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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

Hobbies that make money

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

In this post, I will share eight hobbies that make money.

Well, a hobby is something that you can do every day with fun. And in my opinion, people should make money from their hobbies.

Do you know? It can bring you a lot more money and give you financial freedom.

YES, exactly!

If you’re craving money, let me ask you, what is your hobby? It could be writing, cooking, dancing, or maybe something else.

Of course, not all Hobbies are capable of making money. But some hobbies can be your next business idea or maybe a great money-making opportunity for you.

So let’s explore…

1. Health – Gym, Yoga, or Meditation

The only way to live a happy life is to stay healthy.

And if you love to go to the gym, do Yoga, or maybe mediation daily, then it can be a great hobby that makes money.

The only thing that you need to do is to learn things professionally. That’s it!

But how you can do it.

Simple! Improve your common knowledge and turn it into a professional skill.

For instance, if you do YOGA every day, you can take video lessons to improve your knowledge and learn ways to do things professionally.

Or maybe GYM…

2. GYM

Getting into the gym is the one way to keep your body fit.

With this, you not only live a happy life but can also make money out of it.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest can help you make money with this hobby.

Just Follow These Things (let’s say you choose Instagram) – 

  • Create an account on Instagram
  • Start producing content
  • Upload images, 1-minute tip video, or teach one exercise daily
  • Post stories and engage with similar accounts to grow your network
  • Be consistent
  • Once you cross 10K followers, you’re good to start making money
  • For that, you can do affiliate marketing, convert your Instagram account brand, and start your own merchandising

Following this, you can turn your daily hobby into a money-making opportunity.

The exact actions you can take right away to start making money with these hobbies –

  • First, choose one hobby. It could be Gym, YOGA, or Meditation.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, next, you need to improve your skills.
  • For that, you can read the book and take online courses.
  • Start from somewhere – Choose one platform (Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest) you’re comfortable with.
  • Create something valuable for interested people. (Share benefits, and health tips, and help others)
  • Grow your audience – Collab with like-minded people, run a free training campaign, and also run some paid courses
  • Start making money – Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and releasing online courses are easy ways to make money with these hobbies.

How Much You Can Make

Whatever hobby you come up with, it can make you good money.

With this, you can easily make around $1K – $5K per month.

But it isn’t going to happen overnight, and you need to devote time and energy to make it worthwhile.

If you keep it as a hobby, you won’t make much out of it. But you can make even more than that if you take it professionally.

3. Planting or Gardening 

Gardening or planting can be a great hobby that makes money.

If you live in your own house and have a huge space in your backyard, you probably love gardening.

If you don’t, your father or grandfather probably loves to grow vegetables and herbs.

The best part is that gardening already saves you a lot of money because you don’t need to buy vegetables or herbs you’ve grown already.

Plus, you can sell plants, seeds, and herbs to local veg stores and make extra money.

Isn’t it an excellent idea?

Of course, it is!

Gardening can be one of the few profitable hobbies for you if done right.

But you need to devote your time and energy to learning how to grow plants and keep them healthy.

Sorry Gardening is not my hobby, and I know nothing about it. But you can start from here. (A beginner’s guide about Gardening)

Whether you are a new or a PRO gardener, you need to learn to do money gardening.

For that, you have to study the public demand, and on behalf of that, you can choose the right plants to grow in your backyard.

Most importantly, you need to list some good plants to grow to bring you more money.

For instance, you can grow rare Edible and Decorative Flowers and herbs and ask a local plant store to sell them.

Or you can even start an online plant store to get more customers to your plant store.

There are two easy ways to make money gardening

  • Sell flowers and herbs
  • Click nice pictures of flowers & herbs and sell them on

4. Gaming 

Gaming can be an excellent money-making hobby, especially for kids who love playing games.

With this, you can make serious money. There are millennial kids making thousands of dollars.

Chen Zhihao has earned over a million-dollar participating in a gaming tournament.

Not just that, I can show you one more example – 

18-year-olds are making $10K a month from user-generated games in Roblox

You don’t need to win or even participate in a tournament to make money. Turning your money hobby into a professional gameplay business takes a slight tweak.

And that tweak is ‘Start gameplay streaming’.

For that, you need to set up to start streaming.

Once your streaming setup is done, you need to stream 4- 6 hours daily.

Initially, it can be time-consuming but bring you serious money later. And believe me, it can make more than other hobbies that make money.

Out of the above, I want to give you a few tips…

  • You don’t need to learn anything. It’s all about giving enough time to play well.
  • Stick With One Game – The very first thing that you can do is choose a trendy game and stick with this 
  • Practice, practice, and practice. (Come on! it’s your hobby )
  • Set up an account on YouTube, Twitch, Or Facebook to start streaming your gameplay
  • Stream 5- 6 hours daily (don’t skip unless it’s essential)
  • Interact with your audience
  • Be consistent
  • Look for money opportunities – affiliate marketing and sponsorship, etc.

Resource –

5. Cooking 

Are you a stay-at-home mom seeking a hobby that can make you money?

While there are many hobbies to choose from, Cooking remains one of the best mom hobbies that make money.

It’s the most likable hobby, including that it’s natural for moms to cook daily.

Of course, you have to come up with a stunning recipe, but once you are in this, you have a great money opportunity in your hand.

The Only thing you can do to turn it into a money hobby is to improve one of your existing recipes or discover a new taste.

It could be anything from a simple cookie recipe to a Choco cake recipe. You need to improve everything; dish, ingredients, taste, and other aspects.

Once you’re okay with this, you can ask a local bakery shop to sell your recipe.


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6. Singing & Dancing 

There is no denying that Singing and dancing fill the maximum part of the entertainment.

Possibly one of your family members loves singing/dancing and considers it a hobby.

If so, then you can make good money entertaining people from home.

And the cool thing is that you don’t need to be great. With madness and consistency, you can become popular on social media platforms.

But it’s not that easy. There is a lot that goes into creating high-performing and engaging videos.

On top of all, consistency plays a vital role in your social media success.

Here are a few points that you should be taking care of…

  • Choose one social media platform and confine your focus to one platform.
  • Be consistent
  • Be creative – Just uploading videos won’t work anymore; you need to develop innovative ideas to enhance your performance. You can do anything; maybe you can inspire by trendy videos.
  • Improve your skills
  • Upload high-quality videos
  • Share your videos with others.

Sticking with the above tips, maybe your content started to get traction. And if it happens, you can think of ways to make money from your hobby.

Affiliate marketing and sponsorship are the standard ways to make money with any hobby I mentioned above.

Besides that, you can use your popularity to do more in the future.


7. Blogging – Writing and Editing 

Blogging has been around for years. And now it has become one of the best hobbies that make money on the side.

As more people seem to find it profitable, the more it’s being accepted. And because of it, more people have been involved in blogging.

Writing and editing are part of blogging, and if you love writing, you should consider blogging as a part of your career.

And it’s also worth noting Blogging has become a career option for many.

So whether you love content writing or editing, you can consider blogging to convert your writing hobby into a business.

If you’re serious about starting a blog, then here I have a separate guide that walks you through a step-by-step process to start a blog.

Once everything is done, follow these steps –

  • Choose a niche – based on your expertise and capabilities.
  • Produce content – Blogging is more about producing valuable content for your readers. So find demanding and valuable content and start writing.
  • SEO – You need to optimize your content for SEO to deliver your content to more people
  • Promote – Of course, SEO drives free traffic to your blog. But it’s not that easy, especially for beginners. Initially, you need to promote your content using social media platforms for more exposure.
  • Build community – grow your social media profile, build your email list and collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Monetization – Display Ads, Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and creating digital products are a few ways you can make money blogging.

How Much You Can Make Money Blogging

A successful blogger can easily make $5K – $100K per month from blogging. But it’s not that easy. If it is, everyone could be a blogger.


Video VLOGGING is one of the best lucrative hobbies anyone can love doing every day.

If you are an extrovert type of person and love sharing your good memories with the world, then it can be an excellent option for you.

So what you can do and how this can make you money.

Before getting started, you need to have a smartphone, a selfie stick, and a mic for better sound quality. (Or you can get a camera to improve video quality also.)

Once you have got the essential equipment, it’s time to create an intro VLOG video. You can introduce yourself, your home, and your occupation.

Next, publish more content. And for that, you can check already posted VLOG videos on YouTube.

From there, you can analyze what type of content is doing well on YouTube, and based on that, you can produce proven content.

The last thing you should care about is money.

How you can make money VLOGGING.

A few popular ways – 

  • YouTube Ads – (up to $1K/month)
  • Affiliate marketing – (up to $10K/month)
  • Sell your products
  • Capture scenery and landscape videos and sell them on stock video platforms. (check this post )
  • Take your VLOG on Instagram and unleash more money opportunities like sponsorship.


9. Fishing 

Like other hobbies that make money, Fishing can be on your list.

Because of the tiny fishing information available, it’s tough to turn it into a money-making hobby.

But, here I have a few ways you can do to make money fishing…

  • Catch Aquarium fishes (goldfish, Neon Tetra, Guppies, and Angelfish) and sell them to the fish store.
  • You can sell the fish in high-resolution stock images on Shutterstock or other similar platforms.

10. Crafting – Handcrafted products

Creative people love producing handmade products.

Paper, houseware, outfits, and wooden crafts are a few types you can be interested in.

For instance, you can create paper flowers and greetings with papercraft. And sell them online on Etsy or other similar platforms.

Or maybe you can create houseware crafts like pillow covers and more to sell on Etsy or amazon handmade crafts.

Crafting Creative crafts can easily convince people to buy, and it means you can make good money with your handmade products.

Final Thoughts

Hobbies are a relatively simple and free way to make extra money doing what you love to do.

The only thing you need to do is improve your skills and learn how to convert your hobby into a money-making opportunity.

For your convenience, I have picked up some hobbies that can make you money if you’re capable of turning them into a money hobby.

The above instructions can help you with this to some extent. But rest is your passion, knowledge, and time that you need to put into it to make it worthwhile.

After all, I want to ask you a simple question – What is your hobby? And how are you making money with it?

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