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Amazon job opportunities

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

In this post, you’re going to find some best amazon job opportunities that can help you make an extra $500 – $1000 per month.

The great thing is that you can apply for any job easily as it doesn’t require you to prepare for competition or take paid courses.

All you need is dedication, a little bit of experience in the job area, and a few extra hours that you can put into the work.

These are not one or two, there are several opportunities. And most people don’t know about these job opportunities.

But don’t worry, I have come up with 8 lesser-known Amazon job opportunities that can help you earn a good income every month.



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So without further due, let’s dive into it…


Amazon’s trade-in program allows you to sell your old tech gadgets, devices, and electronics. And in return, they send you a shiny amazon gift card.

Still confused! Take this example…

Let’s suppose you have a smartphone that you bought in 2019 and now you want to sell it, then you can simply trade it on amazon under the trade-in program and earn money easily.

You can get the good value of any product listed below…

  • Smartphones
  • Electronics devices
  • Books
  • Video games

Now let’s talk about how you can make money selling old products on the amazon trade-in program.

The first step is to visit the amazon trade-in program. (Before that you must have an active amazon account.)

Once you are in, find the item or product you want to trade-in.

There are several trade-in categories like cell phones, video games, streaming players, Home security devices, kindle e-books, and tablets. Here you need to find the same product you are looking to trade in.

Once you find the right product, click the yellow “trade-in this item” button next to it.

As you click this, it will take you to the “select condition” page where you’re asked for the current condition of your product.

Once you describe the condition, it will give you an estimated value of your trade-in product. Which may vary accordingly.

The final thing they ask you is to make a decision whether or not your product looks as you described.

After you make a choice, hit the “continue” button. It takes you to the Amazon order summary where you can confirm trade-in.

And then, amazon sends you the confirmation message with a shipping level that you need to print.

And you are done…

After 10 business days, you’ll receive an Amazon gift card.

This is how you can use the amazon trade-in program to earn money from your old cell phones or even electronic devices.



DO you love drawing? If yes, then Amazon MERCH is here to help you.

MERCH allows people to design for amazon’s T-SHIRTS. Amazon takes your design and prints it on T-SHIRTS. And then they pay you a royalty every time someone buys a T-SHIRT with your printed design.

It’s one of the best amazon jobs from home that can pay you good money.

Let’s learn how you can use amazon MERCH to start earning…

(Please login or create a new account on for further processing.)

#1. First of all, visit AMAZON MERCH.

#2. Next, you need to request an invitation (This program is invite-only)

#3. Now upload your design. And then choose a product type, color, and product description.

#4. Lastly, Amazon picks your valid design and print on your selected T-SHIRTS and send them to millions of customers.

Every time customer buys the products, you will earn your royalties. The amount of royalty is based on the product price.

It may vary from $2 – $10 per product. For example, a $15.99 T-SHIRT can earn you a royalty of $2.21. (Check it out for more information)



There is one type of people who love to buy handcrafted goods and the second type of people who love to create handmade or DIY products.

If you fall in the second category? Then this amazon job opportunity is just for you.

It enables you to put your handcrafted products in front of millions of customers and lets you make money from home with your handmade products.

As Amazon has an artisan and audit process so you can’t apply for this amazon job opportunity unless you become an artisan.

To join Amazon handmade, follow these instructions…

  • First, VISIT amazon’s handmade
  • Apply to become an artisan
  • Create a seller central account and complete registration
  • Add your best products
  • Sale, sale, and sale $$$

No hidden fees, but when you make a sale, a 15% referral fee will be deducted.

Aside from that, you need to pay $39 each month to leverage this program to manage and grow your business.



Apart from Part-Time jobs, warehouse associates are also one of the best amazon job opportunities you can join as a full-time employee.

They hire full-time team members to pick up, pack, and ship customer orders.

Amazon used to pay $15 – $17/HR to warehouse associates.

As you are part of the Amazon team, your responsibility is to prepare customer orders.


  1. Manage product inventory
  2. Pick and pack orders.
  3. Product shipping
  4. Load boxes into the truck
  5. You’re required to have enough stamina to walk, stand, bend and push for 12 hours.
  6. Operate powered industrial equipment.

Basic qualifications:

  • High school or equivalent diploma
  • A resume and previous work experience are not required.



Influencer marketing is one of the MOST lucrative ways to make affiliate income.

It’s a pure passive income. You don’t need to move a damn muscle.

But wait…

It isn’t as easy as it sounds!

You need to become a social media influencer.

An influencer is someone who has enough power to compel people and their purchasing decisions.

And if you are an influencer, people will love your recommendations and are more likely to buy from you.

Amazon influencer program gives influencers a chance to make passive income by recommending the most valuable and reliable products to their audience.

You can connect the social account where you have the largest following. (This program is only for those who have verified social media accounts. It could be Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.)

Once you get accepted for this program, you can create a storefront (Get your own selling page on amazon) to share your products and get rewarded.

Best Practices To Get Accepted

  • You must have a verified social media account with a blue check.
  • As Amazon looks for engagement so buying fake followers won’t work anymore.



Amazon flex is a product delivery program that enables people to deliver products to customers.

Similar to other amazon job opportunities, it doesn’t require you a college degree.

You just need to have a driving license and also know how to drive carefully.

Basic Requirements

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You should be able to drive 4-wheelers like pickups and vans
  • The latest smartphone is required
  • A Driver license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Background check

If you’re eligible, you can apply to it and start making somewhere around $18- $20 per hour.



Amazon is the world’s most customer-centric company. In fact, they support customers from 75+ locations around the globe and growing rapidly.

Currently, they have over 300 amazon job openings and actively hiring experts for customer services.

If you are interested in this opportunity then you can apply for it.

It’s a vital position that requires you to be a: –

  • Action-oriented
  • Flexible problem solver
  • And should be able to correct post-sale problems

Basic requirements to check before you apply…

  • The minimum qualification is 10 + 2. Any graduate-level degree would be great.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Documentation skills
  • You should be able to work independently as well as with a team
  • Computer skills & Typing skills
  • Decision-making and time management.
  • Analytical problem solver



According to Wikipedia, “mTurk is a crowdsourcing website for businesses to hire remotely located “crowd workers” to perform discrete on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to do.”

mTurk helps businesses & individuals optimize efficiency, increase flexibility and reduce production and labor cost.

And if you want to help businesses and individuals through amazon, then mTurk is the best option for you.

(Note: currently not available in India and other countries. Check this out to learn more.)

Before applying, make sure you check these eligibility levels…

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be able to solve specific data processing problems.

Once you get your tasks approved, the money will be added to the MTurk account. Either you can withdraw your payment into your bank account or request for an amazon gift card.



So above I’ve listed the best amazon job opportunities that can bring you extra income with little to no experience.

And some of these jobs don’t require a college degree, only basic academics is enough. So it’s a great time to leverage the opportunities.

Now it’s your choice…

What do you think about these amazon job opportunities? Let me know in the comment section.

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