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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

7 Ultimate Resources To Find New Blog Post Ideas To Keep Your Blog Fresh

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Are you still stuck while finding the new blog post ideas? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Every blogger who start blogging encounters this problem.

Unfortunately, this is the truth. Because when you start blogging, you only wish to know “How do you make money with a blog?”

But you forget to know ‘How do you write a blog post? And how you could find unique blog posts’ or ‘What should you do to find blog post ideas?’

However, you might have started your blog for time pass. But once it starts driving traffic. You immediately start thinking of money. 

But the right way to start blogging is not to just think of money instead know the purpose of blogging.

If you could predict the purpose of your blog or website, you may come up with new blog topics.

When I started blogging, I had no idea how to write a blog post and find new topics. If you check the ‘Uncategorized’ section of my blog, you’ll see some irrelevant content. Because at that time, I used to write about Robots, sensors and control system etc.

But after writing a few articles, I was blank. I was unable to write further. Then I realised that I was not comfortable with this blog niche. So I migrated to blogging. And today so far, I’m writing about blogging.

So, here what you could learn from my experience is that ‘you couldn’t find ideas until you start working.’

Mark Zuckerberg says that “ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.”

The purpose of this post is not to suggest the list of standard blog post ideas because there are a ton of articles on the search engine where you can get unique ideas for your blog.

But, if you want to know How to find the best ideas correctly then keep on reading this article before getting started, let’s have a look at this paragraph to understand the in-depth sense of this article.

When I first read Rand Fishkin’s article on MOZ blog, I learned new things to cover here. In his article, he suggests first to discover the goal of your blog post and also encourages you to identify the purpose of your blog post.

Once you discover the purpose of your article, you would be in a better position to find the best content ideas for your readers.

So, the best way to find successful BLOG POST ideas is to identify the goal of your blog. Then only you could dig deep down.

Now, let’s get started.

7 Ultimate Resources To Find The Blog Post Ideas 


1. Research: Discover Everything That You Need To Start With

Whenever you start writing a new blog post, you need to discover the following thing.

Analyze your blog posts: Although, you don’t know what to write. So, you might be thinking that how do you find new blog post ideas. Don’t worry; the solution is just behind you. You don’t need to go anywhere. The very first step is to look at your blog posts.

The moment you start analysing your blog posts. You get to know what are the topics that you’ve already covered.

Now let me tell you how you can analyse your blog/website. Two most common tools that you could use to examine your blog.

The first one is ‘Google Analytics’ and the second one is ’Google search console’.

First, open Google analytics tool and look at those posts that are doing well. You can check everything like the number of page views, bounce rate and organic search of an individual page.

Once you identify these things, it’s time to open ‘Google search console’. This tool lets you allow to determine the CTR of your post. And It also gives a list of search terms that people have used to search.

You see 999 search terms. Find those terms which are getting a massive amount of impressions. Collect the data like search terms, impressions and click-through rate.

Once you’ve completed the analysis, you’ll get to know that ‘xyz’ topics and search terms are doing well for your blog.

Next, check your blog article series. And try to find out what type of category driving the readers towards your blog.

You can either write down this information or maybe memorised it.

However, this information is not enough to create new blog post ideas. But it could be beneficial to brainstorm your mind.

So the bottom line is that ‘Brainstorm your mind before you start’.

Now you can take the further step

In this step, you can google the topics that you have analysed earlier. After that, you will get to know what other bloggers are talking about those topics. And then try to fill out space.

The above research gives you the right direction to follow. Now you know these things.

  1. What you’ve already covered in your blog
  2. What content is doing well for your blog
  3. What material is available on others blog
  4. And also some search terms that would be your focus keywords.

Ok, you know the direction where to move, and now it’s time to learn how to proceed.

After doing research, I can bet that you can narrow down your efforts because this pure research helps you find the necessary information. Further, it gives you the right direction to find out the best blog topics to increase traffic.

The direction would be the right content or the category that you must pick.

For instance, let me take an example to show you how you can perform the entire process.

  • I’m taking my blog for research. As you know, my blog has several categories, but some of them are doing well. Like AdSense, SEO and WordPress. I know because I researched it by using the above Google webmaster tools.
  • On behalf of that, I found some specific topics regarding ‘YouTube’ and ‘AdSense’ that are getting more traffic than others.
  • Now I go to Google search console and find the terms related to the above categories.
  • Here, if I could find something concrete, then I could start writing a blog post without going further.
  • But I’m still confused so; I would prefer to go further.
  • And my next step would be searching for the articles related to search terms that I’ve found on google search console.
  •  I know that the topic related to YouTube was driving the highest traffic that’s why I ignored other categories.
  • Finally, I got the best content idea for my blog. That’s it.
  • (Remember: This process would give you those ideas which are related to your existing blog post. If you want to discover the unique ideas then continue reading.)

So, this was a straightforward and short way to leverage the blog ideas by analysing your blog. By using this strategy, I’ve got the following benefits

  • It takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes to follow the entire process. Because I don’t need to go anywhere and I can narrow down the research process.
  • It helps you find the relevant content 
  • It Increases my rankings in google because I interlinked my relevant content to drive more traffic and speared the page authority which results in an immediate increase in page ranking. [I use this page to rank this page on Google by merely linking each other]
  • I can find the keywords that help me to get the focus topics.

For a new blog, the above process is not applicable. But if your blog has sufficient blog posts, then you can follow the first strategy.

If you don’t find this strategy helpful, Don’t worry I have a few ways to find the best content ideas for your blog.

2. Use Twitter To Find The Best Suggestions For Your Blog Post

Where do bloggers get their content? Try Twitter

There is no secret to come up with the best ideas. You can discover tons of ideas if you want to write.

I convince you that there are uncountable resources to generate tons of blog post ideas. And you know about them.

But the question is why you don’t use them. The answer to the question is because you don’t know how to use those resources for fruitful results.

Twitter is also one of those resources. According to, Twitter has the potential to attract 328M monthly users. Which is considerable…

A step-by-step guide to finding out the blog post ideas for your blog niche

A). First of all, login to your twitter account. If you already have a twitter account then great. Otherwise, create one.

How to use twitter to find the new blog post ideas

Follow as many as people and top influencers that belong to your niche. Invest 10 to 15 minutes daily to increase your followers and engagement. For starting it’s enough to have 100 followers.

B). From the above screenshot, you can see ‘Trending for you’ section. Here you can find the current hot topics that you can pick that matches your blog niche.

This section provides only trending topics related to politics, sports and other general news.

But it is really tough to find the topic about blogging or SEO.

If your blog niche is related to topics like politics and news, then this would be a gold mine.

C). Track your influencers and follower’s activities

So, if you fail to get ideas for your blog then don’t worry. Here is a way to track your influencer’s activities.

You need to do the following things to know what your influencers care.

  1. See what type of content they are sharing and creating for their audience
  2. Are they care about visuals? I mean infographics, images videos or the simple text articles
  3. Like, retweet and engage with their stuff

By following instructions, you could get to know your influencers intimately.

Finally, you’re in the position to find the related content that you could also create for your readers. The idea which you pick on twitter not only drive twitter audience towards your blog but also helps your blog topic to mention by the influencer.

D). Directly search the keywords

The final step is to examine directly for your keyword. Just type in ‘SEO’ or maybe ‘YouTube’ (for instance) in the Twitter search bar.

As you hit enter, you’ll see all the latest news related to your keyword that you could use to create new blog ideas.

A simple example:

SEO news

E). Join the conversation to get to know what the people are looking for

Like I said, understanding the purpose of your blog is the first thing that you should do. Once you see the meaning, the next step is to create the content that your readers care.

So here the question is how you do know what your audience is looking for. The simple way to discover this by joining the conversation. See what the people are talking. And also analyse what is missing and try to give the solution by creating a new blog post.

Try to find some more post ideas that you might cover.

Find blog post topic using twitter

F). Find the famous blog post ideas by counting the retweets

If you’re finding content on your blog, then don’t pick any topic. Instead, discover those topics that are popular.

Now the question is, how do you find the best ideas for your blog using twitter?

You need to analyse which type of articles people are sharing and retweeting on Twitter. Just open your twitter profile and type in ‘SEO’ (say) and find the most popular tweets.

COLLECT all those tweets and find the best you could cover.

3. Use Pinterest To See The ‘Top List’ Topic

When it comes to making some list articles, I love Pinterest.

If you want to create list articles, then you should use Pinterest. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to find the topics you are looking for.

So, how to generate the blog post ideas to find the list type articles using Pinterest.

It’s a very easy, follow these steps given below.

  1. Open your Pinterest account.
  2. Type in any topic upon which you want to get ideas.
  3. As you click search, you would be surprised to know how fast you find the tons of ideas.
  4. Here you will see tons of infographics with plenty of list topics.
  5. You could pick any infographic and elaborate its topic to make it more worthy.

4. Find Thin Content From Other’s Blog

Sometimes you get to find the post, but you never like to write about that topic because of existence.

For that reason, you skip that topic. But if you could make that article more valuable, then it’s excellent.

It could be an excellent opportunity to convert the weak content into compelling and insightful one.

5. Join Facebook Groups

If you’re wasting your time on Facebook, then I suggest you start utilising it. Follow as many groups that belong to your blog niche.

The next thing is to see what people are asking. Analyze what you know about the question. If you find these questions necessary, then these might be your unique blog post ideas that you could cover.

6. Quora

Nowadays almost every blogger/businessman is using Quora as a source of question and answer portal. Quora is generating 200M monthly visitors.

Quora covers more than 400k topics. That means you could also find your interests.

If you’re running a business, then a fraction of Quora’s audience could be your targeted customers.

Quora’s business panel helps you analyse your audience. What people want, why & what they are complaining for. And the questions that you find on Quora could be your best approach to find meaningful content.

Similarly, a blogger can also find meaningful post ideas. So let’s move along the way to know how to use Quora to generate useful insights.

First, create your Quora profile. Make sure your profile should be looking like a professional. 

Quora profile

Search the topic on your own:  As you type in any query to search, you’ll see tons of question-related to that query. For instance, when I typed in ‘SEO’, then I found these results.

search for SEO in Quora

If I click any of these questions, then I’ll see the answer to the requested question. But this is not the end; you can scroll down to find more relevant results.

To find the current topic, you can directly enter the core topic. For example, if you put ‘SEO’, then Quora auto filler will suggest you the core topic of SEO. If you click that topic, you will see what the people are currently asking. At the same time, you can scroll down to scan the entire SEO section.

Quora feature

Sometimes you get the notifications from people. You can collect those questions to answer by writing the blog posts on your blog.

7. Use BuzzSumo Tool

No doubt, BuzzSumo is an excellent platform for bloggers and businesses to discover the best ideas for your blog post.

This tool helps you find the most popular blog post that could be the trending topic on the social media platform.

You can either search by Domain name or keyword. If you have a core keyword or category, then put that keyword in the Buzzsumo search bar.

Buzzsumo will show you popular blog post ideas.  You can start writing a blog post by selecting any topic upon which you feel comfortable.

How to use buzzsumo to find most shared and popular blog post ideas

From the above screenshot, you can see that I’ve searched for ‘SEO strategies 2018’. And I found some fantastic topics and ideas that you can also prepare for your blog.

Free and premium both are available. You can buy a premium version to access more results. If you’ve got the access to the full package, then I don’t think you need to go anywhere.


I’ve explained seven ways to come up with valuable blog post ideas. These ideas could help you generate some great blog post ideas on your blog.

Let’s quickly review the entire article.

  1. Analyze your blog: The idea is great because this analysis allows you to find your current benchmark. What type of content you have created and what would be your next content type. It could be either a whole SERIES of a particular category or top list articles. So, I think it’s important to analyse your blog.
  2. Use Twitter to discover the content that matches your blog niche.
  3. Use Pinterest to find the top list articles
  4. Join Facebook groups, Quora and forums to interact with the audience to know what people are missing out there.
  5. Buzzsumo is another excellent choice for marketers to find the most viral and engaging content on social media.

There could be other ways to find related ideas for your blog/website. For example, you can pick the insights from social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Alltop and Digg.

There are other resources like keyword research tools that you could use to find additional ideas. These ideas also help you generate tons of traffic from Google and social media.

If you like this article, please do share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit etc.

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