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Spikes Studio AI Review: Key Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Spikes Studio is a web-based platform that leverages AI to streamline the repurposing of long-form videos (Twitch streams, YouTube videos, etc.) into captivating short-form clips for social media. It aims to save creators significant time and effort in their content creation workflows.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Highlight Detection: Spikes Studio’s AI analyzes your long videos to pinpoint the most engaging moments, automatically generating ready-to-use clips.
  • Intuitive Video Editor: Customize clips to perfection with tools for trimming, extending, and editing.
  • Auto-Captions: Enhance viewer engagement and accessibility with automatically generated captions (customizable styles and positioning).
  • Hashtags and Descriptions: AI-generated metadata helps maximize the discoverability of your clips across social media platforms.
  • Bulk Editing: Efficiently process multiple videos at once.
  • Social Media Integration: Seamlessly share finished clips to platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Twitch Support: Effortlessly convert your Twitch broadcasts into shareable shorts for post-stream audience engagement.

Who It’s Ideal For

  • Streamers: Expand your reach beyond Twitch and avoid the tedious work of manually editing hours of streamed content.
  • Content Creators: Quickly create shareable snippets from longer videos and diversify your content without significant effort.
  • Marketers: Boost social media presence with easily repurposed highlights from webinars, interviews, etc.

Why It’s Great

  • Time-Saving: Spikes Studio drastically reduces the time investment in short-form video creation.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The intuitive platform makes the transformation of long videos into social media clips a breeze.
  • AI Accuracy: High-quality AI highlights and auto-captions provide a solid base for further refinement.

Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use
  • AI-powered efficiency
  • Feature-rich for short-form video creation
  • Generous free plan to get started


  • The accuracy of AI highlight detection might occasionally require adjustments.
  • Costs can add up with heavy usage (based on user feedback)


Spikes Studio is a valuable asset for creators who want to embrace short-form video without the overwhelming time commitment. While there’s room for improvement with the AI’s precision, the platform’s benefits greatly outweigh this minor drawback.

Is Spikes Studio Right for You?

The answer lies in how much you value saving time and simplifying your content workflow. Here are some key questions to help you decide:

  • Do you regularly produce long-form video content? If so, Spikes Studio can save you hours of editing.
  • Do you want to actively engage on short-form video platforms? Spikes Studio makes it easy to create the right type of content.
  • Is your budget flexible? If you’re a frequent high-volume user, consider the cost implications.