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10 Best Free SEO Checker Tools To Analyze Your Website

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Whenever Google updates its search algorithm, it changes the SERPs pattern drastically. It brings up some new methodology and rules that change the entire SEO industry. In fact, you can’t rank your page in Google’s top position using the old SEO strategies. It means you have to use current SEO trends to get better SERPs rankings. 

So, here you need to analyze your site’s SEO to know how to improve search visibility again.

For that, you should use SEO checker tools that help you analyze your website thoroughly. Thankfully, many tools can help you find the roadblocks and fix them.

Before getting into it, one thing I want to remind you is that SEO has two major elements.

  • On-page SEO – It takes care of the technical aspects of your site. And also includes user experience and site structure.
  • Off-page SEO – It takes care of backlinks, social shares, Keyword rankings, and much more.

By focusing on these two elements, you can make your site fully optimized for both search engines and users. The imbalance of any of these elements may influence your site rankings and discourage search engines to index your site first. So better you balance both the aspects of SEO and keep your SEO score optimal.

Now, let’s get started…

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10 Best Free SEO Checker Tools To Analyze Your Website


#1. Varvy (Free, check for on-page SEO)

Varvy SEO checker tool

It’s an excellent SEO checker tool that generates an elegant and clean SEO report.  It mainly provides you with a report that is related to the technical aspects of your site.

Type in the URL and press the ‘test’ button. Within a few seconds, it will check your entire site and generate a report that tells you different –different aspects of your website.

Features: –

  1. Free
  2. Show you whether or not your site is secure. And it also gives you the details of security issues.
  3. Check for the robots.txt file.
  4. Mobile SEO report
  5. Page accessibility
  6. Page speed

#2. Google Search Console (Free, site Analysis, technical SEO, and search term analysis)

However, Google has prepared its algorithm so complex, but on the other hand, it also provides you with an excellent SEO checker tool that can unleash technical errors like DNS, sitemap, server, crawl security, and site structure. All you need to do is submit your site to Google.

Moreover, it also gives you a full report of search terms and impressions that help you increase your keyword rankings and uncover some fruitful keywords. You can use these search terms to refine your content and improve your ranking significantly.

You can also see how Google renders your pages and show them to the users.

Features of this Free SEO analyzer tool:-

  1. Crawl errors
  2. Sitemap errors
  3. Indexing
  4. Server errors
  5. DNS
  6. 404 page not found errors
  7. Robots.txt file
  8. Security issues
  9. It has the additional function of checking your site’s speed using PageSpeed Insights.

#3. (Freemium, site analyzer)

Site analyzer tool -

It is another free SEO analyzer tool that generates a very insightful report. It tells you everything from on-page SEO to off-page SEO.

This site analyzer tool gives you a detailed report of content optimization that checks for the title tag, description, and Google preview.

Features of online website SEO checker:-

  1. Content optimisation
  2. Favicon
  3. Check for pagination, URL vulnerability, and indexation
  4. Count the number of internal & external links
  5. Page speed check
  6. User experience

The great thing about this SEO checker tool is that it also gives you the possible solutions to the problems.

#4. (Freemium, Full SEO solution)

SEOptimer - website analyzer tool

SEOptimer is a full SEO package. It gives you everything that you need to know about SEO. The great thing is that it provides you with a separate report of all recommendations that make your website dull and suggest you possible solution to minimize the issues.


  1. Content optimization
  2. Check for Keyword consistency
  3. On-page and off-page link structure
  4. Robots.txt file
  5. XML sitemap
  6. Usability of all devices
  7. Site resources: Make sure you keep the site resources (HTML, CSS files, plugins, etc.) minimum. (How to reduce HTTP requests to boost page loading speed)
  8. Social share results
  9. Security check
  10. Aside from that, it shows you a list of all recommendations that you must take to increase your SEO rankings.

#5. (freemium, SEO, advance SEO)

SEO SiteCheckup

SEOsiteCheckup is also one of the best SEO checker tools. It runs a professional SEO check and helps you monitor the critical factors of SEO.


  1. It collects all general SEO issues like Meta description, keyword cloud, and title tags.
  2. Moreover, it also tells you the competitor’s domain analysis, but unfortunately, it is only available for a free trial and paid version of this tool.
  3. Robots.txt file
  4. Sitemap
  5. Broken links
  6. Check your SEO-friendly URLs
  7. SPEED optimization
  8. Server and security access.
  9. Mobile usability
  10. Advance SEO like schema data, canonical tag, and SPF record checker.

#6. ( Free, Full SEO pack)

SEO checker tool - SmallSEOTools

I love this tool because it is free and offers you everything from Grammar & punctuation checks to Domain Authority, Backlink analysis, and MUCH more.

It has over 150 free SEO checker tools that you can use to optimize your site.


  1. Domain authority checker
  2. Link price checker
  3. Reciprocal link checker
  4. Google page rank checker
  5. XML sitemap generator
  6. Open Graph checker
  7. Broken link checker
  8. Image compression tool
  9. Plagiarism checker tool
  10. More…

#7. SEO tester online  (Freemium, SEO checker tool)

SEO online tester

 It breaks down your SEO report into four sections. The first section tells you the basic information of your sites like Search preview, title tag, description, keywords in URL, robots.txt file, and sitemap.

The second section is all about content. It checks for keyword density, HTML to text ratio, page size, and microdata.

The third one is about performance which tells you how fast your site is loading on the desktop and mobile devices.

The last section checks for the social visibility of your site.

#8. SEO Juicer (Free SEO checker tool)


It is also one of the best SEO analyzer tools. It helps you check your website ranking potential and also recommends you the possible solution to achieve higher rankings on Google.

Similar to, it also has tons of features that can help you find essential SEO things that are helpful to increase your site performance.


  1. Keyword analyzer
  2. Speed tester
  3. Internal and external rank checker
  4. It tells you the number of pages indexed by search engines.
  5. Gzip compression test
  6. Check for Alexa rank
  7. MOZ rank checker
  8. Social media presence
  9. DNS checker
  10. HTTP server header
  11. SSL checker
  12. Mobile SEO checker

#9. Open Site Explorer (Freemium, Great SEO and competitor’s domain checker tool)

MOZ - find link building opportunities

It is one of the best link research and backlink analyzer tool that helps you dig into your competitor’s link-building strategies.

It uncovers some great link-building opportunities from where you can generate high authority backlinks and increase your rankings.

Aside from checking backlinks, it shows you the top pages that are doing well. You can also do keyword researching and analyze your anchor text.

Typical features of Open Site Explorer:-

  1. Check for domain authority and page authority
  2. Inbound links
  3. Spam score
  4. Find the backlink opportunities
  5. SEO audit
  6. Rank Tracker
  7. Keyword research

 #10. SEObility (Freemium, Site Analyzer)

SEObility - SEO analyser tool

It analyses your entire site within a second, and this is the quality that makes this SEO checker tool most efficient than any other tool.


  1. It provides you with a list of SEO tasks that you could take to improve your SEO score.
  2. Page Load time
  3. Domain name analysis
  4. Analyze your page URL
  5. Mobile SEO report
  6. Analyze your page structure and link structure
  7. Check for server configuration
  8. It checks your domain against the google blacklist
  9. Robots.txt file
  10. Additionally, it also shows you the link from Wikipedia.


If you want to maintain your SEO rankings then better for you to keep on analyzing the site using these SEO checker tools because it helps you know what the current performance of your website is? And how you could improve it.

I’ve discovered these tools that you could use for free. However, some of them don’t allow you to generate multiple reports in a day.

These SEO analyzer tools enable you to look for the interior of your site. Thankfully, you can do it for free.

What is the tool you like the most? Let me know in the comment section.

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