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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

Business ideas

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There are thousands of opportunities to help you establish a million-dollar home business.

And in this post, I’m going to share with you the five best million-dollar Home business ideas that you can start right away and earn at least a million dollars in a year.


1. Solve A Problem

Build something that can solve a problem.

The problem could be anything. For example, you can help other businesses create the best videos advertising to bring more sales.


Solve minor problems that people encounter daily. For that, you need to think of a problem as a business opportunity. This is how an entrepreneur thinks.

And the cool thing is that you don’t need to invest huge money, you can start from $10000, $1000 or even with a $100. It depends on the idea that you have come up with.

There are so many business examples that can inspire you to take one step ahead and start your one-person business.

A few million-dollar businesses examples


It is a product packaging business owned by Apurva Batra that makes food and other grocery products packages.

It is a one-person million-dollar business started in 2015, and in its first year, it reached 1 million dollars annual revenue.

Have you ever imagined that this simple problem can bring a million-dollar revenue? Isn’t it cool!

2. Shemassian Academic Consulting

Shirag Shemmassian runs a college admission consulting business to help college students with interview preparation and planning application essays.

They are helping students get accepted by America’s top colleges, medical, and law schools.

And now, this business is bringing over a million-dollar revenue a year.

Did you see? These businesses are helping people by all means.

So, if you also want to start a successful online business from home, you need to think about generic problems and then figure out the proper solution to the problem.

The rough idea to start a million-dollar business from home 

  • Look for the problems that the majority of people are encountering in their daily life
  • Try to find out the definite solutions
  • Draw your business model
  • Calculate the finance and investments.
  • Set up your business
  • Know the audience and marketing penetration
  • And learn to grow your business



Create something that can help people socially. OR develop a technology that can help society.


 Rapes, accidents, local cleaning, health, etc. are common issues people encounter daily. You can take the responsibility to help your society.

Let’s say if you want to develop something that can fight against rape, then, first of all, you need to figure out the root cause of rapes.

If you dig deep down, you’ll develop a better solution. And once you have the solution and a fully-formed idea, you are ready to execute it.

The idea could be anything. For example, you can make a dress with some technology that can somehow save the victims.

Believe me; if you can develop something like this, you will be the next millionaire.

You need to think creatively. That’s it.


3. Domain Availability Auto Tracker Tool

A domain availability auto tracker tool could be a great home business idea.

It’s a simple script that checks the availability of the domain every second and sends an email if THE DOMAIN is available.

You can create a tool that allows users to look for the most profitable business domain names.

This tool can provide the domain availability service to help users flip domains, find the best domains, etc.

Mike Carson is a good example who introduced as a domain name back ordering service to help businesses and individuals to get their business name right in their inbox.

And this company has managed to grow revenue up to $125K monthly revenue, and it’s over $1.5M annual income.

Isn’t it cool?


4. Bring Money Opportunities For Small Or New Bloggers

It’s another million-dollar home business idea that could be the best option for bloggers.

If you are a successful blogger with loyal readers, you can start with this.

You need to help small bloggers, and they will help you in return.

SEE how:

Let’s suppose you have a “write for us” service that allows small bloggers to write on your blog.

Here, you can offer small bloggers $50 or $100 for every approved article they write for your blog. But at the same time, you can ask bloggers to pay $10 per month as a subscription charge to your blog.

Now let’s come to the business…

Now imagine that 100 bloggers buy your subscription. And you have got the 100 blog submissions, but 5 out of 100 have the approval.

As 100 bloggers have bought your subscription, the total is 100*$10 = $1000. So you have this much money in your inventory.

Only five bloggers got the approval; 5*$100 = so $500 will be paid.

The rest of it ($1000 – $500 = $500) is yours.

As an example, you can have a better strategy to earn even more by giving more.

And the cool thing is that your blog is now automated because you don’t need to write content for your blog. 

If you scale up this business, you can earn a good passive income.

Like this, you can offer more services to help small bloggers earn money.

For example, you can sell video blogging courses, sell e-books, and podcasts.



5. Productize People’s Interests

Are you clueless? Don’t worry; you still have choices that can help you start a million-dollar business from home.

You need to “observe people’s interests and productize them.”

For example, people love entertainment, and you can develop a device to entertain people.


You know that people want to save time…. So you can productize people’s ideas and develop software or device to aid their work and improve productivity.

There are enormous ideas you can productize and develop profitable businesses from home.


6. Drone Videography (It’s not a home business idea)

It’s not a perfect home business idea but still an excellent idea for a photographer or videographer to capture landscape, nature, and scenery. 

First, you need to get certified to use a drone for commercial purposes. (Everything you need to about drone flying in India)

Like a car, you need a drone driving license to fly it legally. Once you’re legally certified, you’re ready to purchase a good videography drone. 

It has extensive business opportunities, including filmmaking, drone photography, architectural & industrial inspection business, small products delivery business, and more.


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Over To You

Here you have five million dollar home-based business ideas that can bring you yearly revenue up to $1M.

I have shared a few examples that can be useful for you.

For starting a profitable business, you need to understand a real problem and solve the problem on a bigger scale.

Are these business ideas helpful? Let me know in the comment section…

Love this guide, do share it on social media platforms.


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