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Magic Ears Review

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Are you a recent college graduate or ESL teacher? Do you want to make money online while working from home? If so, then this is one of the best online jobs available on the internet for native English speakers.

Magic Ears is a company based in China that hires native English speakers from North America to teach 4-12 years old kids. As a teacher at Magic Ears, You will be teaching English as a second language (ESL) to students in China. 

You can work full-time hours and earn up to $26 per hour. The pay rate depends on your experience level and the number of students you are assigned to teach.

So, if you are interested in earning extra income by teaching English online, then continue reading this Magic Ears review. 

In this review, I’ll cover everything about the company, its benefits, how it works, what you need to do to apply, and more. 

So, let’s start with a little introduction to Magic Ears…


What Is “Magic Ears”?

Magic Ears is an online education platform that offers teachers like you the opportunity to teach English to children in China. It was founded in 2016 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

The company provides all the necessary training & guidance to help you become a successful teacher. They also provide ongoing support throughout the entire process. 

It provides a unique 1-on-4 classroom that creates a fun learning environment for both students and teachers. Students learn through games, videos, and other fun activities.

Earlier, Magic Ears was only a valid option for USA and Canadians. But now they are allowing native speakers from around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you live outside North America, you can apply as long as you are a Native English Speaker. 

Since the company and the students are based in China, the teachers are required to give lessons in Beijing time. They pay up to $26 (US dollars) per hour and provide their teachers with lesson materials.


Magic Ears Application Process

Magic Ears Teacher recruitment process.jpg

As mentioned above, Magic Ears is not just another online tutoring service. Instead, it is a platform where people who speak English as a second language can find teaching opportunities.

The Magic Ears application process has 4 steps. 

#1. Basic Info

In the first step, they ask you for your name, citizenship, date of birth, and contact number.

Magic Ears Teacher registration form basic info

In the next step, you need to enter the teaching information

Magic Ears Teaching information step

Enter further information

Magic Ears further information step.jpg

After submitting the application, they ask you to check 2 days later to see

Magic ears registration process.jpg

Once you fill out this information, you need to wait for 2 days to see your application process. Based on the criteria, they’ll decide whether or not you are eligible. if you are not, you couldn’t continue the Teacher Application Process. 


#2. Mini Demo – Live Interview 5-8 mins, Recorded Demo 3-5 mins.

 If you get qualified, they ask you for scheduling a 20 minutes interview where they ask you a few questions like…

  • Do you have a teaching certification?
  • Have you taught before/about your teaching experience?
  • Have you studied English before?
  • How many years of teaching experience do you have?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to teaching?
  • Are you willing to move to China?
  • Can you teach Chinese kids?
  • Will you be able to handle 4-12 years kids?

Here are a few tips to succeed with your mini demo 

  1. Answer the question clearly. Make sure you answer every single question.
  2. Focus on your strengths. You should highlight those things that make you good at teaching.
  3. Speak slowly 
  4. Show enthusiasm. Smile and show some energy.

You can either schedule a live interview or submit a recorded demo. In most cases, it’s highly recommended to schedule a live interview for a higher chance of approval.

#3. Trial Demo – 10-20 mins

During the trial demo, you’ll be asked to teach a short lesson and receive feedback from your trainer. You’ll get a chance to teach the course again implementing the feedback you’ve received.

Once you have passed the Mini Demo stage you will be sent an e-mail by Magic Ears containing some training videos and an invitation for your Trial Demo. A demo lesson lasts approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Don’t be discouraged if you fail the trial demo. Your Manager will give feedback and you will be able to repeat the trial demo.


#4. Background check & Contract signing:

After you have passed the Trial Demo stage, you will need to go through a criminal background check. After passing the background check, you can sign your contract and become a Magic Ears teacher. Contracts are valid for 6 months.


Magic Ears Teacher Requirements:

  • Proficient Native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree
  • 120/Hr ESL Certification
  • Experience teaching children ages 3-12
  • One year of teaching experience
  • Must have an active email account
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have no history of mental illness
  • Have a high level of motivation
  • Have a desire to help others
  • Have a passion for education and learning
  • A stable internet connection; 20 mbp/s for download and 10 mbp/s for upload
  • A desktop/laptop, headset with a microphone
  • HD webcam 


Qualifications and Hiring Process


Magic Ears hiring process

Magic Ears Pros:

  • Flexible schedules (flexible hours)
  • Classes are usually 25 minutes long
  • You can earn up to $26 per hour.
  • No doctor’s sick note is required
  • Interactive classes
  • Peak Magic Ear Hours are between 7 – 8.30 pm BST (British Summer Time), but depending on where you live in North America, you might be teaching in the morning or late at night.
  • Excellent cancellation policy
  • High standards


Magic Ears Cons: 

  • It takes time to build up your reputation as a teacher.
  • You must be open 10 slots a week.
  • Not for non-native speakers.


Magic Ears Peak Teaching Times 

MagicEars has created a more effective scheduling system for teachers.

To work with most children’s school schedules, Magic EARS has teaching hours from 5 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays are usually pretty open (9 am to 9 pm). Considering the students will be at home and can take classes anytime.


Is Magic Ears legit?

Yes!  Magic Ears is 100% legit. Magic Ears is one of the best online jobs out there. They pay well, they offer flexible schedules, and they have a great support team. The only downside is that it does require a lot of patience.


How Much Do you Make with Magic Ears?

The average hourly rate is around $22-$26/hr. However, this depends on the performance and availability of teachers.


Magic Ears FAQ

1. How Long Is The Magic Ears Hiring Process?

It takes 2 weeks to complete the entire application process.


2. How Long Is The Teaching Contract?

Magic Ears offers a 6-month teaching contract. There is no minimum number of classes required to be offered during this time frame. Once your contract expires, you’ll get a performance review to determine if a new contract will be given to you.


3. How Often Do They Pay?

You will receive payments every 10th of the month. For example, your February income would be paid on March 10th.


4. Do They Give Raises?

Usually, magic ears offer a raise when it’s time to renew your contract. This is based on your teaching experience.


5. What If I’m Late To Class?

If the teacher doesn’t arrive at the classroom two minutes before the scheduled start time, then the class will be transferred automatically to the next available standby teacher.

For consecutive classes, they will be transferred after only fifteen seconds.

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