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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

14 ideas to make money as a stay at home moms

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of money-making ideas for stay-at-home moms to earn up to $5000.

The reason why I’ve published this post is that most of the bloggers only list common ideas but don’t give any suggestions about executing these ideas.

But, in this post, you will find possible actions that you can take to earn money easily.

Let’s get started…



Let’s dive in…



Sewing machine

Hey, moms…

Do you love sewing or tailoring?

If yes, then you can easily start making money while staying at home.

All you need is a sewing machine and enough knowledge about it.

There are three ways of doing it:

  1. Become a Sewing teacher
  2. Own a tailor shop
  3. Sell your sewing crafts
  4. Sell sewing video training courses online

You can either become a sewing teacher or open a small tailor shop.

It’s your choice what you truly love to do.

The beauty of this idea is that you can earn more than $2000 a month by taking care of your kids at home. You don’t need to go anywhere.

Let’s talk about how much money you need initially: –

  • Buy a Sewing machine: It may cost you $50 to $300 or more than that. (But for beginners it’s quite enough to have a basic featured sewing machine)
  • Spare room: You need a spare room where you can install your machine. If you don’t have an extra room then seek a room for rent. It may cost you $50 to $100 per month.

So, you need $100 to $400 to set up everything initially.

If you are passionate about it then you can start your sewing business too.

But how you can take your sewing business to the next level…


  • Run local ads in newspapers
  • Tell your friends
  • Tie up with nearby shops or stores to offer free sewing facilities to customers. It helps your business to be well-known.





Another idea to make money as a stay at home mom is to “sell your best recipes

Moms who love cooking can take it as a good money-making opportunity.

But how do you sell your recipes?

Okay, listen…

Suppose you have some secret & magical recipes.

And if you’re confident that everyone will love these recipes then there are a few things that you can do:

Actions you need to take to start earning money by selling your recipes as a mom

  1. Paying Guest: If you have enough accommodation in your house then you can run a PG. Where 2-3 persons can live in your house and pay for food and accommodation. (With this, you can easily earn $500 -$1000 per month). And here you can sell your recipe to your paying guests.
  2. Deliver your recipe: You can open a small recipe delivery center where you can sell the recipe at a reasonable price to students or anyone who calls you. With this, you can quickly earn $500-$5000/month. (Believe me, it will convert into a big business very soon.)

There are several other ways to start making money by selling your recipes as a stay-at-home mom.

Now let’s move to the next idea…



Instagram influencer

Instagram is way more powerful than Facebook because you never heard about ‘Facebook influencer’ you always used to hear “Instagram influencer” instead.

And of course, it’s a giant.

In fact, According to, “Instagram is capable of turning a stay at home moms into successful businesswomen

This is the beauty of Instagram.

Why you should go with Instagram: –

  • It gives you instant results.
  • Being a woman you can easily become an Instagram influencer.
  • It’s quite easy on Instagram to build brand awareness than on Facebook.

Now let’s talk about what actions you need to take.

  • Create your professional Instagram profile.
  • And start using it for 1-2 hours daily.
  • Introduce your skills. It could be anything. You can even talk about health issues, social issues, and meditation. Or even upload 1 min video about life hacks daily on Instagram. It could be DIY tips & tricks or parenting tips.
  • Once you decide what type of content to post, start creating content daily.
  • Engage with like-minded people, follow them, and communicate with them.
  • As you do so, people will start noticing you and start following you.
  • Once you get 5000 followers, companies will start sponsoring you for promoting their products.
  • As you grow your networks let’s say, 10,000 followers, you will become an Instagram influencer.

With this, you can make $80-$100 per sponsored post. Not just this, you can also make money by selling other products.

How cool is it? Right…



DIY craft

As a mom, you probably love to create handcrafts or DIV projects.

If you can think creatively, you can create amazing DIY projects and make extra income as a stay-at-home mom.

Easy Crafts that every mom can create –

  • Makeup bags
  • Customize pillow covers
  • Fancy buckets
  • Bracelets

Once you start devoting your time to creating DIV projects, you are ready to sell these projects.

And Etsy is one of the best ways to promote your handcrafted projects.

Open an Etsy store add your DIY products and the final thing you need to do is go to Pinterest and pin your Etsy products. You can even run ads to boost your reach.

With this, you can earn somewhere between $500 – $5000. Though earnings depend on product pricing and the number of products you sell.

Let’s say you have 200 customized pillow covers at the price of $5 per piece. It means you have a total pool of $1000 and if you sell 50 of these, you can earn $250.

If I take another example, you have 50 bracelets at a price of $10 per piece. And if you sell 20 of these, you will make $200.

So it’s all about how creative you are. The more creative products you make, the more people will likely to buy.

That’s it…


YOGA in backyardSource:

I must say yoga should be in your daily morning routine.

If you’ve enough knowledge about YOGA, you’ll start teaching your neighbors in your backyard.

Not just up to neighbors, you can even start a yoga class in your backyard and ask nearby people to join you.

One hour of daily yoga can keep you away from all chronic diseases and charge you for the whole day.

And you can also earn good money along with this. It’s a win-2 situation.

Actions you can take for fruitful results: –

  • Run yoga classes in your backyard: Create events, gather community and choose the optimal time.
  • Write an e-book like “Benefits of YOGA” or “A day after morning Yoga” and sell it on amazon kindle.
  • Share your YOGA knowledge socially. Create a YouTube channel and record videos of you doing YOGA.
  • Sell YOGA products as an affiliate marketer.

YOGA niche is huge and can bring you thousands of dollars right from your backyard.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best money making ideas for stay-at-home moms.



cooking with moms

Moms love cooking. In fact, they are used to it.

And why not, it’s their routine business.

But here is a question, why don’t you (as a mom) start making “cooking video BLOGGING” and make money.

Actions you need to take: –

  • Turn your mobile camera on and start with a little intro. (You can even use a DSLR camera if you have one)
  • Tell them what recipe you are going to make today.
  • Record everything you do while cooking.
  • Once the recording is done, edit unwanted parts from your video.
  • Finally, upload it on YouTube.


But make sure you upload videos consistently. At least thrice a week.

The money will start coming to you once you get your channel monetized. And you can earn somewhere around $1000-$5000 monthly.




It’s no secret. We all know the power of BLOGGING.

It initiates new money-making opportunities like Affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

If you become a successful blogger, you have all these doors open. Blogging helps you become a social influencer very soon.

However, it’s time-consuming initially but will be profitable later.

Actions you need to take: –

  1. The very first step is TO choose your niche (a topic). It could be health tips, recipes, life hacks, DIY, or maybe fashion.
  2. Next, buy the domain & hosting. It may cost you at least $15 & $100 per year respectively.
  3. Now create a blog. You can go with BLOGGER or WordPress. Refer to this guide: – How to create a professional blog on WordPress within 5 minutes.
  4. Once it’s done, set up your blog. I mean do all essential things like choosing a theme, customizing the theme, and adding domain nameserver with your hosting.
  5. Now the final step is to produce content and promotion.

Content & traffic are two challenges in blogging that are tough to achieve. But if you keep on working consistently then you can achieve it soon.

In order to drive traffic, you need to create content and build backlinks, authority, and trust.

And it all comes with SEO. If you know how to do SEO properly then you can be a successful blogger.

A few related articles for bloggers: –




Photography could be part of your hobby.

But you know, photography has immense commercial value. And you can make money as a stay at home mom genuinely

In fact, The Photography market is anticipated to reach $150 billion by 2026.

Photography stats

So it’s time to turn your hobby into monetary value.

Actions you need to take: –

  • Being a mom, you don’t have enough time, but you start from your backyard.
  • Take your camera and click some cool pictures of plants, flowers, and greenery.
  • You can even take photography courses from Udemy and improve your skills.
  • Once you mastered it, take some time clicking photos.
  • After that, you can then create an Instagram and Pinterest account and post your good work.
  • Show your photography skills on Instagram as well as on Pinterest.

If you continue doing it, I guarantee you that you will become an influencer in the photography industry.

And once you become an influencer, the money will start to flow.

You can sell pictures on photo stock sites and can earn up to $100 per photo.

With this, you can earn $1000- $10,000 monthly.



Virtual assistant

Do you think that you are an expert in something? If yes, then why don’t you assist others virtually?

You could be the expert on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or maybe Twitter.

If you have great skills in using any of these platforms, you can become a virtual assistant and help others know how they can use these platforms effectively.

For example, I’ve been using Pinterest for 3 months and know its secrets. So if I offer any plan to my followers then they will definitely hire me as a VA.

My pinterest profile


Actions you can take:

  • Choose one platform you are an expert in.
  • Show your social proof.
  • Create your plan and offer the best virtual assistant services at a reasonable price.
  • Get testimonials and show people how happy customers you have.

You as a virtual assistant can earn $20 – $100 per hour easily.

But it’s not always correct, it depends on what service you’re delivering and whether or not you are able to make your customer satisfied.



As the blogosphere is growing, more content is being produced by the time.

For delivering well-written content, you need to refine & proofread the content before publishing it.

That’s why proofreading becomes part of content creation.

And if you’re a native speaker of any language (especially English), you can take it as a money-making opportunity.

If you’ve free time, you can make money as a stay at home mom.

What you need to do to become a proofreader as a mom

  • Choose a language you are comfortable with.
  • Find the best platform to show your expertise. It could be,, or Get your work posted on any one of these platforms.
  • But just posting your work doesn’t bring you any clients. For that, create your profile to stand out, Make your service plan wisely, and rank your work profile on top of any of these platforms so that whenever someone searches for services, you are the number one result.
  • No one buys your service unless they see positive reviews under your work profile. Pay for “positive reviews” initially. Don’t overdo it. 10-15 positive reviews will help you rank better and bring you, clients, initially.

Once you get it, you can easily earn $25 – $150 per hour.


Helpful Resource — How to become a proofreader (Complete Beginner’s Guide)



If you want to start an online proofreading home business that can earn up to $50,000 or more per year,  then try this course by Caitlin Pyle.




Similar to proofreading, transcription is also a good option to make money.

You don’t need to go anywhere. All you need is high-speed internet, a pc or laptop, and great command of two languages. (One is the language you are transcribing from and the second is the language you are transcribing in)

Actions you need to take:

  • Choose languages you are comfortable in.
  • Find transcription opportunities on or other trusted platforms.
  • Once you’ve found it, you’ll get your project work.

With this, you can earn $10-20 per hour.

So if you work 10 hours a week, you’ll make $100 – $200 per week or $400 – $800 monthly.


Helpful Resource — How to Become a transcriptionist in 2022 


Transcription anywhere coursesTake Courses:





Web designer

A WEB Designer is a person who designs web pages, web tools, and web apps using his coding skills.

You could be a web designer if you have extreme knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, CANVAS HTML5, MYSQL, and PHP.

Moreover, you must have good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CC

You are able to design the following things: –

  • Logo
  • Icons & vectors
  • Website designing
  • Infographic designing
  • Business cards

You can either design Business cards, icons, or infographics.

The actions you need to take are the same as in the transcriptionist section.

It’s a good idea to make money using designing skills as a stay at home mom.

If you are a well-experienced designer, you can earn up to $45 /hr.



Affiliate marketing

According to,

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s product (or service). You find a product, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

It’s a passive income idea.

And it’s your dream. Right?

It’s not a new term for you. But to leverage it you need to build trust WITH the audience.

If people trust you, they will love to buy products on your recommendation.

So affiliate marketing is possible only if you can build trust with your audience.

Blogging is the best way to start affiliate marketing for moms.

YES! It by far is the best source to generate affiliate income. People are making passive income and you can do the same.

With this, you can earn somewhere around $100 – $100k monthly. It’s up to you how productive you are


Okay, moms… What do you think about this post? Does it help you in some way?

Well, I’ve successfully added plenty of money-making ideas for you.

Now it’s your time to leverage these ideas and earn money as a stay at home mom.

DO you love this post, share it with other moms.

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