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How To Buy A Domain Things To Know Before You Register New Domain

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Are you planning to buy a domain? Then make sure you read this guide till the end.

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to buy a new domain name and some tips that you must know before you register a new domain.

Ok, let’s get started…

Let’s dive into it…

Buying a domain name is not hard. All you need is a cheap domain registrar sites. I will list out some popular and affordable domain registrar companies in a minute. Sit tight…

#1. Things to know before registering a domain

If you want better results, then you must be aware of these things

For what purpose you want a domain?

Initially, you have to figure out that for what purpose you want to purchase a domain. It could be your business or maybe a simple informational blog.

If you choose a domain name for your business or blog then keep a few things in your mind: –

  1. The domain name should be self-explanatory because it helps unknowns to understand the purpose of your business.
  2. Never register a domain that has already trademarked.
  3. Do some research to get some domain name ideas within your industry
  4. Keep your domain short
  5. Your brand’s domain name shouldn’t contain slang words
  6. Try to include the main keyword or semantic word because it could help your business to appear in the search results quickly. But don’t go with EDMs (Exact match domain) because they are losing rankings
  7. Don’t use any particular character, hyphen or dashes. Keep your domain simple, short and catchy
  8. Keep your domain privacy protected

#2. Cheap domain registration sites

A ‘good domain provider’ must have the following qualities: –

  1. Domain provider must be powerful enough to manage Domain name system (DNS).
  2. Dedicated support whenever customer need help
  3. The dashboard must be fully transparent
  4. Domain transfer facility so that you can easily transfer your domain to another domain registrar

There are plenty of domain registrar sites where you can buy domains, but all are not good. Let me list out some of the cheapest domain registration sites where you can go and purchase a domain at a lower price.


A simple trick to buy a cheap domain is to apply the promo code and don’t forget to check all domain registrars to get the better deal.

It is beneficial because many times I’ve gotten my domain only for $5 after applying promo code which saves me up to 50%.

A few facts about a domain name that you must know

  • The most expensive domain name is com. The estimated worth is 90 million dollar
  • com is the world’s largest domain registrar company
  • All three character domains have been taken
  • A proper domain can improve CTR, brand awareness and trust
  • According to, Google gives extra value to a domain with .org extension

Now let’s come to the main discussion…

#3. Step by step guide to buying a cheap domain name

  1. First of all, head to any domain provider and check for availability of your domain.
  2. Once you’ve found the suitable domain, the next step is to check the purchasing price
  3. Now, go and check the price on other sites to know the cheap domain provider
  4. You know the cheapest domain provider company; now it’s time to search for the promo code to save extra bucks. All you need to do is search for promo codes on Google and try to apply them.
  5. If you’ve enough budget, then you can purchase your WHOIS privacy
  6. Finally, add your credit/debit card and place your order.

That’s it… You have successfully purchased a domain.

#4. Domain extension (Top level domain) – A good extension perform better for your business

Every domain contains three entities. The first entity is ‘Http’, which a protocol. The second one (www) is a subdomain and the last entity (.com, .org, .co etc.) is TLD (top level domain).

Domain syntax:    Protocol://subdomain.yourdomainname.TLD

Now the question is, does TLD impact the quality of a domain?

My answer is yes Because TLD helps distinguish a brand, a company, an organisation, government authority site from a general purpose site.

A user can easily differentiate the geological location of a business or service without going through that domain name.

For example, Forbes has various extensions. Like for Poland, for Romania etc.

Now I think you have understood what the importance of TLD is.

In case, if you’re confused, then you can read furthermore to understand…

  1. .com is the standard used TLD. You can use this for all purposes excepting government and educational sites
  2. If you’re running an online business with multiple geolocations, then consider adding extra domains with their corresponding geological TLDs (Also known as ccTLD). For example, for India, for France and for Romania
  3. .edu and .gov are the two most potent TLDs which develop the trust and credibility faster than any other TLDs
  4. Don’t use suspicious TLDs like .xyz and .abc etc.
  5. New TLDs like .club, .pizza, and .fun are more descriptive and help users to understand what the domain is all about. In most cases, it has been found that it allows domains to rank better in Google. But according to Google, All TLDs has the same potential of rankings.
  6. If your business is targeted to the specific country, then go with ccTLD (country code top-level domain).


A domain name is a primary need to consider your business online. If you’re running a business without taking it online, then you are losing a lot of audience for sure.

It means you can’t ignore the power of the internet. You need a domain to capture a massive crowd for your business which leads to customers and sales.

Don’t worry if you are confused; I have covered all the necessary information that could be essential for you to come up with a suitable domain name.

Please take a look at this Recap: –

  • First thing first, Analyze the business domain that matches your product or services
  • Check for domain availability
  • Learn the effect of TLDs
  • Compare all other popular domain provider sites to see the cheapest one
  • Search for a coupon code
  • Apply code and check out your order

I hope you learn something new from this guide if so then make sure to share it on social media sites to let your friends know about this guide.

Have any query? Feel free to ask [Leave your comment below]

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