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Animated Drawings Review: Key Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Animated Drawing is a fascinating concept that promises to bring children’s imaginative illustrations to life. Using advanced AI algorithms like Detectron2 and AlphaPose, it aims to analyze drawings and automatically generate playful animations, adding a whole new dimension to creative expression.

Key Features

  • Effortless Animation: The core promise is simplicity. Parents or guardians can upload a child’s drawing, and the technology creates a unique animation based on the artwork.
  • Simple Upload: The process seems designed for ease of use, with a straightforward image upload system.
  • Research Contribution (Optional): An intriguing feature is the choice to contribute uploaded drawings to a public dataset, potentially aiding in the development of future AI-powered creativity tools.

Who It’s For

  • Parents and Families: Bring joy and amazement to kids by magically animating their art, creating cherished memories and interactive experiences.
  • Educators: Spark inspiration and integrate technology into art-based learning in a playful and accessible way.
  • Researchers Anyone interested in AI, child development, and the intersection of creativity with technology would likely find this concept and research dataset valuable.

Why It’s Great

  • Encourages Creativity: Transforms a static drawing into a dynamic experience, potentially leading to deeper engagement and encouraging further artistic exploration.
  • Shareable Delight: These animations are both charming and unique, perfect for sharing with family, friends, and across social media.
  • Fosters Innovation: Supporting the research behind the tool contributes to the exciting advancement of AI applications in the realm of children’s creativity.

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly concept
  • Potential for enriching children’s creative experiences
  • Opportunity to fuel meaningful research


  • Animation quality might be limited based on the current capabilities of AI
  • Potential concerns about data privacy and usage when contributing images
  • Unclear if there are cost considerations involved


Animated Drawings embodies a captivating and heartwarming idea. While there are aspects to consider, such as the possible technical limitations of the animations and data privacy, it holds immense potential for positively enriching a child’s artistic expression.