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10 best ai writer tools

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

You’ve probably heard of AI proofreading tools like Grammarly and Hemingway, but did you know that there are now even AI tools that can help you come up with ideas for what to write about in the first place? In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 10 AI writing tools that help me generate 100,000 + Words In One Month.

Before diving into it, I would like to tell you…

  1. Why do you need AI content writing tools?
  2. How can these tools enhance your content writing process?


Why do you need AI content writing tools?

Being a blogger, I know how important it is to write quality content and publish it on your blog regularly. Not just that, you also need to focus on the different aspects of blogging like optimizing blog content for SEO, promoting it on social media platforms, creating social media graphics, handling social media accounts, and so on. 

Doing all this can be overwhelming. And you can’t afford to spend hours writing content if there is so much to do. 

However, you can hire a freelance writer like me to get this shit done. It’s quite expensive and is not a valid option for newbie beginners.

But AI writing tools can be a cheaper option. An AI writing tool can produce high-quality blog posts, social media posts, and more in less time and save you a huge amount of money. It can definitely help you supplement your content writing process. 

Key Points – 

  • AI writing tools can Save you time & money
  • They can help you get rid of writer’s block
  • Increase productivity 
  • An AI content writer can help you generate content ideas, do topic research, and write amazing blog posts.
  • Boost the content writing process. 


How can these tools enhance your content writing process?

Nowadays, Content writing is the most tedious yet effective process in blogging or any area of digital marketing. And AI writing tools can help you save time and money. For example, hiring a professional writer can cost you around $100/post or even more depending on the project.

That means you need to spend thousands of dollars to produce 20- 50 articles every single month. On the other hand, you can buy a monthly subscription to an AI tool for less than $100 and generate 50 – 100 quality articles every single month without any hustle. And believe me, this can save you a lot of time and money.

Apart from that, AI-powered writing tools can generate thousands of words in less time, write captions for your social media posts, generate content outlines, write ad copy, titles, intro, quora answers, and more. 

However, human writing is indispensable but you can still use an AI content generator to double or triple your work efficiency. And this is how you can save time to focus on the important things that matter the most. 

Well, by now you have understood why AI tools must be a part of your content writing process.  Now let’s move ahead and talk about some of the best AI writing tools that can 5 – 10X your content production process.  


Here is a Quick Overview Of AI Writing Tools  – [Comparison Table Of AI Writing Tools]


Let’s get into details…

1. Frase.ioBest for bloggers, Freelancers, and SEOs

Frase - Best SEO Content Optimization Tool & AI Writer

Frase is one of the best AI writing tools to my knowledge. According to frase documentation, It has learned millions of ways to express ideas on the web. 

With this, you can research, write and optimize your content for SEO. It’s an all-in-one content writing solution for bloggers, content creators, and marketers to produce high-quality content in less time. 

The cool thing is that, with Frase, you can produce long-form content within an hour. It comes with all essential tools and features that can help you with researching, briefing/outlining, writing, and optimizing.

The user interface is quite responsive, clean, and easy to navigate. In fact, you can conduct topic research, analyze SERPs competition, and content formatting, and measure your optimization goals right from the dashboard.

Let’s talk about its features…


  • With, you can integrate your Google search console for better SEO.
  • Frase’s AI uses a different language model other than GPT-3 which is used by most AI writing tools. 
  • Built-in templates to generate content in seconds. Or you can create custom templates tailored to your needs. 
  • Frase helps you identify new content opportunities by analyzing Google search console data
  • You can uncover keyword search volume, Domain authority, and backlink profile for the top google search results using the SEO add-on. 
  • Unlimited access to AI writing for an additional $35/month.
  • Automated content briefing helps you generate detailed SEO content briefs that help you produce content that ranks. 
  • Content scoring to measure ON-PAGE-SEO.
  • The content editor comes with all word processing features to help you format your content.
  • 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • Frase supports multilingual optimization in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.

Recently added features 

  1. The Long Form AI Tool.  Instead of creating content snippets, the brand new longer-form AI Tools will generate long-form content on their own.
  2. Generate an entire blog post in just one click.
  3. Listicle Post Generator. Create the Listicle Post with a click.
  4. Search results summarizer. Automatically summaries the content from search results.
  5. Full Draft Generator. Build your outline by using headings from SERP. Frase will then summarise your sections and build your draft.  
  6. Article rewriter. Rewrite an entire article in a single click.  
  7. “Write About This” Button. You can use AI to create content for specific areas of your competition’s content.  


With a 5-day money-back guarantee, frase offers three pricing plans…

  1. Basic – 44.99/month; $39.99/month, if paid annually 
  2. Team – 114.99/month; $99.99/month, if paid annually
  3. Enterprise – Custom pricing plans as per demand

Pricing _ Frase*NoteYou can get access to unlimited AI writing, and other premium features for an additional $35/month. 

Who can use 

Frase is best suited for bloggers, content writers, social media managers, freelancers, SEOs, content managers, editors, and so on. 

I have been using for almost 5-6 months and it won’t let me down so far. It’s the best ai content writing tool for bloggers and businesses. I’m fully confident that if you try it once, you are going to continue its subscription for years to come.

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2. JasperAll-in-one AI writing Software

Jasper is the leading AI writing software trusted by 50,000+ content marketers and companies including Google, Airbnb, IBM, and more. 

Jasper helps you write an in-depth article, create a high-converting ad copy for your marketing campaign, and generate product descriptions in minutes. Just give a little context to Jasper and its AI will do the rest. 

With 50+ built-in AI templates, you can literally produce any content-type real quick. For instance, if you want to write an Amazon product description, then head over to templates and look for the “Amazon product description (paragraph)” template. Here input the product name and hit enter. Jasper AI will start analyzing your query and within a few seconds, you have a beautiful product description. 

Similarly, you can generate SEO meta descriptions, Google ad descriptions, quora answers, and so on with a click.


  • 50+ pre-built templates to help you start right away.
  • Similar to frase, Jarvis can help you produce long-form SEO-optimized content for your blog post, reports, email, and stories. (But it is only possible if you have a boss mode on. )
  • 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • Integrate SEO-surfer and Grammarly to craft SEO-optimized content without worrying about proofreading and grammar. 
  • Supports 25+ languages 

Who can use Jasper?

Jasper is best suited for content publishers, social media managers, copywriters, and bloggers. 


Similar to Frase, Jasper also has a 5-day refund policy. If you feel that Jasper is A GOOD fit for you, then go get a starter plan for $29/month to write your first 20,000 words. 

Or you can even upgrade to a boss mode plan for $59/month to unlock plagiarism checker and Grammarly boss for better content optimization. 

Plans & Pricing – Jasper

Jasper is a highly powerful AI writing tool with tons of features to help you supplement your content writing process. And I can recommend Jasper to anyone without having second thoughts in my mind.  However,  I chose Frase over Jasper (Formerly known as Jarvis) because Jasper is a little expensive. And I found Frase to be the best fit for my content writing process. 


3. WritesonicBest for bloggers and advertising agencies

Writesonic claims to be the world’s most powerful AI content generator tool which is capable of producing 1500 words of blog posts/articles in 15 seconds.

Upon signing up, they ask you to choose the purpose of using Writesonic. You can choose the appropriate option.

For example, if you want to use Writesonic to write blog posts for your blog then you can select it and continue to the next step. 

Writesonic signing up.jpg

In the next step, they ask you to choose 3 features that you would like to try. 

write sonic writing features.jpg


After clicking the Continue button, you’ll be taken to the Writesonic project dashboard added with 10 free credits. You can use these credits to get started.

Here you can choose a template that suits your project criteria and start producing content on autopilot. 

Writesonic AI Article Writer project dashboard.jpg

Now suggest a topic (example: 5 Ways to make money online). Select one language out of 20. And hit the “generate ideas” button from the left side. 

Within a few seconds, Writesonic suggests 3 titles. 

writesonic AI Article Writer 3 0 topic suggestions.jpeg

You can pick one title from the list. After that, AI asks you to generate intro ideas based on the topic/title you selected earlier. 

Writesonic Generating intros.jpg

The third step is to ‘Get An Outline’. Choose one out of three outlines. 

Writesonic generating outline.jpg

You can add, remove or edit any of these subheadings to make your blog post look super unique. 

In the final step, AI generates your draft article in seconds. 

writesonic generate draft

This is how you can generate quality content within a minute with the help of Writesonic AI  writing tool. 


Writesonic features

  • Write 1500 words blog posts and articles
  • Rephrase your text using the paraphrasing tool
  • Summarize your article in one click with the help of an Article summarizer. 
  • It Supports over 25 languages 
  • Simple and attractive user interface
  • Easy to use 
  • A free trial is available
  • Develop high converting landing pages
  • Similar to Jasper, Writesonic enables you to generate answers to questions on Quora, Create high converting ad copy for Facebook/google advertising, and craft epic product descriptions. 
  • One-click WordPress export
  • Browser extension 
  • A sonic editor like Google docs
  • 60+ AI templates
  • Semrush and Zapier integration 
  • Plagiarism checker


Writesonic has 2 pricing plans. 

  1. Short-form: Starting at $15/month; best for generating social media captions, Facebook ad copy, and product description
  2. Long-form: Starting at $19/month; best for bloggers, writers, publishers, and freelancers. 

Apart from these two plans, Writesonic has a trial plan where you can try all features for free to determine whether or not Writesonic is the right choice for you. 

Writesonic Pricing - Affordable, High-Quality AI Content.jpg


Who can use Writesonic?

Writesonic is the right choice for anyone who wants to create content from marketers to social media managers to agencies. 

After using the Writesonic tool for 1 month, I can say that it’s the best choice for advertising agencies, social media content creators, and marketers to create short and long-form content. 


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4. CopyAIBest for generating marketing copy

Back in 2021, I used for the first time to create short content blocks for social media. It’s really fascinating to me to use tools like to supplement my content writing process. 

It’s one of my favorite AI writing software which I used before for generating Instagram captions and short post intros. You can also use it to produce high-quality blog posts as well. 

Copy ai - best AI writing tool.jpg

With, you can create blog post ideas, content outlines, sales copy, and product descriptions in 25+ different languages. 

CopyAI project dashboard.jpg helps bloggers, social media managers, and email marketers with writing quality blog posts, creating high converting social media posts and crafting engaging emails respectively. 


  • Free Plan – 10 free credits each month
  • 1M+ professionals choose 
  •  90+ tools and templates to streamline your content writing process 
  • 25+ languages


It offers 2 plans. The first one is the Free plan and the second one is the Pro plan. 

Free plan – $0/month 

  • 10 credits per month 
  • 20 bonus credits for the first month  
  • 25+ languages  
  • 90+ copywriting tools  
  • Blog Wizard tool New

Pro plan – $49/month 

  • Unlimited credits  
  • Unlimited projects  
  • 25+ languages  
  • 90+ copywriting tools 
  • Blog Wizard tool 
  • Priority support  
  • Access to our newest features

Copy ai Pricing

Who can use

  • Copywriter
  • Social media manager
  • Bloggers 
  • Content creators
  • Email marketers is best suited for copywriters and email marketers. However, bloggers or other content creators can also use it for generating short content and other types of content. One thing I like about this tool is that it has a free forever plan which makes it cheaper and beginner-friendly.


5. RytrBest for new bloggers 

Rytr is another AI writing assistant tool trusted by 1.5M+ content writers globally. Its powerful AI helps you generate content for any given topic or niche.

It also has a human-like personality and can understand the tone of the message that needs to be delivered.

Moreover, Rytr is powered by state-of-the-art language AI which is capable of creating high-end unique content in minutes. It collects content from around the web, synthesis it with its own knowledge, and creates unique content for the client. So, If you want to generate high-quality articles/ blog posts that will rank on the first page of a search engine, then Rytr can be a cheaper option. ai writing tool


  • Fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly design.
  • Affordable pricing
  • You can generate 5,000 characters per month with the free plan.
  • Rytr’s AI helps you generate 30+ use cases including SEO meta descriptions, blog outlines, business ideas pitches, ad copy, job descriptions, and more. 
  • It supports 30+ languages.
  • 20+ tones of voice to help you write content in any type of emotion.
  • Powerful text editor with extensive formatting options.
  • In-built plagiarism checker.
  • Use features like paragraph shortening or rewording to improve your writing.
  • Easy project management and organization.
  •  Download projects in Docx or HTML format. 
  • Browser extension to get writing assistance on the go.


The company offers two types of premium plans, one for individual use and one for multiple users. The pricing starts at $9 per month, which includes unlimited articles, access to all templates, and support from AI assistants.

Apart from that, Rytr has a free plan that allows you to produce 5000 characters every month. 

Rytr pricing

Who can use Rytr

  • Bloggers 
  • Content Writers 
  • Marketing copy
  • SEOs 
  • Small businesses 

I used Rytr for almost 1 week and I was so impressed. It’s really worth trying Rytr. 

6. ScalenutBest AI copywriter with topic cluster

Scalenut is also one of the best AI content writer tools trusted by 200+ businesses across 10 countries. If you really want to scale up your content marketing process, you should definitely consider using this AI assistant tool. 

The best thing about Scalenut is its SEO HUB which lets you create content from a single keyword. Just feed in a keyword and its AI will generate a detailed report backed by top 20 search results. 

Best of all, it also comes with a royalty-free image library to help you add images right from the editor.  The Document editor of  Scalenut is quite similar to as it shows competition in the sidebar. 

Let’s have a look at the features of Scalenut…


  1. Easy to use and user-friendly interface 
  2. 7-day free trial; during this time period, you can learn how to use Scalenut and also get to know whether or not it can supplement your content writing process. 
  3. 40+ AI copywriting tools enable you to write in 40 different use-cases including ad copy, social media posts, meta description writer, and more. 
  4. With the help of the SEO HUB feature, you can generate long-form content from start to finish. 
  5. Free chrome extension helps you write compelling email copies, Google ads, social media ad posts, and rephrase the sentences on the go. 
  6. GPT-3 AI technology to help you produce highly engaging and relevant content. 
  7. Its CRUISE MODE is powerful enough to create high-quality blog content in just 5 minutes
  8. 24×7 Live Chat & Email Support
  9. Each plan comes with content Grading, competitive research, and content briefing. 
  10. Topic cluster (coming soon)
  11. You can generate 5 SEO reports with the starter plan. 

Scalenut Pricing 

Scalenut offers three pricing plans with a 7-day free trial. 

  1. Individual plan: – Starting at $29/month; $12/month if paid annually.
  2. Growth plan: – $79/month and $32/month if paid annually. 
  3. Pro plan: – $149/month and $60/month if paid annually. 

Scalenut _ Best Price For AI Copywriting And Research Software

Who can use Scalenut?

  • Individual creators
  • Bloggers 
  • Startups and growing businesses
  • Agencies 
  • Freelancers 
  • Copywriters 

Scalenut is the most productive SEO AI writing tool you can have in your toolkit. It is quite cheaper and gives you extensive features like SEO HUB and image library at a reasonable price. 


7. Peppertype.ioBest Content and Copywriting Tool

Getting started with Peppertype is quite simple. Just head over to and create an account.  

Once you’re in, you’ll see a nice dashboard along with all tools and features. 

Peppertype dashboard.jpg

It comes with 20+ use cases to help you get rid of writer’s block.  You can generate “Poll questions answers” or “Youtube video topic ideas” in seconds. 

In fact, I used the “Quora questions and answers” tool to examine the quality of answers it can generate for you. 

Peppertype ai Quora answers.jpg

Well, I was so amazed to see the results as it let you choose from the different-2 tone of voice to generate engaging content. The quality of the content is so clean and intuitive that you can use it without making any changes. 

Let’s discuss a few more features of


  • Intuitive design & interface.
  • Easy to use
  • 20+ use cases to help you generate the different content type
  • Content ideas Twitter, Quora, and YouTube
  • Content Simplifier is one of those 20+ AI tools that explain your content in simpler terms so even a child can understand.
  • Generate 100+ copies with the free plan (No credit card required.)
  • Email support Pricing comes with three pricing plans. Let’s have a look at these…

  • Starter – $35/month; you will get 50,000 AI words. $25/month; if paid annually
  • Growth – $199/month; 50,000*5 (2,50,000) AI words for 5 users, $165/month; if paid annually.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

Peppertype ai _ Pricing

Who can use

  • Content Creators (Freelancers, SEOs, email marketers, and social media managers)
  • Marketers
  • Startups
  • Product managers
  • Agencies

I’m quite impressed with its features, Quality of content, and UI  but not much impressed with its pricing plans. The absence of a long-form AI content tool also makes me think as a blogger. But if you’re okay with these two things, then there is no question to go with 


8. ClosersCopyA Perfect Choice For Marketers & Copywriters

I’ve been using ClosersCopy for a while now and I have to say that I am impressed. I am a blogger and copywriter who is always on the lookout for new tools and ways to create high-quality content. ClosersCopy is one of those tools that help me do just that. 

The AI tool is capable of writing at an advanced level and it helps me write niche-specific content based on my keyword research. 

I was a bit skeptical about this tool, but after using it for a few weeks and seeing the results, I’m completely sold. You can set this tool to create long-form content for you in a few minutes, and it always generates original, high-quality content. It’s also a lot more affordable than hiring writers to write your content, and it’s a lot faster than doing it yourself.

Its dashboard is very simple, intuitive, and clean. You can navigate to different-2 tools from the left sidebar. 

Writing dashboard - ClosersCopy

For example, if you want to generate long-form content for your blog, then click the ‘’LONG-FORM” option from the sidebar, enter a brief or a few talking points and click the “Write for me” button. 

Within a few seconds, ClosersCopy’s AI will produce content for you. You can add more subheadings to make your content more in-depth, compelling, and helpful for your readers. 

It supports over 125+ languages to help you produce multilingual content. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Similar to, ClosersCopy also doesn’t use GPT-3. It uses its own proprietary AI that is capable of producing high converting irresistible sales and marketing copy. 
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 50+ AI Templates including BlogAI, StoryAI, and SalesAI
  • Email and 12K community support
  • A complete video training course to learn how to use CC
  • It supports over 125+ languages 
  • Drag and Drop Builders
  • Get SEO audits and planner reports
  • Longform content generator. (Best suited for freelancers and bloggers)

Who can use ClosersCopy?

  • Email Marketers 
  • Social Media Managers
  • Short form content
  • Agencies

ClosersCopy Pricing

  • Power – $49.99/month; 300 AI runs, 2 users
  • Superpower – 79.99/month; Unlimited AI writing & unlimited SEO updates, 3 users 
  • Superpower squad – 99.99/month; 5 users 

Pricing - ClosersCopy.jpg

SalesAI and storyAI tools are what make it quite unique from others. Moreover, its lifetime deal saves you 30%. In my opinion, it’s the best AI copywriting tool for copywriters and marketers who want to produce Sales copy. 


9. INK for All:  A really simple AI copywriter for small bloggers and copywriters

With over 65+ AI writing tools, INK_for_all is one of the most powerful AI copywriting tools available on the list. 

To get started, first head over to INK_for_all official website, create an account and click “AI WRITING” from the top-left side. It takes you to a page where all AI writing tools are listed. You just need to choose one out of 65 and start creating a draft. 

For instance, I want to produce a long-form blog post. So, I’ll select “LONG-FORM WRITING” from the list. And it takes me to the AI document writing area. 

INK AI writing tool dashboard.jpg

Now, here I need to enter a title… let’s suppose, I want to write about “What is an AI copywriting tool?” and hit that pink button that says “AI write”…

Within a few seconds, AI writes down a human-like paragraph in less than 10 seconds. However, it requires a little human touch to make it even more compelling, but it won’t take you more than 10 – 20 seconds. 


INK AI writing example

However, it has nothing much to say in terms of features as it has 65+ AI writing tools that are more than enough to produce high-end blog articles and ad copies. 

But there is one thing that set this tool apart from others its 8 Grammar check tools. 

  • Noun checker
  • Passive voice checker
  • Conjunction checker 
  • Adverb checker 
  • Verb finder
  • Pronoun checker
  • Preposition checker
  • Interjection checker

These small grammar tools can help you make your copy error-free. 



  • Unlimited AI Text Rewriting (this feature is also available with the free version)
  • 65+ AI writing tools
  • 5,000 AI words per month for free 
  • Long-form AI writer 
  • Chrome extension
  • Email support 
  • You can get access to premium features like keyword search volume, SEMrush/Ahref integration, content planning, SEO optimization, and more if you upgrade to a premium plan.

INK for All Pricing

INK ai writer comes with two plans. One is the “INK suit free” plan and the second one is the “INK suit professional” plan. 

INK suite free plan has some basic features with limited functionality. But you can always upgrade to a professional plan and add tons of premium features and tools that can help you cope with writer’s block. 

INK ai writer pricing

Who can use INK_for_All?

  • Beginner content writers & bloggers 
  • Social media managers; especially Facebook 

After testing this tool for almost a week, I would say that it’s a great choice for new bloggers and content writers who have a limited budget but still want the most possible features to supplement their content writing process. 


10. – Best for Micro niche bloggers or small content writers project dashboard.jpg is dedicated to providing you with unique content that is ready to be used easily and quickly. It is best at producing tons of short-form content, which you can expand later on or hand over to a writing team.

AI-Writer touts itself as SEO-friendly, producing fresh, relevant copy, and it can save 50% of your time on the writing front. 

To get started, first head over to the “Research & Write” option from the top-left sidebar. Here you have to input the subject title, and an AI within the software scrapes relevant information from the internet and generates 500 or more words of articles in 5 minutes. However, you can increase the set of the number of words AI can write. 

Once you have a beautifully written article, you can go to “SEO EDITOR” and optimize your content for SEO. You can even add more subheadings to your article by simply using “Subtopic Discoverer”. 


  • Clean interface, easy to use & navigate 
  • Starting at $29/month
  • Content Research 
  • Article Rewriting 
  • SEO Editor 
  • Subtopic Discoverer Pricing 

  • Basic – $29/month; 40 pieces of content per month
  • Standard – $59/month; 150 pieces of content per month
  • Power – $375/month; 5 users + 1000 pieces of content per month

Who can use

  • Micro niche bloggers and freelancers 
  • Not a good choice for copywriters & marketers 

AI-WRITER.COM pricing_.jpg

AI-Writer is best suited for bloggers who want to generate short -from content. One thing I like about this tool is its “Research & Writer” which allows you to produce content within 5 minutes. But it’s not a great option for professional bloggers/marketers/copywriters as it lacks AI templates and advanced features. 

11. Copymatic

Copymatic ai writing tool

Copymatic is also one of the smartest ai writing tools you can use to generate content. with over 70+ AI-powered templates, Copymatic can generate almost anything from Website titles to the About us page.

An example of a “BLOG title generator”. (I ask Copymatic to generate a blog post title about “transcription jobs from home”. And here are the results. You can get up to 8 title ideas but I have set it to 3 ideas only. )

Copymatic blog title generator

On top of all, you can generate a complete landing page, find SEO keyword ideas, and write high-converting emails to engage with your leads.

One of the best things about Copymatic is its user interface. It’s very intuitive and you can find 70+ tools right in front of your dashboard.

Let’s talk about the top features of Copymatic…


  • Article Generator — Turn a title and outline into long-form content
  • Article Rewriter — Rewrite existing content in seconds
  • Blog Post Writer — The most advanced AI Writing assistant to write blog articles in minutes
  • Landing Page — Copymatic AI-powered landing page builder helps you create unique landing pages for your business in seconds — no writing, designing or coding required.
  • SEO Keyword IDEAS –  Find the best SEO keyword ideas for your next blog post
  • Easy to use, Intuitive user interface with 70+ AI templates.
  • Personal BIO – It can help you come up with interesting Bios for social media profiles.
  • As an email marketer, you can use Copymatic to generate cold emails, welcome emails, follow-up emails, cancellation emails, and confirmation emails.
  • 1500 Words for free – try Copymatic today!

Copymatic features

Copymatic Pricing

Copymatic has two pricing plans…

  • Starter Plan: $29/month; 1000 Credits
  • Pro pan: $49/month; Unlimited Credits

Copymatic pricing

Who can use Copymatic?

Copymatic is best suited for bloggers, social media managers, marketers, freelancers, and content creators to generate all kinds of content with ease.

I have used Copymatic for more than a week and I’m 100% satisfied with the quality of content and ease of this ai writing tool. If I were to list the top 5 AI copywriting tools, Copymatic would be on the list. I recommend you try Copymatic no matter what type of content you want to generate.



So, here you have 10 amazing AI writing tools that can 5-10X your writing process. 

Whatever your choice of AI writing tools, the writing process becomes much more streamlined and quick. You can simply focus on developing its substance and let the tools take care of all the content writing and optimization. And because they are backed by artificial intelligence, they require little effort from you. 

So, are you ready? If so, Which one of these AI writing tools would you like to use to automate your content production process? Let me know in the comment section…

The "Ultimate Blogging Toolkit" is a FREE ebook contains a list of 100+ tools that pro bloggers and affiliate marketers use to grow their blogs or websites.

More AI Writing Tools (Editor's Choice)


frase-io logo

With, you can produce long-form content within an hour. It comes with all essential tools and features that can help you with researching, briefing/outlining, writing, and optimising. Best for bloggers, Freelancers, editors, and Writers.

All In One

Jasper helps you write an in-depth article, create a high converting ad copy for your marketing campaign, and generate product descriptions in minutes. Just give a little context to Jasper and its AI will do the rest. The only downside is that it's quite expensive

80+ AI Templates

writesonic logo


Writesonic claims to be the world’s most powerful AI content generator tool which can write 1500 words in 15 seconds. From students to freelancers to bloggers to marketers, anyone can create high quality content with Writesonic.

Beginner friendly logo

Rytr is powered by state-of-the-art language AI which is capable of creating high-end unique content in minutes. It collects content from around the web, synthesis it with its own knowledge, and creates unique content for the client.

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