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Beginner's Guide To Start A Blog

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Who says you can’t make enough money with freelancing? 

Well, for today’s blog post, I thought it would be nice to let my readers know about some of the freelance skills or work-from-home jobs that can pay you up to $120 per hour.

Sure, you may already know of some, like machine learning and content writing but there are more options than just them.

So here are the 13 best freelance skills that you can earn up to $100K per year. 

So are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started…


Best Freelance Skills

  1. Intellectual property law 
  2. Cocoa programming 
  3. API Documentation 
  4. Industrial design
  5. Wireless network implementation 
  6. Korean Translation 
  7. Voice talent 
  8. Tableau Software
  9. Financial writing 
  10. Machine learning 
  11. Book cover designing 
  12. Financial modeling
  13. Instructional design



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1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW (Earn $120 – $200/hr.)

Intellectual property law service is the highest-paying freelancing service on this list.

As it’s a legal consulting service, I suggest you don’t offer this service without having legal proficiency.

There are different-2 roles you can serve to your clients as per their requirements.

Clients can hire you for the following jobs

  1. Intellectual property law
  2. Contract law
  3. Corporate law
  4. Patent law
  5. Legal writing
  6. Trademark consulting
  7. Copyright law

The more skills you have, the more clients are likely to hire you.

Now let’s talk about earnings…

As I said, intellectual property law is the highest-paying freelancing service. So as per my research, I’ve found that this skill can earn you up to $300 per hour.

If you don’t believe me, then check out this screenshot taken from UDMEY.

Intellectual property law freelancer UDMEY profile

Did you see that?

Isn’t it cool!

If you have this skill, then you can start your legal freelancing business and earn from $30-$300 per hour.

And the yearly earnings are somewhere around $100k – $200k /yr.


Helpful Resouces –


2. COCOA PROGRAMMING (Earn $30 – $60/hr.)

According to Wikipedia, “COCOA is the APPLE’S native object-oriented API (Application Programming Interface).”

It’s a framework that let you develop applications for MAC and iOS.

With the demand for COCOA programmers higher than ever and the average hourly rate being around $30 – $60, it’s a clear indication that you must be good at COCOA.

And if you have been learning and practicing it for years then you have a better chance of making money as a COCOA developer.

You can start the COCOA freelancing business from home and earn up to $60 per hour.

And after doing a little math I got to know that you can earn $80k – $100k per year with this skill.



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Not just that, you can even make money uploading videos on YouTube, asking questions on quora, and helping a gamer posting content on his YouTube channel.

These are just a few examples of social media jobs you can do to earn up to $500 each week.

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3. API DOCUMENTATION (Earn $35 – $80/hr.)

As the name suggests, API documentation is a technical content deliverable, with instructions about how to work with API.

It contains variables, function type, return type, classes, arguments, and more.

For this you need to be a technical writer, no programming skill is required. But a technical writer with programming skills is good for you.

If you are an experienced technical writer and can create API documentation then post your job profile on different freelancing platforms like UPWORK, UDMEY, FREELANCER, and FIVERR.

The average earnings vary from $35 to $80 per hour. Yearly income is around $60k – $100k.


4. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN ($35 – $50/hr.)

Industrial designing is now on-demand now and many companies hire design experts for 3D modeling, product designing, 3D rendering, graphic design, and packaging design.

If you have such expertise then you can earn money working from home.


  • Concept development
  • Product development
  • Technical drawings: CAD modeling, sell sheets, 3D modeling, 2D and 3D drawing patterns, Planogram.
  • The CAD (Computer-aided design)
  • Prototype

With this, you can earn $35 – $50 per hour. Yearly income will be around $70k – $100k

Helpful Resouces –




To become a successful wireless network engineer, you need to know all aspects of network technology.

Being a WNI engineer, you should be able to research, design, and implement wireless networks.

Moreover, making recommendations for wireless network optimization and documenting network infrastructure are also some of the other duties.

By offering this freelancing skill, you can earn up to $35 – $50 per hour and $70k – 85k per year.


6. KOREAN TRANSLATION (Earn $40 – $60/hr.)

It’s another one of the best freelance skills to help businesses translate English content into Korean.

If you are fluent in both English and Korean, then you can offer Korean translation services and earn money.

You can earn $40 – $70 per hour and $35k – 60k per year.

Helpful Resources –


7. VOICE-OVER TALENT (Earn $100 – $150/hr.)

Do you have voice talent? If yes, then you are in luck.

In fact, Voice over freelancing service is the second highest paying freelancing skill.

The good thing is that you don’t need any degree or professional qualification to venture into a freelancing VOICE-over artist.

As a professional voice TALENT, you are expected to possess certain qualities like clarity, mimicking, and consistency.

With this, you can earn up to $90k – $150k yearly.



8. TABLEAU SOFTWARE (Earn $35-$100/hr.)

TABLEAU is the fastest-growing tool that helps businesses in data visualization, simplifying the raw data into an understandable format.

It’s a business intelligence and analytical software. It has become a leader in data visualization.


  • You must have the ability to create powerful visualizations from any type of data
  • Process and synthesize large data size
  • Good communication skills

As the demand for TABLEAU development has tremendously increased, you can earn $35 – $100 per hour.

And if I talk about yearly income, then it goes close to $100k, if done professionally. However, the average yearly income would be at least $50,000.


9. FINANCIAL WRITING (Earn $50 – $100/hr.)

Financial writers help businesses and individuals create content about financial markets, the economy, and similar kinds of stuff.

To become a finance writer, you must be good at communication and have proficiency in the financial field.

It would be better if you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, journalism, technical writing, management, or economics.


  • Financial auditing
  • Budgeting
  • Money management
  • Saving and cash flow
  • You must be aware of all compliance policies of the finance
  • Financial analysis, management, planning, and reporting
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Taxation planning and reporting
  • Time and money value

With this, you can earn $50 – $100 per hour.


Helpful Resource –

How to become a freelance Writer (Beginner’s Guide)


10. MACHINE LEARNING (Earn $30 – $70/hr.)

Nowadays more people are involved in machine learning. And you are also one of them.

To become an expert in machine learning, you need to have good knowledge of computer science and programming.

It includes algorithms, trees, graphs, dynamic programming, and more.
Machine learning is used with artificial intelligence which helps systems or computers to do tasks like recognition and diagnosis.

ML helps the computer to learn itself.


  • A great experience in Programming languages. (Like Python, java, c, c++)
  • Data analysis, Data Science, Data Processing, and Data visualization
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Natural processing language

With this, you can earn $50k to $ 80k per year.


11. BOOK COVER DESIGNING (Earn $25 – $40/hr.)

As more people are publishing their own books, the demand for cover design has increased tremendously.

And if you love designing covers, banners, and posters, then you would also love book cover designing.

A book cover is a combination of illustrations, design, color, and typography. If you are an experienced designer and know how to create a compelling book cover, then this job is for you.


  • Designing skills
  • Good command over designing tools like Photoshop.
  • Graphic Designing
  • Creative thinking

You can earn $25 – $40 per hour and $30k- $40k per year.



12. FINANCIAL MODELING (Earn $50 – $100/hr.)

If you have financial analysis and modeling skills then you can offer freelancing services from home and earn money hourly.

You’re required to have good proficiency in economics, business, taxes, accounting, finance, excel, and visuals.

Moreover, you also need to focus on income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements in order to make a better financial model.

With this work-from-home freelancing skill, you can earn $50 – $100 per hour and $50k to $100k per year.


13. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (Earn $30 – $50/hr.)

According to Wikipedia, “Instructional design (ID), also known as instructional systems design (ISD), is the practice of systematically designing, developing and delivering instructional products and experiences, both digital and physical, in a consistent and reliable fashion toward an efficient, effective, appealing, engaging and inspiring acquisition of knowledge”


  • You should be able to produce digital learning content, assessments, and platforms.
  • Writing skills
  • Web Designing
  • Learning and teaching background
  • Collaboration and planning
  • Graphic Designing

You can earn $60k – $70k per year.




Here are 13 high-paying work-from-home jobs or freelancing skills that you can learn to earn up to $200 per hour.

Whether you are an introvert or love to work from home, you can develop one of these skills and start educating others.

Now, it’s your turn…

Which one of these freelancing skills you are going to develop? Let me know in the comment section.

Love this guide? Do share on social media platforms.


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