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Real money earning games

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Want to earn real money by playing games on your smartphone? Then stay tuned.

In today’s article, I’m going to list out some real money earning games for Android that can bring you some big tucks right in your wallet.

So without further due, let’s get started…

Real Money Earning Games 

1. Walken


Walken is a “move to earn” NFT game available for Android and iOS as well. Walken rewards GEMs for walking indoors or outdoors. These GEMs are used to level up the game character that you’re assigned to. 1000 steps are equal to 1 GEM.

Steps to start making money with Walken

  1. First, download the app to your smartphone
  2. Register to become a Walken User
  3. After registering, you’ll get a 0 LEVEL CAThlete with some pre-defined random energy points like Stamina, strength, and speed. The higher the energy points, the more chance to win the league.
  4. Now, you’re ready to walk or run and earn GEMs (1000 steps = 1 GEM) to level up your CAThlete.
  5. You can participate in the league and earn $WLKN (A crypto token that can be converted into real money; 1 $WLKN = $0.04).
  6. Every time you win, you’ll be rewarded from 0.1 $WLKN to 5 $WLKN. The amount of $WLKN solely depends on the level of the League. Walken has a total of 6 Leagues. The reward varies based on the level of league you’re in. For example,  If you are in the first league, you’ll get 0.1 $WLKN and if you are a participant in league 6, you’ll earn 5 $WLKN.
  7. You need to walk daily to improve your CAThlete and earn more rewards
  8. You can even earn more by investing in your CAThlete.
  9. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You have a 0-level CAThlete, and it has 12 stamina, 15 strength, and 11 speed. For now, you are eligible to participate in league-1.
  10. Now, every 2 – 3 hours, you’ll get 3 chances to play in the league. one win gives you 0.1 $WLKN.
  11. So, if you can play 10 – 12 times a day, you can make 1 – 1.2 $WLKN a day which is equal to $0.04
  12. You can Upgrade the level of your CAThlete to increase stamina, strength, and speed. You can do it by reinvesting the $WLKN you earn or buying Walken to level up your CAThlete.
  13. Once your CAThlete is at level 10, you’ll be eligible to participate in League 6. Now if you win 5- 7 times out of 12 a day, you can earn 25 $WLKN – 35 $WLKN daily which is equal to $1 – $1.3 daily doing nothing.
  14. Not to mention that $WLKN is a cryptocurrency that can go up in the near future and boost your income as well.

Hey! Come walk and earn with me, and don’t forget to redeem the promo code that will get you off a flying start in Walken 😜 With Walken, a healthy lifestyle pays off!

WALKEN Promo code: 2NOHYD7


(Only for the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada)

Money earning games - giftplay

Gift Cards & Rewards Playing Games

If you’re from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada and love playing games online, try GIFT PLAY. It’s an Android app that comes with some great money-earning games.

It has a variety of games like Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Arcade, and many more. You can choose one and play for fun and can also earn Gift cards & rewards.

For this, you need to install this app (for the US, UK, and CA) and then choose games to earn coins.

The more you play, the more coins you’ll earn. Once you have enough coins, redeem your coins for a PayPal cash out or various top-branded gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. 

3. PlaytestCloud

Playtestcloud logo

It is a beautiful gaming platform that offers you to test upcoming games.

All you need to do is create your account on Playtestcloud. After that, check out your registered email. You’ll see a thank you email from Playtestcloud with some rules.

Read all rules carefully and click the green color button to install the game on your mobile device.

So, it was the initial setup.

Now it’s time to understand how to play this game to get rewards.

Firstly, download the game from the email that you’ll get weekly.

Next, record 5 minutes of playing this game using the software provided by Playtestcloud. Make sure; you speak loud while capturing the video. [Review the game honestly]

You’ve to record the screen and your voice, and you don’t need to show your face.

Once you’ve completed it, the software will automatically upload the video to the server for review. The time of video uploading depends on your internet speed.

After that, they send you some questions; you have to answer those questions. And within two days, they send you money to your PayPal account.

Sometimes you may be rejected because of an unsatisfied review. So, for approval, make sure you follow these tips: –

  1. Don’t pause your game for more than 10 to 20 seconds while playing.
  2. Try to talk about what you’re experiencing while playing the game.
  3. Get used to taking yourself because it increases the chances of approval.
  4. Try to describe everything about the game. BOTH good and bad experiences help game companies to improve the game experience.

Once you get approved, you will pay up to $9 (At least 4 Eurodollar for each) or maybe more than that. You can withdraw payments to your PayPal account within two business days.

A quick review of Playtestcloud

  1. Legit
  2. The highest payout is $9 for each successful game review
  3. Send games via email weekly
  4. You only need a smartphone/PC/Mac, a pair of headphones, and an active PayPal account
  5. Available on Android, iOS, and desktop


WHAFF reward app

It is one of my favorite Android earning apps. I love this app because of its simplicity. However, it has many other options to win cash, but you can still consider it a gaming app that pays you real money.

I was amazed when I saw how much money people earn by playing games without investment.

Top users make up to $50 and a minimum of $2 in a day which is not bad.

WHAFF top daily earners

However, you can find many other money earning games, but WHAFF can be your choice.

Ok, now I want to tell you how you can use WHAFF…

First of all, download it.

Once you’re done, you’ll find three options to start with –

  1. Premium picks
  2. WHAFF picks
  3. Other picks

Every section has some tasks that you need to complete. For example, play this game for 2 min to win the reward.

You can choose any game featured in premium picks, or WHAFF picks to earn real money.

Apart from gaming, you can also win cash by installing other apps, completing surveys, reading news feeds, referring your friends, and much more.  

Once you match the minimum payout threshold (10$), you can transfer your reward to the PayPal account. You can also buy Facebook and Google-play gift cards.

If you want a quick reward, then you should build a community. The bigger your community is, the more referral money you earn.

A quick review of WHAFF

  1. Legit
  2. Promising
  3. 10M downloads
  4. The Play Store rating is 4.4
  5. Payment via PayPal

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5. The Big Time 

The Big time app - Real money earning games

Nowadays, ‘Big Time’ is a favorite Android game to win real money. However, the app is slow but still serves you better.

It is similar to a lucky draw where you play better and hope for the good.

To win free money online instantly, you need to participate in the cash prize draw. You need to collect some points by playing the games listed in this app.

Once you receive at least one ticket, you’ll be entered into a cash prize draw. And then you would be part of the lucky draw.

To increase the chances of winning, earn as many tickets as you can.

So, why are you wasting your time playing games unnecessarily? Instead, PLAY on the ‘big time’ app to earn money in return.

A quick review of ‘big time.’

  1. Legit
  2. All games available on this app are great. You never get bored; I can bet
  3. PayPal, money transfer
  4. So many ads
  5. Available on the play store

The trick to earning without winning any lucky draw

It feels terrible when you collect over 50,000 tickets and don’t get any reward. If you do, then don’t waste your tickets. You can immediately convert those tickets into some bucks.

There is a little trick to earning money even if you’re not winning any lucky draw, and you need to follow these steps. This trick is suitable for playing games for more than 2 hours because you need to collect 10,000 tickets.

  • First, open the app, play games, and collect as many tickets as you can. ( Make sure you have limited time: You can check it on the top of the screen corresponding to ‘Countdown to Draw.’ But again, there is a trick; you can go and click the bank icon and save your all collected tickets, and whenever you need, you can go there and withdraw tickets and redeem them for money]. Tickets in your bank won’t be part of the countdown.)
  • Once you have at least 10,000 tickets, you must click the wallet icon highlighted in the screenshot.
big time home
  • In the wallet section, you see a ticket conversion option to convert your available tickets into money. 10,000 tickets give you 0.1$, Not bad. Now think if you could make 1,00,000 tickets [I have made 50,000 tickets in one day] every day, then you can earn 1$ each day by just playing games. If you are a good player, you can quickly collect 100k tickets. But it is only possible if you invest at least 5 to 6 hours every day playing it.
big time game earning trick

As you’ve earned 10$, you can cash out through PayPal. It’s an excellent way for those who have free time and looking for some pocket money to enjoy. 


6. Bulb smash

Bulb smash one of the best money making apps

Another one of the best real money earning games that pay you money whenever you level up.

It has over 1M downloads. I like to play this game.

In this game, you have to smash the bulbs using a sling.

Let’s see how you can earn money by playing games without investment.

#1. Download this app from the play store

#2. Start shooting the light bulb using a slingshot. You can also play it with your friends by choosing the multiplayer option

#3. As long as you level up the game, the money is added to the bulb smash wallet. Once you’ve reached the 60 rupees minimum threshold, you can transfer money to your Paytm wallet.

# 4. You can also invite your friends to earn 11 rupees per referral despite this.

A quick review of Bulb smash

  1. Interesting game
  2. Play Store review is ‘4.5 out of 5.’
  3. It’s tough to earn Paytm cash
  4. Only for Indians, I guess.
  5. The minimum payout is 60 rupees via Paytm.
  6. Available on the play store.



[Not an Android game and also Not a valid option for Indians]

It is one of the most public money earning sites. It is not an Android game; instead, it’s a place where you can find various money opportunities like Surveys, searches, coupons, and playing games.

It has partnered with some of the most trusted brands in retail like NETFLIX, Walmart, etc., which’s why it is trustable and reliable.

Inbox Dollar pays you for completing these tasks

  1. Taking the survey
  2. Redeeming coupons
  3. Play Online Games
  4. Watching Ads
  5. Online shopping
  6. Searching the web
  7. Referral earnings – 10% of referral earnings are rewarded to you

Once you start completing these tasks, you’ll receive your rewards. 

However, Inbox Dollar is not a valid option for Indians. So if you’re from India, then try others on the list.

I hope in the future, it may be valid for Indians but for now, you don’t need to worry about signing up.


lucky day

Lucky Day is one of the most accessible money earning apps for Android. It is not a game; instead, it’s a card-scratching app.

The best part is that you only need 5 minutes to invest every day, and all you have to do is just scratch cards.

It offers 21 cards daily. You need to go and scratch to get some rewards.

You can earn a reward if you get three pictures matched with any scratch. Otherwise, you will get some tokens.

Once you’ve reached to $10 payout threshold, you can withdraw money through PayPal.

Despite this, you can also earn tokens and redeem tokens into Amazon gift cards.

You can collect tokens by scratching cards, completing the survey, and watching video ads. 

Moreover, the lucky day has two additional options to earn rewards. The first one is a raffle and the second one is a lotto. 

In the raffle, you can participate in a lucky contest. For participating, you need to purchase tickets using your tokens. More tickets you buy, the more chances to win the contest. 

In the lotto, you need to guess six random numbers. If your guess is correct, you can earn a reward respectively. See below…

lotto match number in lucky day app


If you want to play games for real money, then WorldWinner could be another choice for you. With this, you can earn a $50 gift card quickly. 

All you need to do is, open an account, choose a game, participate in the tournaments, and play the game daily. 

The more you play online, the more coins you earn. Once you’ve collected a minimum of 8500 coins, you can get a $10 Wal-Mart or Amazon gift card which is not bad. 

I know many of you won’t believe me, but I have proof of a $50 Amazon gift card. 


WinningWorld play online games to win real cash proof

A simple process to earn real cash playing the World Winner game

  1. First, Set up a WorldWinner account. (You must be at least 13 years old ).
  2.  Once done, you can see various games like casual and casino games. 
  3. Here you will find two terms. The first one is Token, and the second one is Oodles. 
  4. Tokens are the virtual currency you can use to place bets within casino games. You can purchase 15000 tokens for $2 (You can’t redeem tokens to get prizes)
  5. You can earn OOdles while participating on the site and win cool prizes like gift cards, virtual goods, auctions, and sweepstakes.
  6. Now you know both terms. Next, participate in tournaments and try to play well. 
  7. Every time you play, you will get your game level up and rewards. 
  8. Once you have got 8500 points, you can redeem them to get a $10 Amazon or Walmart gift card. 
  9. If you want to earn more, you can share the invitation link with your friend’s email and ask them to join via your recommendation. Every referral brings you 5000 points. And if you refer four people, you will get points that equal $25 in value. 
Games available on the WorldWinner 


  • You can earn 5000 points every time you refer to your link.
  • Multiple payment methods (MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal).


  • It may take time if you are using this platform well. 
  • You need to add $10 to your account to withdraw your reward. 
  • Games are boring. I don’t like games most of the time. 
  • You may lose tokens if you make a wrong move in a game.
  • It’s hard to collect points if you are not referring to others.

10. PUBG

Many of you play PUBG and love to watch others playing it. 

Making money from a game is tough, but PUBG could be the easiest. 


For making money with PUBG, you need a high-speed internet connection, a smartphone, and free time to spend at least 2-3 hours daily. 

There are several ways to make money playing PUBG: 

  • Record your mobile screen while playing PUBG and upload it on YouTube
  • Live streaming on YouTube or Facebook
  • Sell PUBG outfits and skins
  • Participate in the PUBG tournament
  • Share your skills on YouTube
  • Create a youtube channel and share PUBG tips and tricks.
  • Believe me, if you start doing any of these things, you’ll start making good money. 

If 100 to 1000 are watching your live streaming, you’ll be able to make somewhere around $20- $50 daily.

And if you become a popular streamer and 10,000 are watching your streaming, you can easily make $100- to $500 daily. But it is only possible if you play it for 4-5 hours daily. 

Learn more about 7 ways you can earn money playing PUBG.

11. LuckTasic

Similar to Lucky Day app, LuckTasic is also a card-scratching game. And if you’re thrilled playing this game, you can try your luck. And can get rewards, gift cards, and tokens to play more.

The more tokens you have, the more you can participate in lucky draws. And more chances to win cash or other rewards. 

Once you have at least $5 in your wallet, you can get a check. 


So, this is it. You need to go ahead and download the money earning games listed above.

These apps allow you to earn money by playing games without investment. It’s a good idea to spend your time getting some money in your wallet instead of wasting it.

If you like this article, share it with others to let them know that there are some excellent apps to earn real money online.

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