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Renderforest review

In full transparency – some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)

This Renderforest review can help you make a better purchase decision. By reading this detailed post, you’ll get to know the following…

  • Introduction to Renderforest
  • How did I Start with Renderforest? (Back story of mine)
  • Renderforest Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • Renderforest Pricing
  • Do You Really need Renderforest?
  • My Personal Opinion

Now let’s get started…


Introduction to Renderforest


Renderforest is a cloud-based platform that provides you the best online branding tools to create professional videos, logos, mockups, social media graphics using readymade templates available with renderforest.

It is a one-stop-shop for small businesses, bloggers, social media influencers, and individuals to create high-converting video ads, broadcast videos, music visualizers, animations, mockups, logos, and websites. 


How Did I Start With Renderforest?

A year ago I was looking for an online platform to help me create high-quality intro videos and animated explainer videos for some of my client projects.

I searched on Google and Bing to find a complete solution for my video designing projects.

Finally, I came across three options Renderforest, Moovly, and introbrand. These three online video maker tools have quite similar features and functionality.

So I tested each of these tools one by one. I compared pricing, render speed, number of video templates, video quality, and much more to see which one is suitable for me.

And finally, I fall in love with Renderforest because of its limitless features, cost-effective video production, countless readymade HQ video templates, and individual pricing plans.

Well, Moovly and intro-brand are also great but because of the lack of video templates and design features, I consider renderforest a clear winner.

This is how I started with Renderforest.

Now let’s talk about the functionality and user interface…


Renderforest Design functionality and User Interface

I loved its UI, web design, color contrast, and navigation.

Renderforest homepage

Its blue and orange design color makes it even more attractive. Also, navigation is very reassuring to me as I can find everything on the first page.

Most of all, Video Template Showcase is so professional and intuitive. You can simply hover over a video to view it.

You can find many options on the homepage to know more about Renderforest. No matter whether you want to buy it or not, the design functionality and user interface are going to impress you.


Renderforest Features

As I said, RenderForest has unlimited features. You can find anything from logo designing to creating a landing page. 

It is a complete solution for bloggers, YouTubers, web designers, video makers, and advertising companies to create branding content at an affordable price.

You no longer need to hire a logo/web designer or video producer to create high-quality, brand-engaging video content.

On top of all, you can create video intros, logo reveals, animation explainers, slideshow presentations in just a few clicks. Simply choose a video template that suits your project’s requirements, make some changes accordingly and your project will be ready to download in a matter of minutes.

While reviewing RenderForest, I tested all the features and wondered how many design options they offer.

Here they are…

There Are 5 Major Categories

  1. Make Logos
  2. Create Videos
  3. Mockups
  4. Website builder
  5. Design Graphics


1. Make Logos

Renderforest logo maker

Renderforest has an AI-based LOGO maker tool that makes it easier for you to create high-quality logos in a few minutes.

Just TYPE in your brand name, describe the logo in a few words and hit enter. Within a few seconds, renderforest shows you the best possible logo designs for your business or brand.

This can help you reinforce your brand, make it recognizable and stand out from the competition.


2. Create Videos

Renderforest offers countless video templates for all your need.  Creating animation promos, INTROS, logo reveals, kinetic typography, music visualization are a few names.

There are several types of readymade templates you can find here…

Animation Video Templates –

Renderforest Animation video templates

  • Explainer Animation
  • Product Or Service Promotion
  • Opener Animation
  • Restaurant Promo Animation
  • Hospitality Service Promotion
  • Real Estate’s Promotion
  • Whiteboard Animation Toolkit
  • Movie Trailer And Other Promotional Video Templates
  • And More…


Online Video Intro Templates –

Renderforest video intro maker

  • YouTube Video Intros
  • 3D Logo Reveals
  • Minimal Logo Reveals
  • Exploding And Burning Reveals
  • Particles Logo Reveals
  • Glitch Logo Reveals
  • Hi-Tech Logo Reveals
  • Smoke Logo Reveals
  • Cinematic Intros
  • Multicolor Blast Logo Intros
  • And More…


Slideshow Templates –

Slideshow templates renderforest

  • Corporate Slideshow
  • Personal Slideshow
  • Happy Birthday Slideshow
  • Love Slideshow
  • Wedding Slideshow
  • Greeting Cards
  • Holiday Slideshow
  • Baby Slideshow
  • Real Estate Slideshow


Presentation Templates –

Renderforest presentation template

  • Corporate
  • Educational
  • Infographics


Music Visualizer Templates –

Music Visualizer

  • With text holders
  • With photo holders


3. Mockups

Create mockups using renderforest

Renderforest enables you to display your brand products in the most creative way. You can get access to unique mockups on the web to show your devices, apparel, print, and interior professionally.

You can create logo mockups, business cards, branding assets, books, magazines, documents, podcasts, and flayers in a few minutes right from your browser.


4. Website Builder

Redenderforest website builder tool

One of the best things about renderforest is that it gives you a variety of design tools, and Website design is also one of those tools you can utilize to build professional websites or landing pages with zero coding skills.

You can choose from a growing library of website templates, use its intuitive editor to create SEO optimized, responsive website/landing pages for free. (No technical skills required!)

Below are the types of website templates render-forest offers…

  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal
  • Event
  • Non-Profits
  • Art


5. Design Graphics

Graphic Design renderforest

Renderforest recently added a new design feature that enables you to create impressive visuals for social media.

You can choose from a dozen of ready-to-use design templates, customize as per your need and it’s done.

With this, you can easily create YouTube covers, Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, and Pinterest posts in just a few clicks.

Not just that, you can also design posters, flyers, business cards, presentations, book and album covers for your promotional campaigns.

And best of all, renderforest is going to add event designing and reports soon.



No matter what products or services you come across, there are always some pros and cons.

Well, I know you hate consequences. But to be honest, it’s almost impossible to find a product without consequences.

That being said, renderforest also has its positive and negative points.


Renderforest Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Limitless features
  • User-friendly
  • Perfect choice for social media influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers
  • A huge video template library for all your need (800+)
  • Fast and Smooth user-interface
  • A free version with basic features is available (export with watermark)
  • Get access to 500K+ stock videos
  • You can export up to 30-minute videos
  • Build beautiful websites or landing pages
  • Full-color customization
  • 24/7 free customer support
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Simplified editing process
  • No technical or design skills are required
  • Up to 40GB of storage
  • Custom fonts
  • Commercial music tracks
  • Fast rendering
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Consumers can pay per export, no monthly or yearly subscription is required


Renderforest Cons

  • The free version has limited features (360p quality video export with watermark)
  • “Pay per Product” pricing is extremely high for a single video
  • The final video project preview is not so convincing to me
  • Logo maker is less powerful
  • No 720p/1080p preview.
  • Sometimes the video rendering takes longer time than expected


Renderforest Pricing


Renderforest pricing

There are 5 pricing plans you can choose from including the free one.

  1. Free
  2. Lite
  3. Amateur
  4. Pro
  5. Agency


If you’re new and don’t have the budget, you can go with the free version. And you can upgrade to paid plans later once you find it helpful.

You can’t access premium functionality with the free version. But it can give you an idea about how renderforest can help you create professional and branded content for your business, blog o social media profiles.

What features can you expect with the free version of renderforest?

  • Subscription PRICE: $0 – forever
  • You can get access to 200K+ stock Videos
  • 300MB storage
  • Limited music tracks
  • Everything is watermarked
  • You can’t export longer than 3 min videos (360p quality only)
  • Low-quality PNG logos
  • Low-quality mockups
  • Free website on renderforest subdomain
  • Graphic designing with limited customization options


Lite Plan –

  • Subscription PRICE: $20/month – if paid monthly; $7/month – if paid yearly
  • 10 GB storage
  • 200K+ stock videos
  • 7 HD 720p videos per month
  • You can export up to 5-minute videos
  • 50+ commercial music tracks
  • No watermarks on HD videos
  • 1 font upload
  • Unlimited low-quality logos in PNG
  • Unlimited low-quality mockups with watermarks
  • Free websites on Renderforest subdomain
  • Premium graphic designing with full customization options


Amateur Plan –

  • Subscription PRICE: $30/month – if paid monthly; $10/month – if paid yearly
  • 20 GB storage
  • 500K+ stock videos
  • 18 HD720 or 6 HD1080 videos per month
  • You can export up to 15-minute videos
  • 100+ commercial music tracks
  • No watermarks on HD videos
  • 3 font uploads
  • Unlimited high-quality logos in PNG
  • 10 high-quality mockups with watermarks
  • 1 premium website
  • Premium graphic designing with full customization options


Pro Plan –

  • Subscription PRICE: $60/month – if paid monthly; $20/month – if paid yearly
  • 40 GB storage
  • 500K+ stock videos
  • 60 HD720 or 30 HD1080 videos per month
  • You can export up to 30-minute videos
  • 200+ commercial music tracks
  • No watermarks on HD videos
  • 5 font uploads
  • Unlimited vector SVG and high-quality PNG logos
  • 50 high-quality mockups with watermarks
  • 1 premium website + advanced marketing tools
  • Premium graphic designing with full customization options


Agency PLAN –

  • Subscription PRICE: $60/month – if paid monthly; $20/month – if paid yearly
  • 40 GB storage
  • 500K+ stock videos
  • Unlimited HD1080 videos per month
  • You can export up to 60+ minute videos
  • 200+ commercial music tracks
  • Reseller license
  • No watermarks on HD videos
  • 10 font uploads
  • Unlimited vector SVG and high-quality PNG logos
  • Unlimited high-quality mockups with watermarks
  • 3 premium websites + advanced marketing tools
  • Premium graphic designing with full customization options


Do You Really Need Renderforest?

If you are likely to create stunning promotional videos, 3D explainer animations, intros, logos, websites, mockups, promotional videos, and social media graphics then Renderforest is just for you.

To me, it is one of the best online platforms that anyone can use to create high-quality content for their business or brand.

It is an all-in-one online platform bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers and advertisers can use to produce all levels of content in one place.


My Personal Opinion

I’ve been using Renderforest for months now and all I can say is that it literally provides endless features.

And because of this, I’ve been able to help businesses with creating stunning animations, intros, mockups, whiteboard videos, and more in a matter of minutes.

Not only this, but I was also able to create social media visuals, landing pages, and e-book covers for my own blog and social media profiles.

So in my opinion, Renderforest is a complete solution for anyone who doesn’t have enough time, money, and experience to work any aspect of designing & branding their online business including video creation, social media graphics, logos, animation, mockups, presentations, and website.  This single tool can lift all your heavy loads.

The "Ultimate Blogging Toolkit" is a FREE ebook contains a list of 100+ tools that pro bloggers and affiliate marketers use to grow their blogs or websites.

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