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How To Get Paying Customers Neil Patel’s Interview with Tai Lopez

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In today’s session, I’m going to list out a few secrets Neil Patel shares in the interview with Tai Lopez.

This was such a great talk where both industry leaders unleash quick hacks that you probably don’t find elsewhere. And by the way, you’re going to love Neil Patel’s quick hacks. So stick with me till the end.

Let’s start with the first hack…

1st Hack – How to Get ‘Paid Customers’ to Your Business

This is by far the most demanding question that comes from all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s a Drop-Shipping business, social media marketing, or a digital marketing agency.

With this in mind, Tai Lopez asks a question to Neil Patel, ‘How do you use Instagram to get customers?’

And this is what he said?

The best thing to do this by following people, individuals, or entrepreneurs who have less than 10K followers on Instagram. And if you engage with their content and leave a thoughtful comment, they will feel more personal because they barely get any engagement.

The reason why he said this because most successful tech entrepreneurs do not specialize in social media management so it is way easier to build one on one relationship with them than someone who has over 100K followers.

In short, go small and go after people who have money. Because a lot of successful entrepreneurs have very few followers on social media but they can be your potential customers.


2nd Hack – What Kind Of Service Do You Prefer For A Digital Marketing Agency To Offer?

For any digital marketing agency, the easiest way to make 6 figures a month is by doing Paid Ad Management or Pay-per-click advertising management.

In fact, Facebook generated about 97.9% of total revenue just from advertising in 2020. (

Facebook ad revenue 2020

Similarly, about 80% of the total revenue of Google comes from google ads.

Did you see it? How big the advertising market is. And how much potential revenue it can generate for your business.

So if you’ve decided to jump into it, you can use a simple hack to offer a better deal for your client.

HERE it is…

What you can you do is…take the 10% – 15% of total ad spend to make significant profits.

For example, if a client is ready to hand you over $100K on ad spend… so what you can do is keep 10% of the total spend and increase the ROI. Even if you increase it by 20% – 30%, you can take up to 10% of the total ad spending.

Let’s say the current ROI is 150% and you increase it by 50%, it’s a 50% growth for the company that you are managing ads for. So you can easily take 10% – 20% of total ad spend which is a whopping $10K – $20K just from one client.

So this could be a great revenue model that can generate good profits for your marketing agency.

Well here are more PPC ad management revenue models which your clients going to love.


3rd Hack – What’s the Hack to Start Your Own PPC Ad Marketing Agency If You Don’t Know How to Do It?

Well, Google has a complete digital marketing program which you can join here to Master Digital marketing.

With this, you can learn the basics of digital marketing, Master Google ads to reach new customers, learn to hit your marketing goals, how to manage campaigns with google ad manager, and get certified in google ads.

Once you get certified, you are in a better position to start managing google ad campaigns.

Although Facebook doesn’t offer any free training courses, you can go to its business support center to learn how to get started with Facebook ads.

To get certified, you can take their entry-level Facebook digital marketing exam. This 90 minutes exam is ideal for entry-level marketers, including students and job seekers.

You can use these resources to help you get certified.


4th Hack – How would you start selling online? (Ex: T-shirt, kitchen appliances)

Suppose, you’re running a T-shirt e-commerce business and want to produce more sales. So, how can you do it?

See what Neil Patel says about it…

First, go to google trends and find what is up and coming. And then you go find products having a higher index in Google trends… (Popular searches)

You then go to amazon and type in the product name and if you don’t see a ton of options then go and create it.

Here the great thing is that you don’t need to invest money in advertising/paid promotions.

Because the product is already in demand so… the sales come to you automatically. All you need to do is…Just find a Drop-shipper and BOOM!

In fact, he shares a story of a 30 years old guy who went from $0 – $48 million dollars following the same steps discussed above.


5th Hack – What People Need to Know About Trends And Investment?

1st – If you invest money in bitcoin, ethereum, stock market, or real estate, you need to think of long-term strategies. Because trends are up and down all the time. If it’s up today but can go down the next day as well.

The reason why Neil said it because if you go with short-term strategies, you become emotional. You keep looking on charts and if it’s in your favor, you feel good and if it’s down, you feel bad. And it builds up stress over time.

So focus on long-term strategies.

The second hack for investing money – if you don’t know shit about investing, then start investing in real estate.

6th – The Simple Hack to Make Money Online

Having one super-power (Skill) can literally make you a lot of money online.

Let’s say if you are great at Facebook or Google marketing, so what you can do is to find the companies doing PAID advertising and find the CEO of those companies and contact them.

You can write like this…

Hey {company’s CEO},

I know you’re really busy. You’re spending a ton of money on Facebook/Google ads because you are team doesn’t know how to get the traffic attraction organically. I can solve that for you!

If you can…Please forward this over to the marketing incharge so that I never waste your time anymore.


{Your name}

If you do so, you have a great chance of having high-paying clients for your marketing agency.

That’s it for today!

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