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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

Why AdSense ads are not showing on my blog

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Today’s Topic is a Guide to Beginners Who have just started blogging and using AdSense for monetization. If that’s you, you may have issues regarding AdSense ads. And “why my AdSense ads are not showing on my blog” is of those issues you might be encountering along the process.

In this post, I will give you plenty of reasons and possible reasons to help you fix the issue.

So let’s begin…

Why Google Ads Not Showing On my Blog & Website


1. Adsense PIN is not Verified

Adsense PIN is a very Common Term for all bloggers. If you don’t know about the Google Adsense PIN, Please read my Guide: What is Google Adsense PIN?

If your Google Adsense ads are not showing on your blog, it may be possible that you have not verified your Adsense address. So, it is essential to check your Adsense address. 

2. Google ads Not Showing because your Adsense Account has been Disapproved due to Invalid Click Activities

In Some Cases, you will find that your Google ads are not showing on your blog because of invalid Click activities on your Website. Google has an ingenious technique to interpret any fraudulent Clicks on ads. So make sure not to make any Click on your blog. Otherwise, your Adsense account can be Suspended. 

How Can I Get back My Adsense account again?

A few years back, I encountered the same issue. In the morning, when I checked my Gmail account, I found an email from Google Adsense letting me know that “your Google AdSense account has been disapproved”. I felt Despair.

But I was curious about “why google ads are not showing on my blog”. They told me the reason behind it. They said that your account is disapproved due to the Invalid Click Activities on your ads. 

To get back my AdSense account first, I learned about invalid activities.

What are Invalid Click Activities

These are nothing but fraud Clicks or Impressions on ads. It is also known as artificial traffic on a website. 

Invalid Clicks may be generated by following activities 

  • If you click on your own (Publisher’s ) ads.
  • A Periodic or repeating Click activity on ads from a group of people
  • Use of deceptive Software to create automatic clicks on ads

These activities are strictly prohibited by Adsense. If it detects involvement of any of these activities. They may suspend your account at any time.

Most People Complain that “why there is a difference between finalized and estimated earnings. Well, it’s the very first reason behind it. So if you find any of these activities, follow the tips given below:

  • Keep an eye on your Adsense Account Regularly.
  • Do not click on your ads.
  • Never involve in any untrusted Third-Parties ads networks.
  • Consult on Google Adsense Help Forum.
  • Do not place More than 5-7 ads on a single page of your web.
  • If you identify any invalid activity on your site, please fill up this form (Invalid Click activities contact form)

Bonus Tip: If your AdSense account has been disapproved. then to get back your account, you can fill up this Adsense Invalid click activity appeal Form 

You have to fill out this appeal form. After a while, you will receive an email informing you about your AdSense account. They will schedule a date for your AdSense account re-activation. This duration may vary from 15 days to 30 days or more. At the end of the period, you will get a confirmation email. Now you can see ads on your blog & Website.

Confirmation Email:-

google ads not showing on my blog due to invalid click activity

3. Ads Blocking & Cookies Issue

Sometimes, there is a cookies issue that may also be responsible for blocking ads. So due to this reason, google ads are not showing on a blog. So make sure that before browsing, keep deleting your cache files & Cookies from the browser.


Bonus- Do you use AdSense or other Display advertising networks to monetize your blog? if so, I recommend you use advanced Ads to optimize your ads and boost your ad income. 

I Have been using Advanced Ads for 30 months now and all I can say is that it’s incredible. Go check it out!

Advanced Ads



4. Wrong Ads Code Implementation 

Here you have to Compare your exact ad Code (Copied from AdSense >my ads>Create New ad unit) with the Code showing on your Browser View Source page. If you find any difference between both of these, then you can place a new ad code copied from the AdSense ad unit.

5. You Signed Up through an Adsense hosted Partner 

Suppose you signed up through Adsense hosted partners like youtube or blogger and show ads on your Customized, own domain name. In that case, you need to apply a one-time approval request from within your AdSense account.

6. You have not enabled JavaScript In your Browser.

As You all know, Adsense ad code is an HTML/javascript code, so it requires you to enable javascript in your browser. Otherwise, your browser cannot show ads on your Website. (However, others can see your ads if JavaScript is enabled on their browser.)


If you feel that this post is helpful for you, please share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any queries regarding this Topic, let them drop in a comment section. I will do my best to solve your problems.











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8 thoughts on “Why Google Ads Not Showing On My Blog & Website [Six Reasons]”

  1. You didn’t provide a solution to adsense closure, I have been trying to find out ways to get adsense back, there are some, but they are difficult and require a lot of effort. Anyways, if you know how to please do reply

    1. if your AdSense account has been suspended then you can’t be able to get back.but if your account has been disapproved then you can definitely get back your account.if you are unable to detect that whether your account is suspended or disapproved then please check your gmail account.because google Adsense team always notify you for any detrimental first check it.
      However, there are many reasons behind your disapproval it may be invalid click activity, PIN Verification, or if Adsense finds any Content related Issue.
      But don’t worry if your account has only disapproved not Suspended then you can able to reactivate your account.
      I think your account will be disapproved due to Invalid activity. if I am right then simply go to Invalid click activity appeal form.
      and fill up this form.
      you have to exactly answer the questions and then submit.I am sure that you will get back your account within 1 month.

      If may also possible that your google account has been ruined, not the google Adsense account.

      Please let me clear all the things if you have an another Issue then please content me on facebook page (

  2. Can you please elaborate below matter. Whare to apply one-time approval? I didn’t find it in AdSense account.

    “If you signed up through an Adsense hosted partner like youtube, blogger and would like to show ads on your Customized own domain name . then, in this Case, you need to apply a one-time approval request from within your AdSense account. So if you do not apply this then your google ads not showing on your website.”

    1. you need to follow these steps to upgrade your account from hosted account to non-hosted account

      1. go to your adsense dashboard
      2. click on my ads > other products
      3. click on upgrade and complete the form.
      4. after 3 to 10 days you will receive a confirmation email from adsense team.

  3. after 3 to 10 days you will receive a confirmation email from adsense team. once got this what we have to do ?

    1. Hey… don’t worry…

      I am preparing for this…if you are one of my subscriber then you will get an email immediately…

      For now, you need to just keep the default settings and just dismiss the notification

  4. I Am not satisfy from this Post…..

    my blog is

    isbanned is showing that my doamin is banned by google adsense

    and is showing my domain is not banned by google adsense

    and when i put adsense code on my site , ads are not showing

    I am confused please guide me sir

    1. Hey thanks for asking…

      Could you please answer some of these questions
      1. How old you domain is?
      2. When did you get Adsense Approval
      3. Did you check ad unit active status on adsense dashboard
      4. How did you implement ad code on your site

      For instant support, please contact via email at

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