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Simple Ways to Make First $200 with ChatGPT in 24 Hours (2024)

ChatGPT, the powerful language model from OpenAI, isn’t just for fun conversations. It can be a surprisingly effective tool to kickstart your money-making journey.

Here’s how to make your first $200 with ChatGPT in a day, even as a beginner:

1. Create and Sell Digital Products

#1. Prompt Engineering:

Prompt engineering (how you phrase questions for ChatGPT) is an in-demand skill. Sell pre-made prompts on Etsy or PromptBase to help others get amazing results from ChatGPT.

Here are a few online certification courses to master Prompt engineering…

  1. Generative AI: Prompt Engineering Basics (Get certification from IBM )
  2. Prompt Engineering Specialization: Become a Prompt Engineering Expert. Master prompt engineering patterns, techniques, and approaches to effectively leverage Generative AI (Get certification from Vanderbilt University)
  3. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT: This course is part of Prompt Engineering Specialization (Get certification from Vanderbilt University)
  4. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers: Get a free certification from DeepLearing.AI
  5. ChatGPT Masterclass: The Guide to AI & Prompt Engineering (12 Lessons, 500+ Students already joined)
  6. Prompt Engineering for Everyone — the Smartest Prompting Methods to Make the Most Out of ChatGPT
  7. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering with 2100+ Prompts (Copy & Paste)

#2. Printable Products:

ChatGPT can generate lists, ideas, and even simple artwork. Bundle these into attractive printables (planners, worksheets, etc.) to sell on platforms like Etsy.

#3. Chatbot Creation:

Design and sell simple chatbots for businesses using no-code chatbot builders. ChatGPT can help you craft the dialogue and responses for your bot.

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2. Sell Highly-Requested Services

  • Freelance Writing: Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are full of people seeking quality content. Use ChatGPT to draft articles, blog posts, email copy, product descriptions, and more.
  • Translation Services: Translate documents, websites, or even subtitles with ChatGPT’s help. This can be a lucrative offering on freelancing sites, especially if you already know a second language.
  • Code Generation: If you have a little coding knowledge, ChatGPT can generate basic code snippets. This can make you a faster developer and more attractive to clients.

3. Content Creation

  • Speedy Article Writing: Need articles for your blog or affiliate sites? ChatGPT churns them out! Give it a topic and your desired word count. Then polish for that personal touch. TIP: Sites like Medium or Vocal Media pay when people read your content.
  • E-book Outlines & Chapters: Have an e-book idea? Let ChatGPT draft a detailed outline or individual chapters, saving you serious time. Sell it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or your website.
  • Social Media Posts: Short on time but need engaging posts? ChatGPT can generate ideas and even catchy captions for all your social channels.

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Extra Tips to Reach Your $200 Goal

  • Focus on Volume: In the beginning, it’s about the balance of Quality and quantity, not perfection. Create multiple articles, social posts, or prompts for sale.
  • Leverage Free Platforms: Explore places like Medium, Vocal Media, Fiverr, Etsy, and PromptBase, where you can start selling right away with no upfront investment.
  • Price Competitively: Especially starting, price your services or products reasonably to snag your first few sales.