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Taskbucks app Get Free Recharge on Your Paytm Wallet And Mobile [100% Real]

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

Do you want to get free recharge? It’s good to be here; Today I introduce you to the fastest growing Android application ‘The Taskbusk app.’

When I first installed this app, I thought that this app is a scam like others. But I was wrong. After using this app, I found that this app pays real cash.

Paytm recharge with Taskbucks

Above is the screenshot of my real PayTm transaction. Some of you would be wondering whether it is real or fake.

Believe it or not, it is real.

You can either get PayTm or mobile recharge. Once your total meets the minimum payment threshold (30 rupees), you can transfer 10 rupees to PayTm.

The rest of the money (20 rs) remains in your Taskbucks app wallet. However, I’m wondering why Taskbusk doesn’t allow me to withdraw the whole payment (30 rs). I think it may be a trick to keep the user engage with the app.

It doesn’t matter what trick Taskbucks is using; you can earn free recharge for your mobile as well as Paytm.

Ok, now let’s move further and start learning how to earn money using the Taskbucks app.

If you want to earn free recharge, then stay tuned. In this guide, I will discuss how to register the Taskbucks app and transfer the money to PayTm.

Taskbucks app | Get Free Recharge on Your Paytm Wallet And Mobile [100% Real]


1st – STEP

Install the app on your android smartphone. For a bonus make sure you download the app using this link-

2nd – STEP

Now, you can either register with your mobile number or with a Facebook account. I’m logging in with a mobile number.

You only able to register if you already have a Gmail account because ‘Taskbucks’ takes your existed email ID from your Gmail account then asks you to put your phone number.

how to register for taskbucks app

Besides these two options, you also find an opportunity for ‘Promo code’. If you have one, then enter it otherwise leave it blank. Remember that the Taskbucks promo code and referral link both are different.

A new user uses the promo code to get some bonus and a referral link is a promotion link that an existing user uses to invite their friends. If someone installs the app using your referral link then you & he will get some credits.

Once you fill out the information, just click on the ‘Register’ button. After a while, the Taskbucks team send you an OTP to verify your number.

After you verify the OTP, you have successfully registered for the Taskbucks app.

3rd – STEP

Now you have an account, and it’s time to start making money out of it. So, how do you make money using the Taskbucks app?

It’s pretty simple.

First of all open the app.

Go to the menu. Here you find the following options: –

  1. Install Apps & Earn
  2. Quiz (Win 50 rs PayTm cash every hour)
  3. Explore Apps & Win
  4. Contest
  5. Invite & Earn
  6. Recharge Now


There are five ways to earn recharge. Let’s break down each of these options


It is the very first option that you find on the menu. Here you have to install other apps and finish their required task.

Sometimes people ask why Taskbucks is not paying me. There are possibly two reasons: –

  1. If you’ve already downloaded an app featured in Taskbusk, then you will not receive any reward.
  2. If you don’t complete the task successfully, then also you won’t get a reward.

How to use the ‘Install apps & earn’ option to earn money.

  • Go to the ‘install app & earn’ section.
  • Find some apps
  • Install the app
  • Complete the task
  • Get free recharge for PayTm.

For instance, if you choose the ‘Orange Book Value’ app and click the install button, you’ll see steps to complete the task.

How to earn by Installing apps

Once you complete the task (Task depends on how much you will be getting paid It may take from 1 day to 1 month), you will get the money.

Taskbucks has a great feature that tells you the ongoing tasks. If you delete any app before completing the job, you will not get the full reward.



It is another way to earn PayTm cash. If you know a little bit about sports, politics, and general knowledge, then you can win the game.

There are twenty questions and Make sure you have only 10 seconds to answer the questions. If you skip any of these questions, you won’t get any reward.

To get the money, you need to answer each question correctly. It means your score would be 20/20.



The reward depends on your luck. If you’re lucky, then you can earn up to 500 rs.

Steps that you need to take to win

  1. First, head over to this section and tab on explore button.
  2. Now download any app that you like.

If you’re lucky, you could earn from 40 to 500 rupees. Your money would be sent to your wallet after 24 hours.



Similar to the above option, here you also need to download some listed apps that can earn up to 100 rupees.



If you’re an existing user, then you can invite your friends and FB group members to install the app.

Money is credited only if your friends use your referral link to download and register the app successfully.

If you make one successful referral, then you will get 18 rupees in your wallet.


Finally, I’ve given you an introductory lesson, and now I’m sure you know how to register for the Taskbucks app and what are the ways to earn from it.

However, it sounds easy. But it is not as easy that it seems to be. You need to install apps, complete the tasks and then you get a reward.

But the truth is that you need some guidance to take it to the next level. So, how you can earn a considerable amount of money that can add value to your real pocket.

I’ve been using this app since January 2018, and now I know something that you should also do. Here are some tricks to use this free recharge app to double or triple your earnings.

  1. Grow your friend circle: Yes, if you could expand your friend circle, then it would be straightforward to earn. Now the question may come, how can I grow? Simple, you need some like-minded people and a Facebook group. Once you get 500 to 1000 unknown people in the group, you’ll get free recharge in your Paytm wallet.
  2. Install only those apps whose task you could complete.
  3. Work on each day.
  4. Never approach your well-known friends, they will never download the app using your referral link.
  5. You can add your referral link to similar sites to get the benefits.
  6. Join new Facebook groups and share your link. Make sure you include a very actionable click-bait heading. It could improve the link conversions, and you would get more referrals.


I’ve done my job successfully; now it’s your turn. If you follow the entire process, then I am sure you could also earn 3000 to 5000 rupees per month. Here the money is free, so don’ bother the figures.

If you find this article helpful, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn, etc.

I would love to hear from you, if you have any story regarding this post then share it.

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