when you publish a new post/product on your site, every user notified by email and can link your content to his blog.

Let me give an example to explain you the importance of email list.

Suppose you have an email list of 1000 subscribers and you publish a new post on your blog. In that case, as your content goes live, all the subscribers will automatically notify via email. Now here you can think of almost 1000 users are already available to respond you, means there is 100% possibility that at least ten users out of 1000 subscribers can mention this article on their blogs.

So, From here you’ve understood the importance of building an email list.

#8. Create something more exciting & out of the box

There is a saying “good is not good if excellent is accepted.”

What do you understand with this quotation? It means you write well, but you don’t know whether it is right or excellent.

But if you write something interesting or out of the box, it automatically becomes excellent.

So, doing something out of the box can readily be appreciated. People like to refer that types of content.

#9. Getting high-quality backlinks for free by using ‘Man moving method’ introduced by Brian Dean

I am sure you have heard of brian dean, the owner of He is the popular SEO expert.

man moving method a new technique to get high quality backlinks for free
        Man moving method- a new technique to get high-quality backlinks for free

When it comes to SEO, I always read because it has the unique content which is helpful for all bloggers and businesses.

Today I want to introduce you a useful technique Man moving method’ presented by Brian Dean.

I was lucky that I found it on the internet. After reading this post, I found some interesting things that I want to share with you.

Let’s have a look.

The very first thing he shared was unbelievable. He stated that ‘I recently scored links from .edu and several links from relevant sites in SEO and online marketplace.’

He describes three steps to take advantage of this method.

  1. Find garbage or outdated resources.
  2. Look over the sites having old links to old content.
  3. Move out and let them inform.

Move out from here to learn all about this method

#10. Write about popular bloggers to grasp their attention

This idea is good for newbie and mediocre bloggers because brand new website takes the time to become top searches.

So, you can use this method to build the attention of some bloggers and luckily you may get high PR backlinks.

You can also use this method to get some referral traffic on your blog. Just develop a virtual connection with those bloggers who have same domain authority and Google ranking. 

Now, start writing on those bloggers and drop an email to inform them about this write-up. If they are interested, they can mention your link to their posts.

Warning -Do not use this method over and over again because it is a harmful activity in Google’s eyes. So, keep it natural.

#11. Join Forums 

Joining Q&A forums can increase search visibility of your site. Some popular forums like Quora, Yahoo Q&A and start helping others.

After a while, you will notice a dramatic change in your traffic and also get some quality backlinks.

However, it takes time but works definitely.

#12. Submit your blog to 

Alltop is my favourite blog directory because recently, I have received  80+  quality backlinks from here. It works for me and also works for you to get quality links.


#13. Leave the comments on relevant websites

Most of the bloggers already know about this technique. I have been using this method for seven months and found that leaving comments on related blogs can help to promote your site among other bloggers which leads Nofollow backlinks to your blog and also build a reliable communication.

#14. Use ‘drop my link ‘ helper tool to earn high-quality backlinks

Would you like to generate high authority backlinks instantly? Yes, please keep reading.

Get free high-quality backlinks by using Drop my link

This tool is called ‘The ultimate link building helper.’ I had found this tool after researched on the internet. Back in days, I did not know about this tool. But after studying, I believe that this is helpful to create quality backlinks.

It works smartly and reduces your efforts. That’s why I like this tool.

Firstly create your account via valid email. After that, fill out your password and move out.

Within a second you will receive an email to activate your account. 

Now you can use tool to build links.

#15. Make Donation to charity sites

However, Indirectly it becomes paid method because you need to donate to get links. There is no guarantee that charity sites link you back. But I think most of them may connect you. So if you donate, you may get high authority backlinks.

#16. Get links from Microsoft forum

Just head to http;//

Then create your account. Now go to profile and edit your profile. In profile section, you’re asked for some personal information. It also has an option to put your website link. Just add your link, and that’s it.

#17. Guestographics:  –

It is the best way to generate free, high-quality backlink. If you want real authority sites to mention you, then this is the second link building process behind guest posting.

You need just to help webmasters who are already the expert in your niche. Follow these footprints to get free backlinks

  1. First of all, find some website within your niche
  2. Next, check their recent blog articles and match your recent articles. If you notice content similarity that means you can create an infographic.
  3. Once you’ve created, drop an email to let all webmasters know that you’ve created an informative infographic and ask them to mention your blog URL as a reward. 
  4. If they do like, they will certainly like you back. 
  5. If they don’t, no worries you can embed infographic in your article. 

Your email should be like that:  –

Hey, [Name of webmaster]

I’m [your name]. I’ve been following you for a great time. I’ve learned so many things from you. I’ve also read your recent article about ‘put the link to that article’. I enjoyed reading your article. 

Thankfully, I’ve learned new things out of it. For that matter, I’ve created an infographic that could make your content more visible to your visitors. I would be thankful to you if you embed this infographic in your article and mention my website link [] as a reward. 



Bottom Line

Finally, I can say link building is incredible. Here, I have included only top techniques there might be more than a hundred. (101 ways to get high-quality backlinks)

So don’t stop here, keep on searching.

Select any of them and start practising. Once you get results, please let me know. 

If you like this article don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

The last thing I would love to ask you is pinning it on PINTEREST 

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