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If you have enough social media influence and looking for companies that offer free samples Products to try?

Then don’t run away from here; especially, if you are a girl. Because these companies offer products that are more geared towards women like Makeup, clothes, handbags, skincare, and more.

In this post, I will be sharing with you where you can get free sample products. Although, it’s an incomplete list, it is definitely going to help you. (If you have plenty more, you can suggest to me to add for sure.)

So let’s find some of the best companies offering sample products that you can try and review for free. It can influence your audience to buy something meaningful.


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One good reason to join INFLUENSTER is to get free product boxes that you can review.

It’s a well-known platform that allows you to write product reviews and find product deals you are interested in.

To get a chance to win a box of free products, you need to first register to INFLUESTER. After that, you need to complete your profile.

Most probably they ask you to connect your social media platforms in the profile section. Because it increases the chances of becoming the exclusive member of INFLUENSTER.

They send free gift boxes to their qualified members only.

So you need to become one of those if you have enough social media influencing. Because companies want you to use social influence to share your opinion about their products.


  • Choose a niche you are interested in. (ex. Beauty, clothing, etc.)
  • Complete your snaps regularly.
  • Be a good product reviewer
  • Engage more to get a higher impact score
  • Complete your profile and connect social media platforms where you have enough social media influence.


Good news to beauty junkie; The Glamour Magazine introducing you to the Glamour beauty club where you get your free samples of the latest beauty launches.

By becoming its member, you’ll have full access to the latest beauty products from prestigious brands. And in return, you need to share your valuable thoughts about products whether it is positive or negative.

That’s it…

The process to get to access the products

  • First of all sign up for free
  • Complete questionnaire
  • Fill up the profile
  • The beauty stylish pick-up some of the products for you based on your profile.
  • And then send brilliant products to your door


If you like free sample products then you can’t ignore SWEET FREE STUFF.

It’s a huge collection of freebies products. And the cool thing is that you can find all kinds of sample products including health, baby stuff, food, beauty products, books and more.

This site helps you find what product is available as a free sample on a daily basis.

They also add the company’s website of products where you can go and look for the free sample opportunities.

The only downside is that they don’t have any process by which you can request free samples from manufacturers or companies.

Although, it’s a great source look for the latest freebies available for you.


They believe that “moms are the most powerful consumers in the world.”

MOM-select is part of BSM media for over a decade. Since then, it’s been helping companies to connect with moms.

It allows mom influencers to choose suitable campaigns. It even allows you to customize your campaign preferences, review the latest brand campaign, discover new products, and share free samples.


  • Register as a member of Mom-Select.
  • Fill your profile with interest.
  • Once your profile is completed, you’ll start receiving information about programs. From here you can select programs that interest you.
  • Finally, review campaigns, discover new products, share free samples also attend brand events.


Smiley is an online community where influential consumers try free product samples and share their opinion with others.

By becoming its member, you will receive offers from the biggest brands and share your experience with brands and other consumers like you.


  • Firstly, you need to qualify to try free products and services
  • Next, you can choose the product you want to review
  • And then you can share your feedback with brands and other fellow smiley members
  • Finally, you can earn points and grow your community stats


“Brooks Running” is an American company that designs high-performing running shoes, clothes, and accessories for men and women. Their products are available in over 60 countries.

Designing high-performing running shoes is challenging and this is why THEY really care about the consumer who is going to buy it.

They traveled all over the world and talked with thousands of runners to find what makes their running best.

Moreover, they run a program called “Product Testing and wear Testing Program”. By which, they send free product samples to try.

Usually, they close the product testing program in summer, so stay tuned for future opportunities in spring 2020.


Pink Panel is another beauty product review panel to get free product samples to try.  Moreover, you can also earn gift cards by reviewing products.

To become a participant of the PINK PANEL, you need to visit their official site.

Here you’ll find a MailChimp milling form that you can fill out to receive free samples from the panel.

By becoming a panelist, you are also able to participate in contests and surveys to share your genuine thoughts about the products.


They are looking for Good Housekeeping magazine readers to join their research panel.

It’s is one of the best platforms in this list to get free sample products to try and review.

But to become a member of their research panel, you must be the resident of the UK or US.

Once you join it, you have the chance to share your thoughts and opinion on several products ranging between beauty products to fashion.


  • They will send you products that you need to test at your home
  • And then ask you for your opinion to the GHI expert via an online questionnaire. Or even send you a survey.

That’s it…



Last but not least,

Marie Claire Magazine runs a program called “Velvet Rope Club” that offers opportunities to speak your mind about the products they offer you to try.

Velvet Rope Club is Marie Claire’s exclusive insiders’ society for women to express their valuable opinions.

They Invite women to join this program to share your thoughts on everything that you would love to wear, use, or try.

Once you become part of this club, you are given exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and more.


So this is it…

This post is dedicated to women, so I would encourage women to check out these platforms and let me know how it goes.

Almost all platforms offer you free product samples, so feel free to choose one, try out the product and share your thoughts on what you feel about the product and get free rewards, discounts.

I hope it will help you to find what you are truly looking for. How you feel about this post. Let me know in the comment section.

If you like this post, please do share it on social media platforms.

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