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ElevenLabs Review: Key Features, Pros and Cons, Pricing

ElevenLabs is a frontrunner in AI voice generation technology, specializing in creating strikingly realistic voices with the power to accurately capture tone, inflection, and emotion. The platform provides a suite of tools for diverse use-cases, encompassing voice cloning, text-to-speech conversion, AI dubbing, and long-form voice generation.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech (TTS): Effortlessly convert written text into remarkably lifelike spoken audio across 29 languages and a plethora of voices.
  • Voice Cloning: Create a digital replica of your voice (or someone else’s, given consent) capable of speaking in different languages and styles.
  • Speech-to-Speech: Modify and refine existing voiceovers while meticulously preserving the original message’s tone and nuance.
  • AI Dubbing: Effortlessly translate and localize videos with pinpoint control over transcripts, voice choices, and timing.
  • Projects: A powerful workflow dedicated to long-form audio production such as audiobooks, videos, and web content.

Who Can Use It

ElevenLabs appeals to a broad audience:

  • Content Creators: Enhance videos, podcasts, and other digital creations with exceptional voiceovers.
  • Authors and Publishers: Streamline the audiobook creation process.
  • Game Developers: Elevate in-game dialogue and narration.
  • Businesses:¬†Create compelling AI voice chatbots and assistants.

Why It’s Great

  • Hyper-Realistic Voices: ElevenLabs’ output stands out with its natural cadence and human-like expressiveness.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface simplifies voice generation and editing.
  • Control & Customization: Tweak your audio outputs to achieve the desired tone and pacing.
  • Community and Voice Library: Share your creations and explore voices contributed by others.

Pros and Cons


  • Cutting-edge AI for incredibly realistic results
  • Versatile tools for various applications
  • Intuitive and accessible platform
  • Supportive community


  • Potential ethical concerns due to realistic voice cloning
  • Costs can add up with heavy usage
  • Some occasional audio artifacts might require manual editing

ElevenLabs Pricing

Free ($0/forever)

  • For those who want to experiment with advanced AI audio.
  • 10,000 characters/month (~10 minutes of audio)
  • Generate speech in 29 languages
  • Translate content with automatic dubbing
  • Create custom, synthetic voices
  • API Access

Starter ($1/month – first month 80% off)

  • Perfect for hobbyists creating AI audio projects.
  • 30,000 characters/month (~30 minutes of audio)
  • Everything in Free, plus:
    • Clone your voice with minimal audio
    • Dubbing Studio for translation control
    • Commercial use license

Creator ($11/month – first month 50% off)

  • Ideal for making premium content for a wide audience
  • 100,000 characters/month (~2 hours of audio)
  • Everything in Starter, plus:
    • Professional voice cloning for realistic replicas
    • Projects for long-form content with multiple speakers
    • Higher quality audio

Pro ($99/month)

  • For creators and teams scaling up content production.
  • 500,000 characters/month (~10 hours of audio)
  • Everything in Creator, plus:
    • 44.1 kHz PCM audio output via API
    • Usage analytics dashboard

Scale ($330/month)

  • For growing publishers and companies (with higher discounts)
  • 2,000,000 characters/month (~40 hours of audio)
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
    • Priority support


ElevenLabs offers an undeniably powerful solution for anyone seeking to streamline audio creation with top-tier AI-generated voices. However, its potential for misuse necessitates responsible and ethical use. Consider these factors when deciding if it’s the right tool for you:

  • Purpose: Evaluate how it aligns with your needs and ethical considerations.
  • Budget: Factor in the recurring costs of using the platform.