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Getting your videos professionally edited can be expensive. But here I have got a list of the 9 best Video Editing Apps that allows you to edit YouTube videos right from your smartphone. And can keep the editing cost low or even free.

If you’re yet to find video editing software, this list can give you the best choices.

So, let’s get started…


1. Kinemaster – Video Editor, Video Maker

(Available on Android and iOS)

Kinemaster video editing app for smartphone

Kinemaster is one of the best free video editing apps I used before to edit YouTube videos.

If you haven’t installed Kinemaster, make sure you do so. It’s so powerful!

The app comes with intuitive features that enable you to edit videos like a professional.

Its advanced features like Chroma Key, Green screen editing, audio control, and Keyframing can enhance your video appearance & quality. 

You can even add multiple layers of text, video effects, audio, stickers, and transitions.

In addition, you can adjust color, and audio, and reverse your video. Also, you can trim, and splice your video, and can also do green screen editing.

That’s all you can do just with your smartphone.

The free version of Kinemaster includes all essential features.  (Upgrade to pro for more advanced features.)


2. FilmoraGo – Video Editor, Video Maker for YouTube

(Available on Android and iOS)

FilmoraGo video editing app

It comes with easy-to-use editing features like video trimming, cutting, filtering, audio, and more.

These are the basic features that come with the free version of this app. But you can always add new features with the PRO version.

It’s a popular app that enables you to extract music from videos, and add a variety of text and fonts for subtitles.

Moreover, you can increase/decrease or speed up the audio. And you can also tweak with text, emojis, and stickers to make your video more intuitive.

FilmoraGo is a great option for creators of social media platforms like TIK – TOK, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and more.


3. PowerDirector

(Available on Android and iOS)

PowerDirector Mobile video app

One of the prominent video editing software is primarily known as the YouTube video editor app.

I’ve personally used PowerDirector’s android application. And it’s just incredible.

You can literally do professional video editing on your android or iPhone.

Although it’s a great application, you can even try its desktop version for extensions. Once you click the ‘Free download’ button on this page, it downloads a .exe file that further enables you to download the original PowerDirector software.

Once downloaded, you’re ready to install it to your windows operating system and start editing your videos.

Of the many alternatives to video editing software, PowerDirector has all the essential features that you could think of.

With its massive stock library, you can unleash your creativity and harness the power of this tool.

Its Enhanced mask designer tool can create hyper-realistic image composites. You can simply mask and cut images from one video and combine it with another video.

You can use dynamic keyframing to add video effects intuitively.

It enables you to do Green-Screen editing with its improved Chroma key engine and multi-key color sampling.

On top of it, its intuitive motion tracking feature ensures 100% object tracking accuracy.

After all, I would say, it’s one of the best video editing apps/software available for free.

But you can always try the premium version to uncover advanced features and also remove the watermark.


4. Action director

(Available on Android only)

ActionDirector free video editing app

If you’re a social media junkie and love to post videos frequently, then you probably looking for something that can edit videos on the go.

Although it’s not a premium tool, it’s by no means the simplest and most free video editing app either.

With this app, you can record videos, edit videos, and add music, and video effects on the go. And finally, share on social media platforms.

ActionDirector prides itself on creating an effect-rich viral action video.


5. Quick

(Available on Android and iOS)

Quick video editing app

Quick is a great solution for editing small social media-friendly videos.  Its immensely easy-to-use interface can help you create videos with just a few taps.

What makes it stand out is that it can even work with motion photos.

One of the more stand-out features of Quick is that it can analyze your video to select the great moments and also detects faces and colors to frame each photo correctly.

With this, you can also add text overlays, speed up or slow-motion your videos, and choose preferable video formatting for easy sharing on social media like Snapchat or Instagram.


6. Adobe Premiere Rush

(Available on Android and iOS)

Adobe Premiere rush app for video editing

Adobe Premiere Rush is made for Insta-reels and TIK-TOK videos.

Its built-in camera functionality enables you to shoot high-quality video right from the app.

Similar to other video editing apps, Adobe also loaded with all basic features like trimming, reverse, video playback speed, and video color customization.

You can crop videos for social media. Its user interface is truly intuitive to work with.


7. Motion Ninja – Pro Video Editor & Animation Maker

(Available on Android only)

Motion ninja free video app

Motion Ninja is another one of the best free video editing apps for android.

With its powerful features like Keyframing, PIP, transition, chroma key, and special effects, you can create Hollywood-style movies and edit videos like a pro director.

What separates Motion Ninja from others is its exclusive features like ‘After effect’ that can only be found in PC software.

Glitch, VHS and 100 more dazzling video effects can literally enhance your video presence. With this, you can give life to your imagination.

After all, if you’re really good at video editing, you can do wonders. The Pro version can even add more features to give you more options.


8. VivaCut – PRO Video Editor APP

(Available on Android and iOS)

VivaCut free video editing app for andorid

VivaCut video editor prides itself on its movie-level background changer editor.

In fact, they truly offer pro video editing features like Kinemaster for free.

Pro offered features like chroma key, and green screen editing that enables you to edit short films, YouTube videos, and movies.

Its basic features like trimming, video effects, background music, and speed control can be used for TIK-TOK/Instagram videos.

Moreover, you can extract audio from videos, mark the track, add effects according to background rhythm, control brightness, use overlay, and transition to make your video more professional.


9. Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

(Available on Android and iOS)

Funimate free video editing app for tik tok creators

FuniMate has made it easy for TIK-TOK creators to edit and make videos in simple steps.

As it’s the best app for TIK-TOK creators, you can expect all filters, sound effects, and trendy video effects to make your video stand out.

With this, you can create lip-sync, musical and slow-motion videos easily.

Once the video shoot is done, you can crop, and add cool effects, music, and text overlays to your video.

You can try 100+ advanced video effects or make your own effect using photos in your gallery, add music to your videos, crop, trim, and add emojis, stickers, and text to your videos in just one click.



Years ago, it took a day or even a week to edit a video.

Today you can do the same in an hour or a few minutes. Thanks to video editing apps & software!

While every video editing app on this list is great, Kinemaster or PowerDirector is more professional for YouTube video editing.

But again, it depends on what features you’re required for your editing.

You can be looking for tools that can just trim, crop, and add extra video effects and text overlays to your videos.

Or maybe you want to do something more professional. In this case, you might require features like Keyframing, Chroma key, green screen editing, and more advanced features.

Some of these mobile apps on this list are just for social media junkies or TIK TOK creators and some are for YouTubers who don’t have enough budget to buy a laptop and a third-party video editing software.

It’s all in there. Go and make your choice.

Which one is your favorite video editing app?  Let me know in the comment section!

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