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Make sure to read this before you plan your trip to China

You step off the plane in China, excited for your adventure. You pull out your phone to message your family, check a map… and nothing. Your usual data plan is useless, and the airport Wi-Fi is a confusing mess. Suddenly, that excitement turns into a knot of panic. You don’t speak the language, you can’t get online, and that big trip you planned feels like it’s starting to fall apart.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there. Most travellers to China face a whole list of frustrating problems just trying to stay connected. But don’t worry — there’s a simple way to make all those issues disappear, and I will tell you exactly what it is.

But before that, let’s discuss a few problems expats might encounter…

Here are 3 Serious problems that I encountered Upon Arrival in China

#1. Difficulty Connecting Upon Arrival:

Without a local SIM card, expats arriving in China are practically incommunicado until they can find wifi. This can be stressful, especially at busy airports or unfamiliar locations. These are issues that you might encounter upon arrival…

  • You can’t contact loved ones back home to inform them of their arrival.
  • You can’t access ride-hailing apps like Didi Chuxing to get to their accommodation.
  • You can’t use translation apps to navigate basic communication during their first interactions.
  • You can’t Access booking platforms for tours or activities planned for their trip.

#2. Limited Access to Information and Essential Services:

Many essential services in China rely on internet connectivity and a local phone number. Without a China SIM card, expats might struggle to

  • Use navigation apps like Baidu Maps or Gaode to get around.
  • Access food delivery apps like Meituan Waimai or
  • Use social media apps like WeChat, which is widely used for communication and payments in China.

#3. Inconvenience and Security of Public Wi-Fi:

While China has extensive public Wi-Fi networks, relying solely on them can be inconvenient and insecure. Public Wi-Fi can be:

  • Unreliable: Signal strength can vary, and connections can drop frequently.
  • Unsecure: Public Wi-Fi networks are not encrypted, making them risky for activities that involve sensitive information like online banking or credit card transactions.

So, Here is How I Fix This…

After talking to friends and doing some research, Figuring out that staying connected in China is stressful, I found the perfect solution:

it’s called “Nihao Mobile’s local SIM card.

Nihao Mobile is a virtual network operator (MVNO) specifically designed to cater to expats’ needs in China.

They focus on providing straightforward prepaid SIM cards with flexible data and call plans, streamlining the often-complicated process of obtaining a SIM Card in China.

Nihao Mobile makes it easy for foreigners to get a China SIM card. Here’s what you need to know:

Nihao Mobile offers prepaid SIM cards perfect for visitors and expats in China. It’s super easy — you pay once when you buy the SIM card, which becomes your starting balance once you activate it.

Get Your SIM Card Online:

  • Order online for free delivery within China (usually within 48 hours).
  • They can even deliver it to your hotel before you arrive!
  • Activate your SIM card online using your passport and a selfie video.
  • Manage your account easily online: top up, change plans, suspend service, and more.
  • Get help anytime through WeChat App, WhatsApp, Official website, email, or hotline.

Features You’ll Love:

  • No data speed limits.
  • Use your phone as a mobile hotspot to share data with other devices.
  • Your plan automatically renews each month, so you don’t have to worry about running out of data.
  • Clear instructions and customer service are available in English, Chinese, and German (with more languages coming soon).
  • Choose a flexible plan that fits your needs. Change plans anytime for the next month.
  • Keep your China phone number! Suspend your service when you leave China and resume it when you return (a small daily fee applies).
  • Choose a local phone number (depending on availability).

Stay Connected with Multiple SIM Cards:

  • Get up to 4 SIM cards under your name.
  • Easily switch between numbers using the Nihao Mobile app.
  • Keep your work and personal life separate with different phone numbers.

Note: To avoid any issues, you cannot use your passport to help someone else open a SIM card.

Pros & Cons


  • English-language focus
  • Users from more than 200 Countries have joined Nihao Mobile worldwide
  • Streamlined setup and management
  • Varied plan options
  • Fast online ordering and delivery


  • Coverage might be slightly less extensive than the major Chinese providers in remote areas

Here is How Nihao Mobile SIM can help ex-pats in China

The common pain points and its SOLUTION:

1. Connectivity Upon Arrival:

  • Challenge: Landing in China without a local SIM card leaves expats disconnected. They can’t contact loved ones back home, access ride-hailing apps, or navigate unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Nihao Mobile Solution: Provides immediate connectivity upon arrival, allowing expats to make calls, send messages, and use data as soon as they land. This ensures they can stay in touch, book transportation, and access essential information.

2. Navigating Complexities:

  • Challenge: Obtaining a local SIM card often involves complicated procedures, language barriers, and unfamiliar vendors. Expats might need a Chinese bank account or residence permit, which can take time to acquire.
  • Nihao Mobile Solution: This aims to simplify the process with streamlined registration that potentially bypasses the need for a Chinese bank account or residence permit. They might even offer airport pickup or delivery of the SIM card, eliminating the hassle of finding a vendor.

3. Avoiding Bill Shock:

  • Challenge: Expats on roaming charges from their home phone plans can face exorbitant bills. Tourist SIM cards might also have hidden fees or limited data allowances.
  • Nihao Mobile Solution: Offers competitive rates and data packages designed specifically for expats’ needs. This helps them avoid expensive roaming charges and ensures they get good value.

4. Language Barrier:

  • Challenge: Dealing with customer service or plan details in Mandarin Chinese can be frustrating and time-consuming for expats who don’t speak the language.
  • Nihao Mobile Solution (Potential): If Nihao Mobile offers customer support in English or other languages common among expats, it can significantly ease the setup and troubleshooting process. This eliminates the need for expats to rely on potentially unreliable translations or struggle with limited Mandarin skills.

5. Cost Savings Compared to Roaming:

International roaming charges on your home country’s mobile plan can be extremely expensive.

A local Chinese SIM card like Nihao Mobile offers far more competitive rates for calls, texts, and data. Expats save a significant amount of money, especially if they plan to stay in China for an extended period.

6. Finding the Right Plan:

  • Challenge: Expats might not need a long-term phone plan, especially if they’re on a short-term business trip or just arrived for initial exploration. Traditional phone plans often lock users into contracts.
  • Nihao Mobile Solution (Potential): By offering flexible data packages or short-term plans, Nihao Mobile caters to expats who don’t need a long-term commitment. This allows them to choose a plan that fits their specific needs and avoids unnecessary expenses.

Now you know how having a local Nihao Mobile SIM card can help overcome the above challenges.

Okay, let me help you order a local SIM card… Just 3 steps, and it’s done.

Let’s begin…

Order Your Local China SIM From Nihao Mobile

STEP — 1: Order

Visit Nihao Mobile and click Order Now button

STEP —2: Receive Your Package

You’ll receive your order in just 48 Hours. Here is what your package looks like…

STEP: 3 — Activate Your SIM and Enjoy your trip

Finally, You can read the activation guidelines to activate your SIM card and enjoy your journey.

That’s it!


China is an incredible country with a vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. Don’t let these surprising roadblocks ruin your experience!

By having a China-friendly SIM card, translation apps, and some cultural awareness, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth, connected, and unforgettable adventure.

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